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Frances Bean: Courtney Love Won't Control Me

4/10/2010 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love will never have legal control over her daughter again ... TMZ has learned.


Frances Bean Cobain
was in downtown L.A. court on Friday, saw the judge in her guardianship case and left with a big smile.

0409_courtney_love_video_smAs we first reported, an L.A. County Superior Court Judge granted a request for a guardianship, wrestling parental control away from Courtney because she was considered incapable of taking proper care of her child.

The proceedings were confidential, but guardianship automatically ends when a child turns 18 -- Frances Bean turns 18 on August 18.


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spoiled lesbo kid and so called big mouth mother apart from that

1636 days ago


spoiled lesbian daughter and so called mother with big mouth

1636 days ago


crazy crazy

1636 days ago


She really looks like Kurt...

1636 days ago


What goes in this box?

1636 days ago


It is great entertain post for me

1636 days ago


wow-- I wish I had a flashlight to check in her ears for bats

1636 days ago


Good, hopefully Courtney Love won't hire someone to kill Frances, like she did with Kurt.

1636 days ago


Parenting isn't easy even under normal circumstances.

1636 days ago

Henry Stauf    

Billy Corgan isn't the only "former associate" of Courtney Michelle Harrison getting ready to take legal action against her. You know who you are ;)

The peak of Courtney's ambition, self-promotion, and infidelity in late 93/early 94 was the straw that broke Kurt Cobain's back. He was backing away from everything to regroup, most likely with a beautiful young lady from Buffalo, NY who also met a very sudden & unfortunate end to her life a few weeks after Kurt.

When "team Courtney" found this out, he was cornered and intensely pressured to reconsider- under the guise of a 'drug intervention.'

Seeing as he could not be threatened or controlled in that manner, a media campaign was launched that planted the original fake reports, in a variety of outlets, stating Kurt is "suicidal" "depressed" , etc etc.


- Kristen Pfaff referred to her revolving, multiple personalities as "Fugue State Amnesia"

- As a teenager, Courtney once worked as a phone sex operator- which she used to collect and maintain a database of valid credit card numbers for her own personal use.

- She periodically begged her Father to let her live with him, to which he agreed upon one condition- "No turning tricks or weird Heroin buddies hanging around." Since she could not comply and didn't get her way, she resorted to calling the police attempting to report him for smoking marijuana, calling the police claiming he molested her, stealing electronics, and on occasion attempting to burn his house down.

- As a teenage prostitute Courtney wound up stranded in Japan, and had to be rescued by her Father from being sold into the Eastern sex slave trade.

- While living with her Father briefly in Ireland, she went downtown of a small village to use the only public phone. There was a courtesy sign asking you to limit your talk-time, and a line-up of dozens of people behind her while she gab away to scum and trash she knew back in the US. When he Father went to pull her away from the phone, she ran to the nearest police officer claiming to be physically assaulted by him. Her Father was approached by the police officer who asked "Sir- is it true you disciplined your daughter in this manner?" , "No, not at all" said her Father, to which the police officer replied "That's too bad- Here in Ireland we don't have laws against that sort of thing."

1636 days ago


Ewww. Frances looks a little too much like her dad.

1636 days ago


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1636 days ago


It is a complicated situation...

1636 days ago


Seriously? We have all seen Courtney Love in a lot worse shape than she is right now....why only now when her daughter is 17 and months from being an there this sudden concern for her welfare? Where were those concerned when she was 7? 10? 13? I personally think there is more to this story than we are seeing. Taking no sides at all here...but I sure smell something.

1636 days ago


Frances is a disrespectful snot. I think this was orchestrated. I realize that at times, Courtney has been on drugs and Frances need to be elswhere but not now. They are really embellishing here. I'm not comfortable with any of this.

1636 days ago
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