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Speidi -- We've Given Ourselves Indian Names ...

3/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag has altered her identity yet again -- sans plastic surgery this time -- after she and Spencer Pratt decided to give themselves "true native-American names" in an effort to become more spiritual.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
So ... goodbye Heidi and Spencer ... hello White Wolf and Running Bear, respectively.

A rep for the couple tell us Spencer decided to give up his previous moniker, King Spencer, because it was "too much of a burden to have to carry the weight of royalty. "

Instead, Running Bear claims, he and Heidi "are getting more in-tune with our spirituality ... and will be known as the name our creator has given us – our true native-AMERICAN names."


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I sure hope these two do not produce.
They may name the kid "Wolf Bear Running White"

1631 days ago


The Native Americans must be furious that these two idiots are using their culture for publicity. Please ignore them - they are not news!

1631 days ago


WTF these people better get their lawyers
cause im telling my tribe. these people
implied that native american names are
something to laugh at, and dont give them
the proper respect the names deserve. they
didnt just insult my tribe but all tribes.
i am also going to hold TMZ responsible for
prolipherating such actions as acceptable.

1631 days ago


What Muppets!!!

1631 days ago


What in the world is wrong with these two? They act like little children.

1631 days ago

Jeep Fu    

Hey everyone, look! White guilt in action!

1631 days ago


I'm white, but know that "Native American" names are reserved for just that, First Nations People. And, they don't share these names with those outside their tribe, for the most part. Meaning you, Spencer and Heidi. How dare these two disrespect First Nations cultures that they know nothing about, and furthermore, through their ignorance insult First Nations People by adopting made up "Native American" names in an attempt to steal from their culture.

1631 days ago


These two losers...they're like two little kids playing in an imaginary fort in the back yard. If we get lucky, they'll act out a murder/suicide. When does Running Bear get his plastic surgery to shore up his weak facial features?

1631 days ago


How 'bout Princess Made of Plastic for Heidie and for Spencer: Penis like inch-worm!

1631 days ago


Do they not realize this causes people to want to smack them?
Be careful though.
He carries a gun for his protection.
They are going to need it one of these days!
It will end very badly here..

1631 days ago


Problem is, these two read the comments here and think to themselves that we who are spewing Diet Coke on our monitors reading this crap are all just jealous haters. They honestly believe they're great looking, and the little bit of cash they've picked up along the way is a lot. They're both douches, but they're totally self-assured douches. There is nothing you can say right now to convince them of how utterly ridiculous they truly look. Dawn may light on marblehead in a few years when they're wondering why none of this publicity, which will eventually dry up, attracted any real paying work for them and they're living in a little bungalow, behind on the rent, still on the fringes of "the scene."

1631 days ago

denise sperier    

Spencer took Heidi down in a burning ring of flames...and she bought it...very sad! Heidi's mom can't even save her...he needs a mental hospital!

1631 days ago


These two are an embarrassment.. They are not Native American at all. I myself am a Proud roll card carrying native American, Our creator did not give us these names our parents did. These two should be banned form television and all public speaking... Anyway to make a buck. next month they will reveal their Muslim names given to them by their Muslim creator..... I figured they change it every time the camera and America forgets they're alive..

1631 days ago


Dear TMZ, Please stop reporting on these so called celebrities! Maybe if they stop getting the attention they will just disappear! Thank you!

1631 days ago



1631 days ago
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