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Speidi -- We've Given Ourselves Indian Names ...

3/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag has altered her identity yet again -- sans plastic surgery this time -- after she and Spencer Pratt decided to give themselves "true native-American names" in an effort to become more spiritual.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
So ... goodbye Heidi and Spencer ... hello White Wolf and Running Bear, respectively.

A rep for the couple tell us Spencer decided to give up his previous moniker, King Spencer, because it was "too much of a burden to have to carry the weight of royalty. "

Instead, Running Bear claims, he and Heidi "are getting more in-tune with our spirituality ... and will be known as the name our creator has given us – our true native-AMERICAN names."


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More appropriate names would have been "Plastic Ho" and "Jack Off"

1635 days ago


Really, Heidi and Spencer. Is this some kind of joke? If it is, it's a tasteless and very insensitive one. If it's not a joke, you are still tasteless and insensitive.

1635 days ago


This is insulting. I was actually born on a reservation, raised speaking my native language, and learned english later. There are ceremonies and traditions that go back generations with my family. I hear more people say they are native american than ARE actually native american. My favorite thing to do is to speak to them, in my native language...and see the dumb-a$$ look on there face when they have no idea what I am talking about.

1635 days ago


April Fools stunt by these losers....

1635 days ago


TMZ should have a "Wall of Lame" involving the audience.

We vote online, all nominees with enough votes get onto the Wall. If they don't make real news, they stay at the bottom rung with no coverage. If they do, then they move up a shelf. Only the top shelf has a shot at being reported on with a video segment.

Harvey and the team would now have a blast with this, and so would we. I'd tune in and visit the site just to see who got on the wall and vote morons like this couple to the wall. It's a great way to get feedback from viewers and visitors.

1635 days ago

Tom Jones    

hold on while I go ask some Natives if "Wanking Douchebag" is or could be a Native name....

1635 days ago

drake villarreal    

tese two realy need to see a doc becaus they are realy pathetic.

1635 days ago


These two are nothing more than wastes of space. How completely horrid for them to try to leach off of our culture. I would love to see them locked in a room full of real native americans after this....

1635 days ago

Oklahoma Native    

I as a native american a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma am very offended by these two low life nobodies. They are being so disrespectful to my culture and my heritage and need to get real lives. They have no understanding of how Native american names arent just thrown around and made up out of the blue, Native american names are sacred and a gift to the person recieving them. Spencer is a douche bag and Heidi is a no tallent fake Barbie doll. I'll give them Indian names how about (Heidi) Never-has-Been and (Spencer) Skankanator-Douche-Bag

1635 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

To aspire to be Indian is the best thing ever!!! I wish them a lot of luck and I hope to see them wearing beautiful turquoise jewelry and squash blossom jewelry. I know Heidi's dad is a cowboy so not too sure how that will work out but in the good old days a lot of the Indians and cowboys became friends and were given Indian names so I am sure White Wolf and Running Bear were names that were given to them.

As someone that's more Indian wishing them peace.

1635 days ago


I would pay TMZ to NEVER publish anything else about these LOSERS.

1635 days ago


oh lord

1635 days ago


how about "Brain Dead Chicken" for Heidi and "Smelly Rotten Pig"for Spencer...much more appropriate...and btw, what happened to Heidi's deep love of Jesus??? Hypocrites and phonies..why can't they disappear?????

1635 days ago

Mz Nicole    

That's it..stop writing about them and giving them what they are wanting--attention.. It is disrespectful and crossing a very sacred line when it comes to our heritage to give themselves a Native American name. They are so far from being anywhere worthy or close to being a proud Native American for which I am... They aren't worth my land that they step on. Please for the sake of my brothers and sisters stop disrespecting us further. I thought Kesha did enough damage on American Idol--now this? Please.

1635 days ago

Oklahoma Native    

Custard Pie- Your just as big of an Idiot as these two idiots are. Native Americans happen to be very smart. Im a Native american and I have a great job, which doesnt involve basket weaving or blanket making like your stereotypical a$$ would like to think. I make 250k a year and you dont do that by being ignorant. I have a Masters degree from the University of Oklahoma which isnt easy to do. What do you do, your probably some white trash idiot who doesnt have a job that why you set around making fun of people you have no Idea about. Not all native american wear ponytail's and dance around like you see in the old west. Im just as sophisticated if not more sophisticated as the "White Man"... Get a life.

1635 days ago
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