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Corey Haim -- 'Poster Child' For Rx Abuse

4/6/2010 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim -- 'Poster Child' For Rx AbuseCorey Haim went to seven different doctors and seven pharmacies to get 553 pills ... and that was just in a little more than the first two months of this year ... according to California Attorney General Jerry Brown.

Brown says several of the doctors were at urgent care centers. TMZ broke the story that Haim's mom had complained to several urgent care centers that they were fueling her son with prescription drugs.

Some of the drugs Haim scored were Xanax, Soma, Vicodin and Valium. According to Brown, five days before Corey died he obtained 149 tablets of Vicodin, 195 tablets of Valium, 15 tablets of Xanax and 195 tablets of Soma.

TMZ also broke the story that 20 doctors have received subpoenas for medical records in connection with the Haim investigation by the L.A. County Coroner. We're told some of the doctors never saw or wrote prescriptions for Haim -- leaving the possibility that Haim forged the prescriptions.

Haim's cause of death has not yet been determined.


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This is nothning new here in Florida. My ex husband who was a normal man, with a company got hooked on Oxycoden because of a back injury. He was so out of control he was taking 15-20 a day. He would go to pain centers here in Florida with an old MRI and the doctors would just provide a crazy amount of prescriptions. Towards the end he was hitting 10 pain clients a day. He has been in a recovery center going on three years. Yes, it is that easy and I don't understand why it is so ignored. People are dying from these presciptions at such a high rate. Instead of spending our resources on drug lords, they should start prosecuting these doctors and pain centers. Those are the real drug-lords in this day of age.

1664 days ago


I dont understand something. We have so much technology in this world..we can Skype across the globe but they cant have a system where a pharmacy can see all meds being prescribed to a patient? Sadly, I think it's because there is money to be made in pharmaceuticals and especially by those addicted so they say its not possible, blah blah...
Rip, corey

1664 days ago


What a tragedy! Watching Corey on TV and in interviews really bothered me because you could see he was sick. These Dr's should be heavily fined or, worse, stripped of their license to practice.

1664 days ago


Not only him, they should use every "celebraty who has passed within that past let's say 3years from rx abuse...not to mention all the start before them..sounds like hollywood it self should be Posted for rx abuse.

1664 days ago


Corey Haim's mother was the biggest enabler ever!!!

1664 days ago


wow, what a thing thing to be remembered by!!! I thought being remembered by doing some oh well movies was bad, note to Lindsay Lohan: this is your future!!!!!

1664 days ago


I will ignore all the bad stuff and watch Lost Boys for the 10,000th time. I need to buy Lucas because he was SOOOOOO great in that. I will remember him back then in the happy days.

1664 days ago


Thinks SF is Susie Feldman. I bet I am right. She knows that the mother was an enabler? How the hell would you know that? I feel sorry for him mother. I wouldn't talk sh*t about her unless you've been in her shoes.

1664 days ago



1664 days ago


He won't be remembered for this by people who knew him and his fans..all the other BS talkers don't matter anyhow. He had an addiction, but that does not define him as a human being.xo corey haim r.i.p

1664 days ago


@Lori because that drug can be broken down and used to make meth

1664 days ago


Most of you people scream overhaul when you don't even know wtf your talking about in the first place.

TMZ needs to stop writing about how many drugs someone is taking when they have zero clue on how the crap works. He could have taken 5 of those pills out of 500 and died.

Brit died of APAP overdose. She took to many vicodins and the OTC meds are packed full of APAP and a body that small and then you add sick, extremely under weight etc. she couldn't handle it. I bet she didn't even get a "high"

Most people who take pain killers do not die "high". They die of liver failure and other stupid crap like Oxy abusers tend to slow there poop track down to a point it starts rotting in there system.

TMZ is reporting he got 500 meds in the first few months of 2010 alone. Well I get 490 a month from one DR. If Cory was shopping more than 3 DR's he was selling. You can try to overhaul the crap but it will not work. All this is logged but guess what people use fake names and the Dr's can't play games. The Pharm's, Dr's both give the State/Fed a copy of the script but it does no good.

Unless they know stuff is not right then they can be sued if they turn down someone. These people come in with money and they dress good and look good. I wouldn't be shocked if Cory was part of a huge racket either. With as many places he was going that would have been a lot of traffic at his house to dump them.

I wouldn't be shocked if he wasn't using or at least not like he was before. I don't think they are going to find to much. He died from the years of abuse and what it did to his liver and other organs.

1664 days ago


I'm sorry Christie. I hope your son/daughter gets clean before it's too late. The doctors, government and pharmacists won't ever do anything because there is WAY too much money in this business. They don't care who kills themselves.

1663 days ago


"7. Really that isn't that much at all. I take 280 10/325 norco 90 30mg oxy 90 350 soma a month and I don't have to see 15 Doctors.

I do have a very clear medical issue with my spine and pretty much disabled now.

My guess is he was shopping for Oxy's to sell since there is very good money in it.

Posted at 1:35PM on Apr 6th 2010 by John

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You`re not disabled, John. You`re a fu*king drug addict. The only thing "disabling" you is being high 24/7 and using you back as an excuse. If you`re going to be such a pathetic loser, don`t brag about it. Anyone with any medical knowledge can see you for what you are. And if one MD gives you all that shlt - and there are plenty out there that do - he needs his license revoked. He certainly isn`t helping you - you`ll be dead in ten years at that rate of consumption.

1663 days ago


rxs can't be sued (cuz it won't hold up in court) for denying to dispense medications if we feel there is intent to mis-use(abuse or diversion); doesn't matter whether these drugs are narcotics or not. note to the ppl who think this is just a business;it is a business, my business is to keep ppl healthy, that is the oath i took when i became a rx.

1662 days ago
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