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Corey Haim Funeral -- The Ol' Switcheroo?

4/12/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that donated money to help pay for Corey Haim's funeral stopped payment on the check it sent the family ... claiming the money wasn't being used for Haim's funeral at all.

Startifacts, a celebrity memorabilia company that had been auctioning some of Haim's stuff, had donated $20,000 to cover funeral expenses.

But after a series of back and forth emails with Haim's brother-in-law, Mark Alexander, the company learned the funeral had already been paid for by the funeral home -- and its money was going to be used for Corey's mom's cancer treatments.

A rep for Judy Haim, Corey's mom, tells TMZ Judy's medical bills are completely covered and she has no idea why Alexander gave Starifacts the wrong idea. Haim says the funeral costs were indeed all covered by the funeral home's donations fund -- and she was raising money to reimburse them.

Either way, Startifacts feels burned by the whole ordeal and, as of now, has no intention of sending another check.


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Not surprised. She or Feldman had said the funeral was already covered, I asked what about that money from Startifacts way back when. Sounds the brother in law was hoping to finally benefit from all the crap Haim put the whole family through while he was alive.

1654 days ago


Lea-Judy Haim is NOT IN CANADA!She lives in Los Angeles and therefore, is an American paying for health care.

Now for my post relating to Startifacts.
She used the money to pay for her cancer treatment? Wow, what an ass. How dare she! This story is one of the most disgusting stories I've heard of. Shame on Startifacts.

1654 days ago


JLS before you get all snarky go back and read, she said she did NOT use it for Cancer treatments and that her cancer treatments were taken care of, she herself says she doesn't know why her son in law would have told them that! So yeah something is going on, Christ people didn't even want their 9/11 donations going to the damn Red Cross, this is a private donation specifically given to cover the funeral, they had every right to cancel the check if it turned out it was not being used for what it was given. Period.

And just because someone lives in the US doesn't mean she's not Canadian, she could have dual citizenship or like someone else said maybe was just in LA for her son. Also if she was not working and had cancer and was a US Citizen who couldn't work because of her illness she probably WAS getting free health care.

1654 days ago


It sure sounds like the company--Startifacts--is the party not doing as claimed. You know, I wonder if that was the plan all along?

1654 days ago

missing fathers    

Everyone's blaming Mom as usual. Where exactly was Corey's dad his whole life? Why did the Mom feel she had to stick with Corey--maybe everyone else gave up on him and he was worried? I don't think she was an enabler because she got him into rehab over 10 times. Without her, he may have died a lot sooner. I think it's wrong to blame the parent who was there for things the parent who wasn't there did. If someone's a drug addict or alcoholic, another person can't change that, only the alcoholic can decide to that and the parent who abandoned Corey when he was down is more at fault than the one who tried.

1653 days ago


Sadly even in death Corey is having problems, it is unfortunate and he was just getting back into the swing of things. I kinda side with the Mother but it's very sad.
Daniel ... Toronto, CANADA

1653 days ago


Um....she's Canadian...the hospital didn't pay for her treatments, our health care system paid for it...

1653 days ago

Mocking Bird    

Corey's mom is Canadian - in Canada you don't have medical bills - all essential care is fully covered. She would have to be doing experimental or alternative treatments in another country for her to have medical bills. Startifacts was never going to pay the bill. Publicity stunt!

1653 days ago


corey had a pretty crappy last 10 he was used for years by family and friends. I hope he can rest in peace and all this back and forth BS just stops.

1653 days ago


Can you say........."White Trash"

1653 days ago


I don't want to blame anyone in particular because I do not know all the facts. But I'd like to pose this question - where were the adult figures in Corey's life when the drugs issues first started way back in the beginning? Corey was a kid. Wasn't there an adult in charge to nip the addiction issues in the bud back then before they got so out of control it led to years and years of abuse, then to the unfortunate outcome we saw last month? Very sad.

1653 days ago


"Lea-Judy Haim is NOT IN CANADA!She lives in Los Angeles and therefore, is an American paying for health care"

^What are you smoking 34.

1653 days ago


First of all, Judy Haim is back in Canada. She was only living in the US while looking after her son. As a Canadian - she could claim OHIP benefits even in the US as a tourist. Ask any Canadian who is on vacation in Florida.

Second - it is true donations thru Corey's official site are going to someone's personal paypal account. Why? And what is she doing with that money no one is saying or explaining.

Third - Startifacts - i don't blame them at all. If they had offered to pay for any "expenses" and then they find that everything is covered already, why would they need to donate money?

the problem is that Corey's mother or his website never said exactly how much they were raising and what was happening to each dollar. were they trying to reach a goal? And once met, they could have said the extra $$ would go to something else.

1653 days ago

adults anywhere?    

I don't want to blame anyone for anything because I do not know all the facts. But I'd like to pose this question - where were the adult figures in Corey's life when all the drug problems started way back in the beginning??? He was a kid. Some adults should have been in charge and nipped the drug issues in the bud then before things got so out of control that it led to years and years of addiction, and then the unfortunate outcome we saw last month. RIP Corey.

1653 days ago


Not to sound insensitive, but why would someone pay $20,000 to bury Corey Haim?

1653 days ago
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