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Jackson's Demanding Personality On Trial

4/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It sounds crazy, but Michael Jackson's Coca-Cola addiction may become a building block in Dr. Conrad Murray's legal strategy.

TMZ broke the story that Dr. Murray's defense will be that Michael Jackson caused his own death by pumping a lethal dose of Propofol into his own body during the time the doctor was out of the room.

Sources familiar with the defense strategy tell us one of the missions is to show that Michael Jackson was a demanding celebrity who wanted what he wanted when he wanted it, even if it posed a danger to himself.

One of the ways the defense will prove its point is with the famous soft drink. Jackson consumed massive quantities of Coca-Cola, knowing full well it was laden with caffeine and would make it next to impossible to fall asleep.

Our sources say the defense has numerous examples of situations where Jackson hyped himself up with caffeine from soda and then used drugs -- including Propofol -- as the ultimate sleeping solution.

The upshot -- Jackson was a guy who wanted instant gratification ... so the notion that he would wake up when Dr. Murray was out of the room, become frustrated and self-medicate with Propofol is consistent with his personality.


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What a CROCK LOAD OF BS! Really TMZ, your "desperation" is quite embarrassingly "telling"!!!

1630 days ago


What kind of defense does Dr. Murder Murray have? Sources familiar with the defense are leaking info to TMZ? WTF? So, let me get this straight...MJ killed himself? Yeah, right. Try convincing a jury of that one.

1630 days ago


what was the good doc doing out of the room in the first place....shouldn't he have been monitoring his patient after giving him such a potent drug?

1630 days ago


20. What kind of defense does Dr. Murder Murray have? Sources familiar with the defense are leaking info to TMZ? WTF? So, let me get this straight...MJ killed himself? Yeah, right. Try convincing a jury of that one.

Posted at 12:44AM on Apr 5th 2010 by whatever

Well, they ARE in L.A. Let's hope they don't seat a jury like the one OJ had. His blood was found at the crime scene and the victims' blood was found in his Bronco and he was found not guilty???? Only in California...

1630 days ago


TMZ if you seriously believe this "source" then you are even more stupid than I thought. No one from Murray's legal team is going to leak his defense. This is such an obvious joke you should be seriously embarrassed to print it. But we all know TMZ has no shame. And stop being such pricks and start using some of the millions of flattering pics of MJ!!

1630 days ago


Well this is news....NOT!
As any fan knows, MJ fave thing to drink was Orange juice!
It is even in his room when they did the raid, and it has been stated in interviews by many directors and others who worked with him that he always had his OJ! I don't believe for a second that he liked to drink that much cola, because he didn't even want to do the Pepsi commercial because he never drank POP!!! At least back in the '80's. I think this is a crock of BS that many will help fabricate just to defend the doctor! Just like how so many came out to go against MJ back when he was alive. Even doctor Klein said he loved his orange juice! Come on now!! Can the cola be in his system and detected in the autopsy?!! just like what he ate?

1630 days ago


This is absurd. His lawyers must be workin overtime to come up with this crap.

I don't care how LOUD or how OFTEN MJ screamed for anything he wanted, including propofol. I could scream for my own doc to give me cyanide to drink, but I'd never get it...b/c it's deadly and as a doctor, she KNOWS this and took an oath to do no harm, not to "make that money!" It was his DUTY to do what his medical training allows and dictates, NOT what his patient demands...especially when Murray claims he KNEW he was an addict. It's up to the doc at the end of the day to make such decisions, NOT the patient.

Nice try, Murray.

1630 days ago


LOL. YOUR JOKING RIGHT?????? i be glad when we just let the dude rest. conrad murray vindicated or not. these stupi arse stories are just........stupid. he drunk coca cola knowing he wasn't gonna sleep well......and than beg for propofol. man that's the only defense he has???? damn.

1630 days ago

Jackson Insider    

whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!! Jackson was a guy who wanted instant gratification!!!!!!!!!!!! that is soooooo sillllllllllllllllly come on IF Michael was really really really insisted Propofol to be administered for him at that night then...excuse me but what was the first given medicaton on 1:30 am....was it Propofol?! or SOMETHNG ELSE...what a fall guy, and then if Michael killed himself accidentally, then it happened because he (Conrad Murray) didn't monitor hm properly...don't you see it people? there's no way out for this mule in this way

p.s. wish him the same nightmare team from advisers and lawyers that Michael had back in 1993

1630 days ago


This is just OUTRAGEOUS! They are going to trash Michael as being demanding in order to get this terrible physician off the hook? IS THIS all they can come up with for a defense? OMG! It's bad enough MJ died on this man's watch but to bad mouth him when he cannot defend himself? I despise this man. And his stupid ass attys.

1630 days ago


The coroner's report said that MJ died at the hands of ANOTHER. Get it?

1630 days ago


Sure, say "Coke" instead of "Pepsi" to heat up the controversy!!!
If he wanted to drink cola to stay awake, most likely Pepsi would have been free!!

1630 days ago

Jackson Insider    



1630 days ago


Whatever defense Murray uses you can bet it will be a stupid one because there is no defense for what he did. A doctor who don't know how to do CPR. A doctor who didn't have the proper equiptment available to monitor a patient, A doctor who didn't call 911 first when he saw a problem to get the drugs, and equiptment to save his patient. A doctor who did such a foolish thing like this to start with. There is no defense! If Murray thinks people hate him now, drag Michael through the mud, and you will never be able to show your face anywhere in the world again without a body guard.

1630 days ago
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