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Joe Jackson -- Let Him Eat Steak

4/1/2010 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's dad Joe Jackson is hungry for justice ... and a good filet.

Joe Jackson -- Let Him Eat Steak
Joe ate a steak dinner yesterday at Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Bev Hills.

One of our restaurant spies asked the waiter if Joe was a good tipper ... he just rolled his eyes and said, "No comment, but that's life."

It's hard to hit the town big on an allowance.


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He is an old guy who has proved time and again he is not all there 100% of the time and some waiter rags on him for lack of appropriate tip...he is senile and if he was not Joe Jackson would the waiter expect more?
Fire the damn waiter, I am no fan of the bullfrog but it isn't going to be rocket science to figure out who waited on him and boot them to the door for saying crap about your patrons.

That or it is clear NO celeb should eat at Wolfgangs Steakhouse because the waiters cannot wait to speak to the rags about you there.

1634 days ago


Whoever said the frog comment was right on the money! That was my laugh of the day! Love you people!!

1634 days ago


He is such a disgusting piece of slime.

1634 days ago


fight for justic for your son joe!

1634 days ago


People who eat at high-end establishments and do not tip properly should be outed to the press by the waiters. I even heard one ad for a restaurant on the radio in which the owner said at the end of the ad not to come to his restaurant unless you planned to tip his waitstaff at least 15%, and that was about 20 years ago.

Cheap people should stay home if they have no intention of tipping a decent amount, and I personally like knowing who is cheap in this town. I attended finishing school many years ago, and one of the things taught in our social graces classes was to stay home and not to eat out unless you can "tip like a lady."

1634 days ago


So, Ol'papa Joe had himself a steak dinner and couldn't tip the waiter properly, well we all know he's waiting for a payday from that wrongful death case which I hope he wins matter of fact because I don't trust the LA DA as far as I can throw him.
Joe-Joe maybe fishing for attention--I agree with the poster who called him senile, but at this point he's just an old man fighting to hang onto his glory days. I really couldn't stand him for the longest time because I've actually seen him with one of the siblings in person and let's just say their body language spoke volumes the minute he came around! Anyhoo, Michael finally forgave his father and I think they had an understanding even if Michael did make sure Joe and the family wouldn't use him as their sole support anymore.
So TMZ leave him alone, he may have his issues, but he was the father of the greatest entertainer of the century...that should count for something. Now if we could only get him to tip like one...
BTW: Kudos Moonbeam! Having been there, it really hurts when people have no clue on tipping. Actually these days, I think you should tip more like 20%. I know the economy isn't great but I try to follow what that Restauranteur stated in an earlier post someone made: if I can't afford to tip 20% at a restaurant, I go to a cheaper one or stay home.
No peace till Justice!

1633 days ago


1633 days ago


WELL!!!!! AFTER ALL JOE IS MICHAELS FATHER, AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE!!! GIVE THE MAN A BREAK.michael forgave him yrs ago and they remained in somewhat of a relationship all these yrs. joe lost his son and i am sure there will be memories of michael good and bad but joe is still his father regardless!!!sue from tampa

1633 days ago


Have mercy on Michael's dad because he is sincerely trying to get justice for his son. He is righteous to do this because WE ALL KNOW there is something more to the murder case! Michael forgave him, and so just let him be in his old age.

1268 days ago
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