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Feldman: No Public Memorial for Corey Haim

4/8/2010 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There will be no public memorial held for Corey Haim -- because according to Corey Feldman, it would be too difficult for Haim's mother to handle.

Feldman took to his blog to break the news, where he said Judy Haim is experiencing "tremendous grief and feels that to create an event celebrating Corey's life would be too much for her to bear at this time."

Instead, Feldman says they will hold a "very small private dinner with just a few close friends in LA."


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Not that I had a great deal of appreciation for Corey Feldman in the first place but the way he has handled this entire situation has been less than classy...

He seems so fake...

1659 days ago


I have a feeling it's more about not making her son a joke. She asked him not to do this for other reasons. She probably knows Feldman would make it all about himself.

1659 days ago

Mike Hunterts    

we are not talking about one of Hollywood's great actors here. this dude had a little success like 25 years ago and proceeded to become a junkie who made occasional appearance on "where are they now" type shows. personally, i thought the both of them came across as punks

1659 days ago


Corey Feldman is A LOSER! Corey Haim's mother did not want Feldman at her son's funeral, that says alot.

1659 days ago


One suspects that Corey Feldman has found little enthusiasm among his friends for attending some "tribute" to Haim. A small turnout would only act as an embarrassment to Feldman, Haim and Haim's mother. This new approach sounds a lot more fitting.

1659 days ago


Feldman is such an a-hole. He is celebrating Haim's death by grabbing at every dollar he can get. You are a loser Feldman - Haim was always my fave. You shouldn't even be aloud to call yourself his friend. Friends don't let friends die! Goonies never say die! Loser!!

1659 days ago


and WHY should there be a public service???? I had to watch Lost Boys again to identify him.

and who cares what that WANNA BE Feldman says anyways. He's just a dingle berry riding on the ass of whoever is making news, dead or alive, mostly dead cuz the lively ones push him off. uhHUH.

1659 days ago


Agreeing with #3...we're not talking a cinematic legend who passed, but some "used to be" who decided to play the pity game and hoped to be cast in a blockbuster (or something with a true budget). Both Corey's did nothing significant to warrant any public ceremonies, let alone some dumbsh|t` show on cable. Condolences to mom if the passing of her son is still difficult, but to announce that there will be no public ceremony demonstrates the world that these "actors" (term used loosely) live in. And for TMZ to slug this as breaking news shows what world the producers there live in. This is NOT breaking news.

1659 days ago


I watched an A&E segment on my computer where ehaims revealed he was sexually abused.

I have since wondered why the media never demanded with a vengeance who his and Feldman's abusers were. Some in the media are attacking the catholic church to answer to these crimes-and rightfully so- but why do they protect the abusers in this business.

Someone/someones raped these men when they were boys....for Haim's it likely destroyed him. Feldmen too, who some here suggest has little for a conscience. Children who are raped learn quickly how to turn the emotion faucet off if it means survival. Child rape is child rape-or in this case as in the church adolescent rape by homosexual men -for the life of me where are the media demands for justice in this case.

1659 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Both Cory's are CRACK HEADS !!!! .. *I'm just say'en
P.S. I think they had a "Gay" thing go'en on...

1659 days ago


Breaking news...really TMZ, please.

1659 days ago


I was a big fan of Corey Haims. I would have gone to the memorial. He was in two of my alltime favorite movies. Lost Boys and Lucas. Not exactly a nobody.

1659 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to me ! me me me and who? ME !!! I'm the greatist star, I am by far but no one knows it!! Who? ME !!!!

1659 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to us !!!

1659 days ago

I loved Corey Haim. It's so sad what he did to himself. Unfortunately I dont think any BIG stars would get involved in a public memorial so that's really why it isnt going to happen.

1659 days ago
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