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Santonio Holmes: She Called Me a 'N*gger'

3/30/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Santonio Holmes: She Called Me a 'N*gger'Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes told cops that his accuser called him a "f*ck n*gger" on the night he was accused of attacking a woman with a glass, this according to the police report.

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, an off-duty officer who was working at Club Rain in Orlando on March 7 -- the night of the alleged incident -- claims he spoke with both Holmes and his accuser, Anshonae Mills, outside the club ... and got two completely conflicting stories.

The officer claims Holmes told him that he tried to walk away from a conflict involving a seat in the VIP section when Mills grabbed him by the wrist and called him a "f*ck n*gger."

Holmes then said that an unknown woman in the club threw the glass that eventually struck Mills in the face.

But Mills saw things differently -- telling the cop that Holmes got in her face over the VIP seat and Holmes was the one who fired the glass.

The officer claims he told Mills that she would need written sworn statements from "everyone" before he could make an arrest. According to the report, Mills then asked the cop if she could talk to Holmes one-on-one and the officer agreed.

The cop says he observed Mills "smiling and rubbing Holmes' face" during the interaction.

The cop says the two returned 5 minutes later and Mills agreed not to pursue the matter further. The officer says he did notice that Mills did have a small abrasion over her right eye ... but she refused medical attention.

As we previously reported, Mills had a change of heart -- and filed a civil lawsuit against Holmes last week.
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Well, if the shoe fits

1647 days ago

maria tortilla    

oh dear, here come the racial comments and people that are mad at the world. Lord help us all today on this comment board

Be nice people. just remember, YOU WERENT THERE!

1647 days ago


what the hell is going on here?

1647 days ago

Just Me    

Obviously I wasn't there but this sounds a bit fishy. NFL players, or professional athletes for that matter, shouldn't go to nightclubs anymore. It's not $afe.

1647 days ago


Well, if you want a famous, rich football player (or even a high crack-head) to clock you over the head with a glass bottle...that is a good way to get it done....if this is true...she more than deserved it....

1647 days ago

Indrid Cold    

Lemme guess, he wanted to be called an "f-ing African-American"?

Can't wait to hear form Sharpton on this one.

1647 days ago


So easy to use that excuse..us white boys don't have any easy excuse when something happens to us. I am also tired of this whole African American thing, none of us came from America except for the natives. You do not see everyone else calling themselves German-American, China-American, Russian-American, so get over it and just be black, white, etc!

1647 days ago


Anshonae Mills is black as well. Either way this incident smells fishy. Someone gots to gets paid.

1647 days ago


I thought black people where aloud to call each other the N word??

1647 days ago


So what, truth is, that is what he is! No matter what she called him, or what was said, he had no right to cut her, that is just plain wrong, and even a f**king n***er should know that!

1647 days ago


I don't care what she called you if she even called you that at all. Quit looking for reasons to justify your animalistic behavior.

1647 days ago

brits ok    

So big deal someone called him a n#@ger. It's 6 letters, that's all. As long as some people keep reacting to that word and using it as an excuse for violence then it will never go away. What she said was wrong but he can't excuse his reaction to it. Have fun in jail, where I'm sure he'll be called that and worse many many times. Lets see if he'll be as tough with the big mean convicts as he was with the little girl.

1647 days ago

too bad it wasnt a bullet    

act like an idiot....be called an idiot......

1647 days ago


But he is...no excuse to cut her.

1647 days ago

Just Me    

Did everyone forget to read this part:

The cop says he observed Mills "smiling and rubbing Holmes' face" during the interaction.

Change of heart = increase in bank account?

I'm just saying....

1647 days ago
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