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Conrad Murray - Michael Was Alive at UCLA

3/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned doctors who worked on Michael Jackson at the UCLA Medical Center ran two EKGs on the singer, and at least one doctor who interpreted the results claims there was heart rhythmic activity both times.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray
Furthermore, sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray insists he was able to restart Jackson's heart at the singer's home before paramedics arrived and then maintained heart activity in the ambulance.

Dr. Murray's evaluation contradicts paramedics at the scene who wanted to take Jackson to the morgue, not UCLA, because they believed he was dead.

It also contradicts Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, who tells TMZ he believes Jackson was dead even before paramedics arrived at the house. Oxman says the weak pulse detected at UCLA was in reaction to resuscitation efforts.

We're told the criminal case is shaping up as a legal war between medical experts, who will be interpreting medical tests and charts in various ways -- always confusing for a jury.


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I feel sorry for all those who truly believe Michael is alive. There is no way so many people would agree to play in this charade, no way it wouldn't leak for all those months, and no way he would do it in the first place.

But then - there are people who think earth is only 6000 years old. I don't know why some refuse to use their brains, but maybe they're happier that way. Since Michael will never return, they will think for the rest of their lives he is happy on an island somewhere.


1639 days ago


Just because there was electrical activity does not mean there was an effective pump. I'm betting the rhythm was something called idioventricular and it's essentially a dying heart. MJ was down for so long that there was no doubt major brain damage and cell death.

MJ died 'cause he chose to find a financially-desperate doctor who would give him and do whatever he asked. Involuntary manslaughter ... that's all this is. And as far as wrongful death, it was Jackson's choice, Conrad Murray was a weak and desperate man. He has nothing; is Joe Jackson that hard up for income?

1639 days ago


59.60 I don't refuse to use my brain.

See what you are writing? on and off pulse... flatlined... dying can be a longish process....

You are sadistic and bleak.

1639 days ago


1639 days ago


So wacko is alive and walking the earth searching for his nose and fake hair.The walking dead,but he has looked dead for at least 10 years so whats the difference?I thought he had a mechanical heart installed after he tried to throw his kids out that 60 story window in Russia,or somewhere like that.

1639 days ago


MJ is alive

1639 days ago

brigha UK    

60. I feel sorry for all those who truly believe Michael is alive.

Posted at 7:10AM on Mar 30th 2010 by A.B.
I used to feel sympathetic too, but now I find them annoying at best and downright sinister at the least.
Trouble is, these irrational people tar everyone with the same brush. We all get grouped as crazy and unreasonable.

With the trial looming, it is important for MJ supporters to remain sensible and keep their comments relevant and valid.

The 'beLIEve' lunatics just help to reinforce the 'Wacko Jacko' image, and do nothing to help MJ regain his integrity.

1639 days ago


Michael was alive ar UCLA and he's still ALIVE, thanks TMZ, a big kiss to Michael and hug, lovelovelove

." let's continue and beLIEve and have faith. Give me your all, your endurance, your patience and your understanding.It's an adventure, it's a great adventure. it's nothing to be nervous about.They jusy want wonderful experiences, they want escapism. We wanna take them places that they've never been before, we wanna show them talent like they've never seen before.So give your all. I love you all, we're a family, just know that. We're a family. We're putting love back into the world to remind the world that love is important. LOVE is important, to love each other. We're all one. That's the MESSAGE" MICHAEL JACKSON IN THIS IS IT MOVIE, BIG THANK YOU MY BELOVED MICHAEL FOR ALL WHAT YOU DID AND FOR ALL WHAT YOU DO AND FOR ALL WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO, LOVE

1639 days ago


If Wacko Jacko is still alive is he going to be in that big concert he was planning on?They can always use ropes to hold him up and just play tapes of his music and he can lip synch like Brittney Spears,I'm sure if they digg him up they can just use alot of makeup to make him look pretty again,most of his dumb fans would'nt know or care,heh heh,they can get Freebreeze to be a major sponser to cover the dead smell,and they can use "sparky" Jaffar as a backup group too....

1639 days ago



1639 days ago


I know he is ALIVE because he got up on the strecher that day :) And people who dont BeLIEve it take a look at this video :

Anyway God Bless the KING OF POP .

1639 days ago


It's seen like the world just got punked by the Michael Jackson, this just like and movie and everybody is in it this like the movie The Wire.

1639 days ago


9. Ok I could be wrong because I am not a dr but isn't possible to be brain dead and still have a faint pulse if medic's are trying to jump start your heart? and if it doesn't jump start on a regular beat when medic's stop trying the heart just fades out?

Posted at 2:33AM on Mar 30th 2010 by Barb

Read more:

Yes, Barb your correct. I can't imagine anything WORSE than the situation as it exists now(Michael Jackson being dead) than if he were laying in some ICU with a heartbeat & no brain activity. How horrible & NO WAY would he have wanted THAT!

So, had Murray performed CPR properly, called 911 sooner, not interrupted CPR to hide evidence then perhaps there could have been a very different outcome?! I really don't understand WHAT this quacks 'defense' could possibly be if he chooses to go to trial.

1639 days ago
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