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Tiger's Alleged Mistress Still Likes to Watch

4/5/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're baaaaaaaack!

Alleged mistress/porn star Joslyn James and her attorney, victims' rights advocate Gloria Allred, will watch Tiger Woods address the media in Augusta today at 2:00 PM ET, and then say what's on their mind at their own presser at the Friar's Club in NYC.

Allred tells TMZ that James -- who says she had a three-year relationship with Tiger, never knowing she was not the only mistress -- has still not received an apology from Mr. Woods.

Gloria will announce James' next move and -- this is the best part -- announce whether they'll go South to watch Tiger play the Masters.

Of course ... we'll be there for watching Joslyn and Gloria watch Tiger, followed by their news conference.


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Why does he owe her an apology? She knew he was married. She knew who he was. She shouldn't have gotten involved with him. He owes her nothing. He's back with his family, she's got to get over him.

1641 days ago

no way    

let them come to Aug. Aug is real about the masters and a judge in richmond county would not have a problem placing a stalking charge on these two women.

1641 days ago


I am sick of all of this trailer park trash. Enough already. These women have been stuck more times than my grandmother's pin cushion. These women do not deserve all of this attention. They are nothing but Whores. As far as I am concerned these women have absolutely no dignity at all. They are SHAME. I cannot believe anyone would have paid a cent on any of these tatted pigs.

1641 days ago


The media referring to Josyln James as Tiger Wood's "mistress" is complimentary - Tiger Woods paid prostitute James for sex, i.e. Devon James @ $2,000 a pop. Josyln James is a prono prostitute w/a PRETTY WOMAN movie theme delusion - she's has already received payment for her services.

1641 days ago


That's correct, glad you finally realized it:

Tiger is out paying for unprotected sex with whore after whore while his wife and kids have been home alone neglected for years. Let's keep the focus where it needs to be, on the hypocrite, the tyrannical evil selfish perverted brute.

He's going to be sucking really harsh karma.

1641 days ago


Well, I see everyone here has pretty much covered anything I would have said. Let's just hope the Allred and the other psychos take the hint and disappear. And sounds like Tiger needs a TRO.

1641 days ago


Stupid get paid for sex...on camera. No one has sympathy for you. The only thing Tiger owes you is a bullit in the head for not keeping your whore mouth shut. As for that Gloria Allred skank.....are you effing kidding me!? Go back to being a nobody lawyer you dumb attention whore bitch. You had you 15 seconds, now get on with your lives.

1641 days ago

No Comment    

Is this woman kidding me. Just go away. Can't stand Tiger. Never liked him but this woman is actually making me want to side with him. Bitch, you knew you weren't the only woman because you knew he was married. Get rid of the crocodile tears and move on. Your lovin' wasn't worth that much to him and he won't pay you or it after the fact.

1641 days ago


She's a whore. She knew he was married. This doesn't excuse him, but she's just as bad or worse. SHE KNEW>

1641 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Wow, Gloria Allred is now officially horrifying. Seriously, what a freak. Not only has she set the womans movement back by a lifetime but she's tarnished her own career if that was even possible. Is the porn start that upset that she didn't get a payout? Guess the porn star should have been smarter and come forward soon as the early bird always catches the blackmail payment.

Seriously, this has to be boardering on harassment. I know that Allred would love to take a shot at the Masters as a private club that almost certainly doesn't have women members. That said it's time for Gloria to just go away. What Tiger did was wrong but this is just out of hand. For somebody who says they never wanted to hurt Elin this porn star appears to attempt to do that very same thing at ever turn.

Please show up at the Masters Gloria so you can get kicked out after trying to disturb Tiger.


1641 days ago



1641 days ago

doc murry    

I hope her a Gloria show up at Agusta and stay the whole week and get front row seats .She deserves an apology from cheeta boy and a boatload of cash,it will be funny when Tiger needs to make a 2 foot putt and she is in his siteline and he misses it..ha ha ha

1641 days ago


"Alleged mistress/porn star Joslyn James and her attorney, victims' rights advocate Gloria Allred, will watch Tiger Woods address the media in Augusta today at 2:00 PM ET, and then say what's on their mind at their own presser at the Friar's Club in NYC."

LOL, I hate to break the news to TMZ but they can take that "alleged" porn star title off James as it's fact that she makes her living playing pin cushion.

At what point does this become harrassment? Seriously, this is nothing short of stalking at this point. I hope they go to the Masters so they can be kicked out as nobody has the right to bother the participants.

I'm glad that Allred is making a fool of herself. This is nothing that I haven't witnessed for years now dating back to the Amber Frey nonsense.

1641 days ago

Larry Fuller    

So sick of these skanks coming out of the woodwork thinking they will get work as actresses or singers because a celebrity "done them wrong." They knew they were playing with marriend men so they are showing how skanky they are and remain as long as they keep boo hooing about their situation. PLUS Ms.Allred is getting richer with each one she befriends. DISGUSTING!!!!

1641 days ago


This lawyer is a joke! Victim rights advocate my backside. She uses other peoples emotional state, to profit. These women are in a vulnerable state, and she is playing it like a hawk. Sickening. What a joke. Attention seeking! If this person wants to stop being a victim, here's an idea, stop sleeping with a married man. It is this woman who should be apologising to Tiger's wife. Get out of the headlines Allred, oh no hold on why would you, its free advertising for your firm. Doesn't america have a code of ethics regarding lawyers in this country, or is it free reign, bring on the victims, let me coach them to go to the media, here's a perfect time, its Augusta this week. Maybe we should follow tiger around. Yeah that's right I'll advise my client, perfect timing.

1641 days ago
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