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Sandra Bullock Heads to Michael Jackson's Block

4/1/2010 1:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appears Sandra Bullock is officially on the move ... as in driving on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood through Beverly Hills.

It looks like Sandra left her house Wednesday around 6pm. She was wearing a big green sun hat that was covering her face. A bodyguard and an assistant blocked her -- with the help of several trusty umbrellas -- as she exited the house through the garage and got into a waiting car.

Sandra got in the backseat of a black Mercedes and the driver whisked her away.

Sandra just pulled into a house ... on the same street where Michael Jackson died.


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Wife Advocate    

I love TMZ on-line, where else can we talk so much S H I T! T.V. sucks. Alot of the stuff written on here, cracks me up for days.
#16, "she's getting a serious case of Joker face."

1633 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Ugh, I usually love this site for cheap thrills, like drunk, douchy celebs but this stuff is GROSS.

Leave her alone. Those fucking cockroaches camped outside her house waiting for her to come out. Jesus. And they're YOUR people.

I just had the same shit happen with a psycho, two-faced guy who was doing the same kind of stuff King Douche Jesse was and it was humiliating enough without a bunch of vultures stalking me.

Call off your vultures. The woman has a huge hat on and a scarf. What part of Leave Me Alone, Please aren't you sick fucks getting? FUCKING GROSS.

1633 days ago


I agree with many of the posters here. What TMZ is doing is sick. None of us are interested in her every move because we feel bad for her, and stalking her is not typical Hollywood news it's a total intrusion on her life.

1633 days ago


14. I used to enjoy your site, now it is just crap and garbage. Following Sandra Bullock, please. That is called "hunting" and we all know how that turned out.
How about the hundreds of pro athlets that everytime they cough you have them plastered all over. Who cares, they learned to throw a ball then they learned to throw their lives in the toilet.
You have become cheap, sleazy and not at all amusing.

Posted at 8:58PM on Mar 31st 2010 by sbs

I agree. TMZ stalking a victim. Leave the poor woman alone, she's going through enough already.

1633 days ago


In that stupid hat she reminds me of that woman when she went on Oprah after having her face ripped of by her friend's drunk monkey. I guess that's fitting as they've both been torn apart by a sick primate. This is really starting to become a bad Italian opera now. Bullock's best role to date!

1633 days ago


You obviously have nothing to report. And you guys know that your news sucks unless you mention Michael's name. What a bunch of idiots.

1633 days ago


I totally agree with Judy. She should have her publicist issue some sort of statement .. i.e., "I would appreciate your respecting my privacy during this personal time ... yada yada" and I would just go about my business. No floppy hats or umbrellas, that's really kind of over dramatic I think. A driver and/or body guard is fine because reporters can get a little too intrusive. But the rest is just silly.

1633 days ago


I am not sure if it is true but I am hearing since Jesse is in rehab Sandra is reconsidering saving the marriage. Gee I should work for you!! Other reports are stating this----I agree leaver her alone. She has never been a tabloid person. didn't she have a woman stalker once a few years ago?? She should stop with the hiding out, and go on about her business----she is not the first woman to be cheater on and she won't be the last. Move on Sandra!

1633 days ago


Where in the hell did she get that silly hat????

Uh, she's about to enter 'goofy rhealm' if she's not careful.

We love ya Sandra! Come on out & hold up your head, girl! HE is the a..hole, not you:)

1633 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Haha.. That's all I have to say! running her mouth about the Tiger and Elin story and Umm .. why haven't you hit him ? I hate people like her, thinks she has the best man and Loves to put her 2 cents, maybe this way she will learn not to open her mouth. Now she looks like Blanket, let alone going on the same block where MJ lived who knows what she said about him and his kids that she looks like his kids in hiding! What she hiding for anyway?

Oh yeah, for making foolish comments and can't back up her own words! HA, I love it when things bite people in the ass, that will teach her cocky ass!

1633 days ago


Nice double for SB and has the media chasing her around...

1633 days ago


I am not sure that Sandra realizes what a role model she is. Unlike Elin, maybe due to age, women can relate to a her on many levels because she is so genuine and unpretentious. Many of us have been with a Jesse in some form or another and are watching to see how she handles what we had to, albeit, without the glare of publicity. I can tell her that I hid for three floppy hats, but shutting people out... somehow feeling I was to blame for HIS behavior. Wrong!!! They and they alone make the choices based on their selfishness and lack of boundaries. I, too, bought the tears and the excuses, but they simply are who they are. The person you think you are with probably never existed. I hope Sandra can find the dignity to move on.

Note to Harvey: If this was your sister would you be sending out the hounds? So much of what I see on this site anymore screams misogyny.

1633 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Please leave her alone.

1633 days ago


CNN's Headline News show "Issues" says they have new information on Jesse going to sex rehab. I bet there are plenty of drugs involved too. He looks pasty and unhealthy. Probably pharmies. The host of "Issues" is a recovering alcoholic so she will probably be able to tell what is really going on.

1633 days ago


She look stupid with her green hat on. She is going to have a real problem with her fans after she does get the divorce from Jesse in the future. She has completed total against her fans because of her marriage is a failure. She shouldn't been married to him in the first place. He had been cheated when he was married before.

1633 days ago
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