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Sandra Bullock -- Moving Out?

4/3/2010 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A moving van was spotted Friday afternoon in front of the home of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock

Here's what went down -- we're told the van pulled up at around 6:45 PM and stayed for about an hour. Two movers moved out a couch, a love seat and tons of boxes.

A man and a woman arrived to the place in a separate car along with the moving van. When they arrived, the movers took something out of the van and put it into the other car. The man and woman packed a few things into their car as well.

Jesse's mom's car was parked out at the house for most of the day, but wasn't there while the movers did their thing.


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for #10 dream on honey your love wasn't over and you choose to let him be but believe me he will end up doing it again this is just a prelude. If you had a stepped out on him to call it even and told him about it HE WOULD HAVE LEFT YOU SO FAST EVEN THOUGH HE WAS WRONG!

1630 days ago


Wonder if their marriage could be annulled. "Fraud" would be a basis: "Wife, who was induced to marry by Husband's false representations he was an honest, law-abiding, respectable and honorable person..., was entitled to a judgment of nullity on the ground of fraud where Husband had in fact been convicted of grand theft, was a parole violator and a fugitive from justice....
Don't know, would she have valid grounds if he cheated from the beginning?

1630 days ago


#42 What goes around comes around - How about knowing and understanding the subject/situation you are posting about because when you post a bunch of incorrect statements it only makes you look stupid! First off, Jesse did not try to rip his kid away from her mother, the mother went to jail and besides that when she was home she was doing drugs and not taking care of the child - so there is your first stupid comment and if you even bothered to read one article out of the million on the web you would know this...just proves you have no opinion because you don't know the situation! Secondly, your little tidbit of advise to Sandra for "the next time" stating that she should have her own kids or adopt parentless children, again, you are an idiot! Jesse has kids, period - of course Sandra is going to form a relationship with them, any good step parent would - she didn't want nor try to become their mother either as she did not adopt them nor did she ever plan on it. As far as her fighting Jesse's battle for him..I have to say that's another dumb and incorrect statement from your "no nothing about this" mind, when Sandra found out how the mother was mistreating the child (being high and/or sleeping all day while coming down from the nightly party) of course she was a witness for her husband - again, any good step parent would stand by as well as help their spouse in a custody battle like this one! Of course you mention a few other silly things that you either have no knowledge of or are just ridiculous in your way of thinking (and I don't normally insult opinions others make but when they make no sense and are cruel I do!) so I can't even give you credit for one bit of your post! Next time read up on the subject before posting - duh!

1630 days ago


About time Sandra!

Meanwhile, somewhere at a sex-rehab facility in AZ, Jesse has his eyelids taped to his forehead while being forced to read "Tattoo" magazine...the electrodes attached to his hamster-weenie are already wearing out from the extensive shock therapy.

1630 days ago


Lisa, post no: 10

The prospect of having to start over does scare a lot of married women into accepting their situation. Sadly, trying to force a man to become what you want, leaves you serving a self inflicted life sentence. 10, 20, or 30 years of living like that is nothing to be admired because it is only your putting up with him that has held the marriage together. Been there, tried it, woke up to only having one life and walked away.

1630 days ago


hey Hello??? 47

Whatever is reported about a breakup is never what it seems. Money talks when it comes to divorce and custody. Have you ever been in a divorce and custody battle? I have and the ability of an ex who has money to spin lies and get people on their side, can't even be imagined. Take a trip down to family court and go see the distortions and misery inflicted by those who have the financial means to do so. I hope you never end up at the receiving end of such a terrible experience but then you seem to like a fight so you will probably enjoy being ripped to shreds.

1630 days ago


Jesse - Can hear the Fat Lady singing, "Turn out the lights - the party's over."

1630 days ago


I did the same thing Sandy. Get away from that Nutzi!

1630 days ago


I agree with other poster that it is probably Jesse's house. Look how close it is to the house next door. Maybe it's her sofa/love seat and she likes it. My guess his mother was minding the kids while he was in the phony rehab place and she took the kids out while the stuff was being packed up. Good thing she held on to her own house. That was smart. Marrying that loser, not.

1630 days ago


DeeDee - refer to Post #40

1630 days ago



1630 days ago


This is long overdue. She needs to get away from this cancer ASAP for her self esteem and for her career. This is a fine time for Jesse to be so concerned with his wife and children -- after he is caught! How insincere can you get??? Going into rehab is his way of running from his problems. If he wasn't a celebrity he would have to face the music, like the rest of us. Having sex allegedly while your wife is in the garage and you are steps away in your office smacks of spousal abuse.

1630 days ago


Sandra, I hope you do the right thing and move on. You deserve so much more and I know you'll find the right guy when the time is right for you. Work baby work. Get back there and bring us something to laugh about it. I wish I could spend time with you b/c I can keep your mind busy in something that matters.

1630 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

#50 what goes around comes around - you are obviously not intelligent enough to understand what I wrote in my post just as much as you haven't understood the Sandra/Jesse situation. First off thanks for the well wishes you hope I go thru one day in court by being ripped to are too kind! But again, your "smarts" are shining thru as you assumed I know nothing about divorce, custody battles, family court and people using their wealth to over power which is WRONG by a long shot honey!! But I honestly don't even know why you chose to dispute my comments with that reply because it doesn't even pertain to anything I said in my post - HELLO!! You are somehow thinking that I am giving you information based on his previous divorce(s) which I am not so try reading it again! Like I said, read up on their relationship NOT their previous relationships!!! The facts I gave you (yes, FACTS) are from their years together, the reporting that went on for years about the custody battle and their relationship - those are facts and they have nothing to do with me believing something I heard from one side of a divorce - I have more common sense than that and if you had any you would have read and understood my post, not jumped at your keyboard to reply while once again showing your ignorance! So, if you have anything to say in a response that makes sense or even remotely pertains to what I was saying then by all means go for it but please, please do not come back with another response that has nothing to do with what is being makes no sense! And you going thru a divorce or custody battle or family court is neither here nor there as I never said anything about HIS divorce or YOUR divorce because I had no idea if you went thru one or not and if I did know about you going thru one I would never say anything against you regarding that as #1 I would have no idea about it so I wouldn't go there and #2 that has nothing to do with what you said in your first post nor what I said in mine - your reply means nothing as it has nothing to do with what I said. Try going back 6 months on this or any will see the stories about his ex being in jail so the child obviously needed to be with Jesse and when she was around how she would sleep all day while the poor kid was left without care - those are the FACTS I was talking about - they have copies of the court documents - I don't just believe one party in a divorce off of here say - I have more sense than that - so what in the heck ever made you think I was repeating comments that YOU are accusing him of making up during his previous divorce is beyond me. By the way, basically you were the one who just judged him by assuming he made up lies in his divorce and custody battle as well as insinuated that he has more money than his ex so he used that money and power to win....gee, looks like you are the one making things up about people...and trust me hon, his ex had a very lucrative career in the porn industry so it's not like she doesn't have money herself - but see you went and ASSUMED she didn't so he must have used his status and money against her - real nice, pure rudeness to least I gave facts! Nice try though.....later!

1630 days ago


Number 10:

I categorize cheating spouses under the 99/1 rule which is:

99% of spouses who've cheated once will end up cheating again at some point and 1% of them won't. Once caught a cheating spouse may not appear to be wandering, however in most cases they have simply learned how not to get caught from their previous mistake.

Your hubby may indeed be in that 1% who won't cheat but the odds aren't in your favor. Good luck with that one.

1630 days ago
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