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Joe Jackson


at Dr. Murray Defense

4/4/2010 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's father says he is "horrified" by the prospect Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team will argue that Michael Jackson accidentally killed himself by pumping a lethal dose of Propofol into his body.

TMZ broke the story that the defense believes Jackson woke up shortly before noon on the day he died, when Dr. Conrad Murray stepped out of the room, and injected enough Propofol in himself to almost immediately stop his heart.

Joe Jackson tells TMZ, "I don't believe it. It's not true. Why would he [Dr. Murray] hide all the bottles if such a story were true?"

Joe Jackson added, "The Coroner's report shows the story is not true," adding, "This really upsets me to hear this."

Joe Jackson plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Murray. While Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, says, "His [Dr. Murray's] story is medically inconsistent with the autopsy findings, he says before knowing for sure, "I would need to see the photographs of the scene in order to assess his story."


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justice for Michael jackson Murray is nothing but a killer who was injected MJ veins during 3 months, what else need for prove it?

1665 days ago


Doc Murray's version sounds reasonable. MJ was an experienced addict and probably had a built-up tolerance.

If the first shot wasn't working, it stands to reason that he would have given himself a bigger one.

That is how most "overdoses" occur. The first shot affects short term memory, then the victim remembers that he was THINKING of giving himself a dose. And he does. Then five minutes later, he forgot BOTH shots, and gives himself (what he thinks is) the first shot).


Assigning blame when an addict OD's is usually a waste of time.

And Detective La Toya and JJ have a real profit motive to whitewash MJ's reputation. If they are going to make any money off reselling his albums, they have to clean up his image.

1665 days ago


Murray should get the death penalty for this horrific murder.

1665 days ago


Murray has gone mad! Or is he trying to make the judge think he is going crazy talking about such a mess and instead of arresting him, send him for psychiatric treatment! This can only be a trap!

1665 days ago


Murray is a PROVEN LIAR. HE LIED TO THE PARAMEDICS AND THE ER PERSONNEL, HE NEVER TOLD EITHER ONE HE HAD GIVEN MICHAEL JACKSON PROPOFOL. He put the empty vials in a bag and put the bag in the closet. He then tried to return to the crime scene to retrieve the evidence (canvas bag with empty propofol vials.)


1665 days ago


This is dumb as hell and medically impossible. And I'm a damn surgical nurse!

1665 days ago


You have a great family Joe! Thank you for letting us have Michael for the time we did!

1665 days ago


25. Joe Is "horrified" by the prospect That He Won't Get Any Money.

Posted at 5:50PM on Apr 4th 2010 by OhWell


LOL that sounds more like it! Joe is probably one of the few that do not want to see CM lose his license. how the hell else would he be able to pay Joe.

1665 days ago


First - who really gives a crap what Joe Jackson has to say? Or the entire family for that matter. Michael Jackson was doing as he should have and slowly moving into the history books. The guy was a complete lunatic and anyone who says otherwise needs to be examined.
Second - even if Michael Jackson didn't do his own IV meds he did kill himself. HE WAS AN ADDICT!! The most if anything Dr. Murrey can and should be charged with is negligence... murder? Give me a break! Do the courts charge every crack, coke, meth, X, or pot dealer with murder? NOPE. Murrey was an idiot for running IV's for Jackson, but that is as far as anything goes. I can't wait until this is all over amd Jackson quits being glorified.

1665 days ago

danger baby    

Can you please elaborate as to why it is medically impossible. As you can tell from the survey on another thread, a lot of people think it is plausible that MJ gave the Propofol to himself. Please explain. From my understanding, at the time he died, he had an IV in his lower leg, and a urine cathether. If any other IVs are mentioned, I think that was done by either the paramedics or UCLA hospital personnel. So, with a urine catheter and an IV in his leg, would it have been possible for him to get more Propofol in the IV bag? Thanks.

1665 days ago

danger baby    

Sorry, forgot to copy your quote. How is the medically mpossible.


5. This is dumb as hell and medically impossible. And I'm a damn surgical nurse!

Posted at 7:44PM on Apr 4th 2010 by sistadee

Read more:

1665 days ago


I wish the defense sticks to this stupid story, they will make history and be featured at the book of "The Most Stupid Lies of the 21st Century" LOL! Is this the best they could come up with? How Pathetic! Why don't they start by explaining why this Conrad Murdery left the room in first place for God's sake? This desperate lie only proves that they know he's damn guilty.

1665 days ago


Oh course Joe Joe is filing a lawsuit....the will locked him out of any estate money, so this parasite will go after money any way he can!!! Its not for MJ, its for JJ....

1665 days ago


Who the hell cares what Joe Jackson thinks about there any way we could never hear from these slimeballs again....

1665 days ago


Joe Jackson gives me the creeps and is as much of a freak as any other member of that family, but having said that, I find myself in 100% agreement with him on this one. Doubtful Michael Jackson did much of anything for himself, let alone administer needle injections on his own. Isn't there video of MJ claiming a needle fear, in that stupid little stunted child manner of his?

1665 days ago
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