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Corey Haim -- 'Poster Child' For Rx Abuse

4/6/2010 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim -- 'Poster Child' For Rx AbuseCorey Haim went to seven different doctors and seven pharmacies to get 553 pills ... and that was just in a little more than the first two months of this year ... according to California Attorney General Jerry Brown.

Brown says several of the doctors were at urgent care centers. TMZ broke the story that Haim's mom had complained to several urgent care centers that they were fueling her son with prescription drugs.

Some of the drugs Haim scored were Xanax, Soma, Vicodin and Valium. According to Brown, five days before Corey died he obtained 149 tablets of Vicodin, 195 tablets of Valium, 15 tablets of Xanax and 195 tablets of Soma.

TMZ also broke the story that 20 doctors have received subpoenas for medical records in connection with the Haim investigation by the L.A. County Coroner. We're told some of the doctors never saw or wrote prescriptions for Haim -- leaving the possibility that Haim forged the prescriptions.

Haim's cause of death has not yet been determined.


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maybe they were for him and his mama....he likes to party and she had they took them togather and partied down..

1627 days ago



1627 days ago


Corey must have been reselling them?

1627 days ago

Send her to Walmart    

The health care profession needs a major overhaul and a return to its original credo: "First do no harm."

There needs to be a network/computer link for ALL pharmacies that when the pharmacist puts a social security number or other individual ID number into it, the person's name pops up on the screen. The pharmacy can then see exactly how many times the person has visited a pharmacy in the last several months. A simple red flag notice can alert the pharmacy that the person has too many scripts out at one time for the same types of drugs. Problem solved.

1627 days ago


Rip corey...he needed help and you people bash him even dead..nice

1627 days ago


Really that isn't that much at all. I take 280 10/325 norco 90 30mg oxy 90 350 soma a month and I don't have to see 15 Doctors.

I do have a very clear medical issue with my spine and pretty much disabled now.

My guess is he was shopping for Oxy's to sell since there is very good money in it.

1627 days ago


What I don't understand, is how all of these prescriptions can be filled, yet when I go to the pharmacy to buy ZyrtecD (which is OTC) for my allergies, I have to give my drivers license which is entered into the database and I can only buy a 2 week supply at a time. I take this medicine everyday all year round and it is not cheap. If it is on sale I cannot stock up because it is prohibited by law. Maybe this system, which is already in place, should apply to ALL medications.

1627 days ago


Corey was probly selling them they make good money selling the pills at 5-10 a pill so he might not have taken them all himself sounds like he was selling toooooo

1627 days ago


Maybe he was selling them.who knows..because according to alot of sources, he was staying clean past few months..and the last vid tmz got him on he looked like he had some healthy weight on him..his body probly gave out cause of past abuse and also he had a flu apparently..anyways is still such a corey

1627 days ago


I hope TMZ and others are paying attention next time an actor or actress "demands" in their contract that the set they are working on be alcohol and drug-free, as Mr. Haim did. It appears while he maintained this facade of being drug-free, he was more hyped up than ever. Hypocritical of him, unfair to those who couldn't have a glass of wine because of his demands, and sad.

1627 days ago


Part of the problem is our system-- people are so obsessed with privacy, that there is no national registry which would alert a pharmacy that someone just got the same thing filled across the street. Doc's can ask the DOJ to look up someone's Rx history, but that takes time and does you no good when a patient is in your office. You get sued if you don't treat pain, and you don't know if a patient is "doctor shopping". Consumers are not being protected by this lack of supervision folks.

1627 days ago


So this investigation had been going on for nine months. Does that mean if they had made some arrests earlier on, Corey included, could he have still been alive today? Make detox/rehab part of jail time punishment. Of course he still could have been pumping his body full of Rx's, but you never know, if they had just made some earlier arrests......

1627 days ago


In my day, I'm ONLY 42, you were reckless and gutsie to blow a doobie and drink a beer.

When did this scripts thing become the norm?

My, my, my, even the likes of Rush L. and Cindy McCain have script troubles. Grown people who should know better get mixed up with this sh!t. I would be scared to death to take someone's medication!

Man, I guess I'm a wuss! But....not addicted.

1627 days ago



Posted at 1:24PM on Apr 6th 2010 by astro"

Are you on the same pills as him or something? Corey Haim DID die you moron. Corey Feldman is the one who is still alive.

1627 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

There is a way pharmacists at least in California can keep track of doctor shoppers. First we have to have the time available to do the detective work. Been in a chain drug store lately and seen a pharmacist leisurely doing research on the latest Vicodin addict? No he/she is running their asses off filling your prescriptions at a very often unsafe tempo...with a fraction of the unlicensed help given to your local yogurt shop. Thank Medi-Care Part D for the reimbursement cutbacks and resultant narrowing of profit margins. What the easiest way to increase profits ? All together now: cut labor.
There is a law on the books that states that a pharmacist cannot refuse to fill a prescription for "emergency contraceptives" unless certain circumstances exist. See BOP law book 733.a page 81. Well, some genius legislator extended this law to include all drugs. So it is illegal for me to refuse to fill a prescription unless : I know there exists a dangerous drug interaction, I can prove it will cause harm to the patient, or lastly that I am out of stock. It is also illegal for me to fill a prescription for a known or suspected addict or abuser.
"CURES (Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System) will make it much easier for authorized prescribers and pharmacists to quickly review controlled substance information via the automated Patient Activity Report (PAR) in an effort to identify and deter drug abuse and diversion through accurate and rapid tracking of Schedule II through IV controlled substances." Bullhockey. I sent for one of these. It took over 2 months before I received it and contained info that was 2 months old. What the hell good did that do me ? Yes, this person broke some laws...but who the hell is going to lift a finger to enforce these laws ? Me, the pharmacist? Since when ??? An abuser or addict is usually knowledgeable enough to come up with some BS pain story. A call to the doctors office will get me a legitimate medical diagnosis. Note to abusers or addicts. We know. We know who you are. We also know who the pain patients are. The former tend to be the most abusive of our customer base. I'm just protecting my license; they are fighting for their life...or so their mid brain and nucleus accumbends tells them.
The Dept of Justice in CA aint delivering. CURES is a joke. AG Brown states that this info is readily available to pharamcists and doctors....really AG Brown? Go in to an average pharmacy and have a pharmacist fill out the request form...if they can locate it on the BOP web page. Have them call you when it comes 2-3 months. I have an example on my desk. Please call me.
The BNE is likewise a joke. The BNE has perhaps 3 agents for all of Northern California. The BNE oversees narcotic enforcement(stolen rx blanks etc) as well as the diversion of PSE (sudafed)I'm sure that number of agents is incorrect....but its close. The local Police of the suburbs are very helpful. Not so in large cities where the County Sheriffs are in charge of law enforcement...or where the City Police have far more serious issues on their the Bloods and Crips and Nortenios
Cory Haim, Heath Ledger, AN Smith, Brittany Murphy ( the visible tip of this Titanic killing iceberg. Suppose Heather Locklear killed someone with her car instead of stumbling out of her car and being arrested ?
How many non-celebrity deaths are there as a direct result of overdosing like Corey Haim, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger etc are there? How many deaths are there that are directly attributable to abuse of other controlled s? Sure, California will address the issue of labeling a prescription in the patients native language... but this issue?
You have one helluva a serious problem on your hands America : prescription drug abuse.

1627 days ago
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