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Jesse James -- 'Broken Man'

4/2/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is a "broken man" who is trying desperately to save his marriage, according to his lawyer.

Attorney Joe Yanny says, "This whole thing has destroyed Jesse's entire universe. Right now, he's a broken man."

Yanny says Jesse is still in love with Sandra Bullock and, "The single most important thing to Mr. James and the children is that the marriage somehow survive."

As TMZ first reported, James is being treated at the Sierra Tucson rehab facility. Yanny cautions people not to assume the treatment is for sex addiction.


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Still all about about what's best for Sandra!?

1629 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

What utter bullshite!! Broken man my ass!! After f****** every tattoed ho in the vicinity and getting caught, he's a broken man? Please, he doesn't give a s*** about anything but the little thing in his pants.
The only sympathy I have is for his poor children and the always classy Sandra B. Divorce the Nazi lovin jackass, pronto!

1629 days ago


Sig Heil, dumb ass!

1629 days ago


Dear, dear, naive Chuck...what parallel universe do you call home?

A woman can 'forgive''s just that "forgetting' part that never goes away.

1629 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I can only basically reiterate what the previous posters have written: Jessie is "broken" because his party is over.

1629 days ago


Chuck Sacramento, you sound like a nice person, but doing what this man did is not simply a failing. It's deep in his nature, or he would have worked hard to earn her trust from the day they married.

She may want to go back to him, but forgiveness is not what this kind of man needs. It will only persuade him that cheating on a regular basis wasn't so terrible after all. And he'll probably resent her too for being so meek and at the same time superior to him with all that forgiveness. Serial cheaters are generally not all that deep.

I don't know them either, but I can guess she feels she loved someone who doesn't really exist. That's tough. Would she have married him, had she known? Probably not. So, there's her answer - don't go back, because this is not the kind of man you wanted in the first place. Same with Elin.

1629 days ago


Gee, if he were my husband, he'd be broken all right and by broken I mean missing the body parts that he uses to get into trouble!

1629 days ago


And if he wouldn't have gotten caught he'd still be banging porn actresses. Yawn, next.

1629 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

So what, Hes using sex addiction & Rehab to try & save his marriage, Bullshit really. Sandra Is a good woman, I hope he feels like shit for the rest of his life, Nobody really knew who he was before her

1629 days ago


"Yanny cautions people not to assume the treatment is for sex addiction."

Maybe he's just being treated for being a complete A$$HOLE!!!

1629 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to me!! ... ME ME ME and who? ME! .. I'm the greatist star, I am by far but no one knows it... ME!! ... Buy my fam balies dvd's, c.d's, t shirts and more.... ker ching

1629 days ago


TMZ- First story with quotes from an attorney. So, what speciality does Mr. Yanny practice? And in what matters does this man represent Jesse James? Do he and Jesse have a long term relationship?

If this guy's first quote is any indication of the caliber of work he will deliver, I would suggest Jesse James find a different lawyer. Mr. Yanny's SPIN and WORD CHOICE not only did not deliver the hoped for result but it actually spawned the EXACT OPPOSITE effect, didn't it?

"BROKEN" - this is something that folks who lost loved ones to war, disease, accidents know and understand.... to use such a phrase when describing Jesse James is repugnant!

1629 days ago


Oh poor, poor Jessie! NOT! ~ A broken man my @ss! Sandra's the one that's broken because of him!

1629 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT??

1629 days ago


What a joke! Here is ANOTHER man, who is only sorry cause he got caught. No other reason. He didn't give a F&^* about anyone when he was cheating. Not Sandra, not those kids....nobody but himself. Screw him!!! And i am SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of these pathetic LOSERS thinking rehab is an easy answer to fixing the prob. You guys are sluts! ignorant selfish male whores, and there is NO rehab that can cure you of that. Suffer a-hole!!!!! lay in the bed you so carelessly made. You get NO sympathy. Hope Sandra kicks you back to the curb you crawled out of. ... and here i always thought you were cool. YOU AIN'T!!!

1629 days ago
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