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Speidi to Native Americans: It's Peace Pipe Time

4/2/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Running Bear and White Wolf are now attempting to dislodge their moccasins from their mouths ... after their off-the-wall name changes pissed off multiple Native American groups.

Spencer "Running Bear" Pratt just told us: "Changing our names to Running Bear and White Wolf isn't meant to be disrespectful ... we respect [Native American] heritage and have a sincere acknowledgment of their beautiful culture."

Bear says he and Wolf "would like to invite any Native American tribal leaders to meet with us to help us further understand their culture" ... but we're guessing they'll only do it if cameras are rolling.


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SPOCKO JOCKO? Tizzy TMZ AOL LOA oLo LOL that ear has long leggs is perty than maxxy pad~SS

1609 days ago


These two just crashed the First Nations gene pool and improved it immensely. Hard to beat good looks and intelligence!

1609 days ago


Wowwwwww........ so intellectual guys really.... hahahahahahaha

1609 days ago

Gone too soon    

Gawd, how disrespectful. They have a sincere knowledge of Native American culture?! ????? THE N.A. culture?!

Which one of them?
There are 562 different nations last time I counted.

So typical non-Native "know it all!" people.

1609 days ago


I`ll sned u a couple dollars4 nwe T`s and pills

1609 days ago


Natives don't need these fools genes to be good looking, we have our good looks intact and Heidi needed plenty of surgery to still look like hell. We will deal with these two on or off camera.

1609 days ago


TMZ please stop reporting on these two idiots. If everyone would stop reporting on these no talent hacks maybe they will just go away.

1609 days ago


Is it just me or does Heidi honestly look like the puppet from Saw here? Just plain scary!!!

1609 days ago


Doesnt matter what he says, it all sounds like he's talking out of his ass. What an idiot.

1609 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

There is no one who is a laughable as these two. Disgusting trash that just do this to try to stay on board their 12 seconds of "fame" LMAO

1609 days ago

Old Enough    

Ok I'm not Native American and will admit to not knowing as much as I should but that said I wish one of the Native American nations that send their boys out to the wilds to become men would do that to Spencer. Maybe he'd learn something.

Both Spencer and Heidi are IDIOTS and don't deserve ANY attention btw.

1609 days ago


Would someone please 'SCALP' Spencer!

1609 days ago


I think its great that they have embraced Native culture and seek more knowledge about it. They have every right to be named and every right to announce it to the world. They certainly dont need permission from a soux indian and I wouldnt give a rats ass for the opinion of one of those snakes in the grass. They're lucky to have even made it to the bad lands where we chased them.

1609 days ago


There's a pile of dog stuff in my back yard that has more brains than these two pee-tards.

1609 days ago


These two just keep getting nuttier and nuttier. Why they would think that any Native American leaders would have time for them, is a mystery. If they had approached this in a different more low-key way, and actually realized that you can't just pick a name from a hat, things might be different. Maybe working with the people on a long-term basis, doing some charity work, raising awareness to Native American causes, maybe then they would have earned the right to take on these names that have been around for thousands of years. The thing is, this wannabe king and queen actually seem to mean well, but their over-inflated sense of importance is careering out of control.

1609 days ago
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