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Jennifer Aniston

Nice Butler

3/29/2010 1:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official ... Jennifer Aniston has been Butlered.

As Gerard Butler and Jen struck poses from the front, an enterprising photog got the real story from behind.

The pics were taken on the Seine River in Paris, during their tour hawking "The Bounty Hunter."

Looks like the hunter caught his prey.


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163. Damn, so many self-righteous b-tches on this board tonight. First of all, both of them are young and sexy. Yes, YOUNG and SEXY. Anyone who is going to deny otherwise is obviously projecting insecurities and are quite pathetic. Second of all, what's wrong with two young and sexy people flirting in private? They didn't know someone was taking a pic of them from behind. It was obviously intended to be a private act. Any man who is a real man does crazy sh-t like that every once in a while. I like classy guys, but also guys who can be uncontrollable badasses every once in a while, too. If my man did that to me, I'd be turned on, but quickly swat his hand away at the same time. Maybe Jen didn't have enough time to swat it away, though, or maybe she was too focused on the picture, or she didn't want to call attention to it in front of others. Either way, it's NOT A BIG DEAL. Real mean do crazy sh-t sometimes and this does not reflect poorly on Jen at all (since she didn't invite the groping). And I don't think it reflects poorly on Gerry either. I think it proves that he's just like any other testosterone-driven manly man. Anyone who is hating is obviously jealous of either of the two. Go get lives and leave these two alone.

I agree! I had a similar situation occur when two of my college students graduated. One of them had a huge crush on me and we were taking a picture together. We were hugged together just as they were and the guy put his hand on my butt. I moved it up to my waist but I realized people wouldn't have noticed if I had just let the picture get taken. Maybe she knew what I didn't.

1609 days ago


I can bet my money that is why her legs are crossed because she didn't want him to do that but they were "in front" of cameras and everybody would have been wondering what happened if she turned around and slapped the hell out of him like everyone is suggesting. Then that would have been some big hoopla for the media to speculate about. Whatever their situation, he is the one being immature and she is just trying to deal with it as best as she can.

1609 days ago

George Mix    

Gerard, can I smell your finger?

1613 days ago

I'm Just a Kid    

He's fingering her.

1613 days ago



1613 days ago


I loves it!! Well, the truth is out now isn't it?

1613 days ago


Im so lucky.

1613 days ago

Christy in Texas    

OH BOY! This made me laugh and laugh and laugh some more... Gerard! What a naughty man to do that while she had to stand there smiling, knowing all the while that Gerry was poking something more than her sense of humor! HA HA HA

1613 days ago


Lol, it looks like a little fake. How can i guess that they are in the big pic? From behind, one million blonde girls look like Jennifer Aniston. And Gerard's hat seems whiter. It's not a good pic.

1613 days ago


Yup! 98.6 degrees, perfect health.

1613 days ago

In Memphis    

She is something isn't she??? She is over the hill already. No one wants her. Can't she see that??? Brad did the smart thing divorcing her. She's is a big fat 0 compared to Angelina in every department...She's not even pretty!!! Go do your yoga now...

1613 days ago


Good! I'm glad someone is touching that beautiful ass :)

1613 days ago


he fist her! what the f...!

1613 days ago


He is fingering her pooper. omg.

1613 days ago


There's no proof of who's really in that shot. Regardless, that's not something you do to someone you respect, or let have done to you if you respect yourself. Where's the follow-up shot of the reaction?

1613 days ago
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