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Barkley Rips Masters Head -- He's an 'Uncle Tom'

4/9/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley has resorted to racial insults in his attack on the guy who runs the Masters -- comparing Billy Payne to a slave-driving plantation owner after Payne ripped Tiger Woods over the scandal.

Barkley -- who used to be pretty tight with Woods -- went on Fox Sports Radio yesterday and said, "You got this punk ass Billy Payne who goes on TV ... for him to get on there and act like he's all Uncle Tom, he's the master on the plantation, that piss me off."

Barkley added, "I wish somebody would just walk up to him and punch him in his face."

Earlier this week, Payne mentioned Tiger in his news conference saying, "Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children."

Historical Fun Fact!
-- White people generally aren't called "Uncle Tom" ... because "Uncle Tom" was black.

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OMG Barkley doesn't know who Uncle Tom was, wtf!!

1626 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

This situation wasn't created by the head of the Master's. This was all created by Tiger Woods and his stupid egotistical behavior. Mr Payne is in charge of a prestigious traditional event. They're sticking their neck out just allowing Woods to play at all. Woods has done a lot for the game of golf (yawn), but he has also damaged it. Color has nothing to do with it.....used to like you Mr. Barkley, and I appreciate you standing up for a friend, but you should think a bit more before you open your mouth about any subject other than basketball.

1626 days ago

399 Hollywood Teamsters    

Attaboy Charles, you tell it brother!
Just like you told that story in your book about Tiger being tied to a tree and spray painted, which you knew was a complete lie.
Look for your own self to get punched, most likely by one of Billy Payne's lawyers right in your wallet.
And check your boy TW, mistress #19 surfaced today. She has some cool texts from Tiger regarding her panties.

1626 days ago


maybe we should stop putting these athletes on pedestals. they do not deserve hero worship. and especially tiger woods. he is just an adulterer, plain and simple. both mr payne and mr barkley were wrong in their statements.

1626 days ago


This is the PERFECT example of why colored people were'nt allowed on private golf courses . We should re-instate the ban!

1626 days ago


I don't think Payne's comments had anything to do with race. I think it's because the guy is so pissed at how much they need Tiger Woods. People were trying to sell their tickets to the Masters until he said he was competing and then they immediately sold out. And TV ratings went up 50% when he started playing. He's just a pissy bitch because he's used to being so powerful but he has to bow to Tiger.

1626 days ago


I couldn't agree more with post #11.

1626 days ago

399 Hollywood Teamsters    

Yo "For Real":
It would appear that you are either one of Mr. Barkley's remedial reading tutors from Auburn University, or perhaps his current speech writer.
Either way, your post is as incomprehensible as is Mr. Barkley's thought processes that led him to make such an ignorant, racist and bigoted statement that only reinforces the stereotype that blacks choose violence to solve their problems.
Charles, you have no idea who you just messed with. You think they are pickup-driving NASCAR-watching hillbillies when in fact they are respected and powerful gentlemen. I fully expect Billy and the Augusta National directors will put you in your place.
CB, good riddance, this will get you fired from your NBA job, then you can gamble full-time which has worked out really well for you so far.

1626 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

It must be asked; what's your point, Barkley? You're the same sort of degenerate, uneducated, primitive jerkoff as Tiger Woods, your close friend in the "ego is all, everyone else is garbage" game.

Calling Billy Payne names, after Payne pointed out quite reasonably how Tiger Woods was a major disappointment and that his behavior does affect others, especially kids, is EXTREMELY IGNORANT of you. You're missing all the relevant points. "Ignorance" is the mission statement of Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley. Apparently that mission statement delivers cheap pussy, and that's what appeals so much to you.

Payne was required by standard considerations and responsibility to mention something about Tiger. Payne, like many thousands of others, could have stayed at the microphone for a couple hours and delivered unto Tiger a new a-hole, but he kept it to an absolute minimum of attention. It's the Masters, it's not about Tiger.

Warped and depraved immaturity is the order of the day for Charles Barkley, it appears. You should have let the Tiger issue alone. You are neither a golfer, tournament host or responsible human, you're a flippant mouthpiece and no mystery.

1626 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Mr Woods has acted out well his script for redemption as documented in the Hollywood playbook. Admit the sin, don't hide it,run to your pastor (or higher power/spirit)and admit yourself to rehab. If OJ had gone to his guru he'd still be on out on the town. Clearly- the guy at the Masters was giving Tiger the old boy howler. Sure- Tiger lacks golf etiquette as he throws his clubs and curses- can you blame him for living in a society that's give up morality for the next showing.

1626 days ago


Barkley's an idiot and a pig.

1626 days ago


After reading the latest Vanity Fair article on Tiger and his missteps (the one with Grace Kelly on the cover) there was a statement by Tiger's former attorney John Merchant that really resonated. He talked about before he was shut out of the circle of sycophants surrounding Tiger, he had spent years looking out for the young man about whom he cared as a person rather than a commodity. He counseled Tiger very specifically to STAY AWAY from the likes of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, both of whom are unprincipled guys with nothing (especially Jordan) NOTHING to offer the world outside of basketball, "and that was yesterday", to quote Merchant. What a prophetic statement that was. Tiger, too crass and narcissistic to follow advice from anyone well meaning. He's happier surrounded by suck-ups and enablers. Nothing could have been worse for this man as a human being than to be warmly applauded at Augusta yesterday. It just screams out "No problem. Act like a pig and get rewarded for it." I have no problem with him golfing and continuing his quest to be the greatest pro golfer in history. I have a real problem with the audacity of capitalizing on his moral betrayals to his wife via a Nike ad whihc exploits his dead father, or the fake mea culpa tour that he has been on the past few months. The man is a pig and he associates with pigs. The best thing that could have ever happened to John Merchant was to get shuttled out of Tiger's life. It also happens to be the worst thing that could have ever happened to Tiger. He deserves the bed he has made for himself. As Merchant astutely observed, Tiger cannot now even be one half the father to his son that Earl was to him b/c he doesn't even know where his son is unless Elin decides to tell him. That says a lot.

1626 days ago


Yo Barkley WHAT UP FOOL!!!! See Mr. Billy Well, he be the MASTER of THIS PLANTATION! Stupid! Go Hit Some golf balls now that makes me want to PUNCH SOMEONE in the FACE!!!

1626 days ago

maggie mae    

Barkley is an ass. Payne said the truth, Tiger did not live up to the role model he protrayed himself to be and that is the truth. Barkley is a racist and should just keep his big mouth shut. That is the problem with this world. Blacks can make any comment they want and nothing happens but let a white person say exactly the same thing and guess what, WHITES ARE RACIST. This world is crazy and people need to stand up and open their mouths. Whites are not as racist as blacks and that is the truth!

1626 days ago


Uncle Tom? That doesn't make any sense.
But has Tiger EVER dated a sister?

1626 days ago
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