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Letterman - Palestinian Conflict in 'Bruno' Lawsuit

4/4/2010 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman claims he's found a loophole in a lawsuit filed by a man portrayed as a terrorist in the movie "Bruno" -- and it all boils down to our diplomatic relations with the Middle East.

In new legal docs filed in D.C., Letterman -- along with Sacha Baron Cohen and other defendants -- claim that the $110 million defamation lawsuit filed by a self-described Palestinian man named Ayman Abu Aita should be dismissed ... partially because "Palestine is not recognized as a foreign nation by the United States."

Dave was dragged into the lawsuit because he ran the "terrorist" clip from the "Bruno" on his show last year when Cohen was a guest. Abu Aita had claimed that he is simply a shopkeeper ... and not a member of the militant Al-Asqa Martyrs' Brigade.

According to the docs filed by Letterman's lawyers, the lawsuit cannot proceed in the United States because Abu Aita and Cohen are both foreigners.

The judge has yet to rule on the motion to dismiss.


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I hope that Mr. Ayman Abu Aita succeeds in his law suit against Baron Cohen. I saw an interview with him on Israeli television - he was completely hoodwinked by the makers of this film who went on to portray him as a terrorist, something he obviously is not. Mr. Baron Cohen makes a hell of a lot of money from his dreadful films and should be prepared to pay out to those who have been misrepresented in them.

As an Israeli I cannot believe some of the racist comments on this thread. This has nothing to do with politics or the fact that Israel is an ally of the US. It has also nothing to do with the fact that Palestine doesn't exist yet as a state. This man was misrepresented and should receive just compensation from Baron Cohen and the other producers of the film who make enormous profits from making fools out of other people.

1663 days ago


Sacha is unsuable. There's an army of lawyers that writes releases and reviews and approves the content of his movies before they are released. Ayman Abu Aita no doubt signed a release just like everyone else who has ever appeared in a Cohen movie. Not a one of them has EVER succeeded on suing SBC, and this guy won't either. Additionally, I am sure that the lawyers would not have let Cohen alledge that Abu Aita was a terrorist if that was an unprovable assumption. If the movie portrays him as a member of the Al-Asqa Martyrs' Brigade, then somewhere, his name is on some official US government list as a member. There's no way the studio lawyers and Cohen's own lawyers would have let him open himself and the studio up to a lawsuit like this.

1663 days ago


If you ever shake hands with an arab, (not advised), be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and count your fingers to see if they are all still there.

1663 days ago


Hey #17 Pull your head out of your I stated to Ziva, he was and even went back to his homeland when the nazi's we're in the area requesting birth records to see who was and where they could find them (Jewish citizens). As his former monarch taught ALL the citizens, they were Royal Subjects of the land - NOT to be identified by religion - they flew P-38's and burned ALL records. You're either on crack or have an imaginary "friends" telling you inaccuracies (sp) If I wasn't a vegetarian, I'd eat camel...IT'S DELISH!!! He never boinked one = he was goodlooking - unlike YOU!

1663 days ago


There is a reason they cover their women up from head to toe. If you
saw them, you would understand why the men prefer little boys and
some livestock.

1657 days ago


ALL you IDIOTS seem to forget how Israel bombed the HELL out of one
of OUR MILITARY ships - KILLING our servicemen inside...claiming it
looked like an Egyptian ship (MY AZZ!). Payout was 1 Million for our
fellow Americans' relatives as "HUSH" money. They received their
arms/nukes from US because we haven't learned our lesson yet, e.g.,
Panama, Japan,Philippines, etc., Oh yeah lets not forget the US
citizen (JEW) who SPIED for Israel re: nuclear warheads - ISRAEL
PLEEEEEEZE!! They will backstab US...It's only a matter of

1657 days ago


Israel is our only friend and ally in that entire area, the Arabs would and will crap on us again, they cannot be trusted. In WW2, a friend was there, had to drive the back roads and trails, they were told if you see an Arab in the road, asking for help, don't stop and just run them over, because if you stopped, they would jump up and cut your throat. They are lower than beasts and can never ever be trusted.

1657 days ago
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