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Tiger's Alleged Mistress Still Likes to Watch

4/5/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're baaaaaaaack!

Alleged mistress/porn star Joslyn James and her attorney, victims' rights advocate Gloria Allred, will watch Tiger Woods address the media in Augusta today at 2:00 PM ET, and then say what's on their mind at their own presser at the Friar's Club in NYC.

Allred tells TMZ that James -- who says she had a three-year relationship with Tiger, never knowing she was not the only mistress -- has still not received an apology from Mr. Woods.

Gloria will announce James' next move and -- this is the best part -- announce whether they'll go South to watch Tiger play the Masters.

Of course ... we'll be there for watching Joslyn and Gloria watch Tiger, followed by their news conference.


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WTF is she expecting? Sympathy? Selfish tw*t...weren't her 15 minutes up awhile back???

1665 days ago


Im sick of this bitch....GIVE IT UP!!!!(Well she already did)

1665 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

man some whores go to any lenghts to get paid

they are going to Augusta ? WTF ????

now they are stalking Tiger ??????

Tiger shouldn't give these whores the sweat off his balls

1665 days ago


Media whores!

1665 days ago


I feel bad for her...
so i'll sleep with her and make it all better.

I'm black too so if she wants she can call me tiger.


1665 days ago

Lapeer rodder    

I really hope TMZ stops following this nut case...... and her client Joslyn James LOL ....Enough Already!!!

1665 days ago


This stupid homewrecking hoe should be apologizing to Tiger's WIFE!!

What would ever make a 'mistress' think she's the "only one"?


You screwed around with a married man with two little children, and now YOU want an apology?


1665 days ago


These Bitches are a joke!!! All they want is the money. They all knew he was married and they still did what they did. That doesn't make them any better than him. If I was tiger I would say Yes I cheated, Im not the only man in the world that has. Sex is Sex and Love is Love. They were sex and my wife is love. Good night

1665 days ago


first of all she is waiting for an apology???? where is her apology to Tigers wife? Skank

1665 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

I bet Miss James( any relation to Jesse James? )
wish she didnt swallow all those loads and got prego instead .. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ~ !!!

I bet Tigers lawyers told these 2 to get stuffed that's why they are trying their best extortion ploy

1665 days ago


she doesnt deserve an apology, she knew he was married with kids when she started sleeping with him. if she was truely a victim, she wouldnt be in the press. she knows shes a dumb hussy and the whole world thinks so too

1665 days ago


this media herpes whore must be a 4th rate porn star bc i never heard of her seen her in anything before this story about tiger came out

1665 days ago


I wish she would crawl back under whatever rock she came from...and take the porn star/escort with her. ZING!!!

1665 days ago


Michelle McGee is beautiful... there is to many haters on here that sit in front of their computer eating potatoe chips calling her names.. Michelle is SEXY and I don't know her personally but I'd bet she would be fun to hang out with..

STOP THE SEAL HUNT.... i would like to see a person who clubs seals get clubbed himself, i wonder how he would like it... this world is always based on money. The reason they club them is because it is cheaper than using tranquilizer darts. Its always about the dollar sign.

Elin Nordegren... Your a terrible role model for people. Tiger Woods was blown his load all over different chicks all the time... and you are staying with him??? your a loser. You should have filed for divorce the minute he admitted to the stuff.

Micheal Jacksons face is friggn ugly.. ughhhh..

1665 days ago


Joslyn James and Gloria Allred have got to be kidding. The whole world knew TW was married with children and if a guy cheats on his wife then he'll cheat on the w****. Take the pretend tears and ridiculous allegations and go home. We don't believe it and don't want to hear about it.

1665 days ago
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