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Heidi Montag

Takes the Twins

to the Pool

4/11/2010 4:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag charged her batteries, lubed up her parts and made her way to the Liquid Pool at Aria at CityCenter in Las Vegas yesterday.

Does plastic even really tan?


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she looks yummy!

1663 days ago


Dye your hair brown or black,try not to look like every two bit bottle blond wanna be.Then you won't look so totally fake.

1663 days ago


So sad...beyond discusted and now just sad for her.

1663 days ago


LOL! She looks like she's in a box on display!

1663 days ago


oh my god
what a big plastic hooker cow!
she looks like every average porn star

too much implant for a tiny body
she will blow up
and looks a lot older then her early twenties
my god
where does it go from here

take a look at yourself gal
you are so screwed up

guys if you think this is sexy you are nuts!
so so so so sick and sad
she is going to explode
all that implant shoved into a tiny space

1663 days ago


She looks soooo fake!!!! Hollywood will just f**k a person up if they don't know who they are as a person. She's in her 20s, so maybe she's trying to find herself. In this case, "create" herself! Let's pray for her.

1663 days ago


Pathetic! She looks like one of Tiger's women.

1663 days ago


she looks like a young joan rivers....she was a pretty girl have to have some major self esteem problems to do that to yourself...she is looking good but how will she look in 10 years....its really sad.

1663 days ago

Just Sayin    

Sign me up for plastic sugery and I'd look like that too!

1663 days ago


This photo makes me proud of being a woman. Regardless of surgery. She really looks like a barbie doll.

1663 days ago



1663 days ago


Heidi Montag was a relatively attractive young woman, one of many on the minor "celebrity" pool. She wasn't an out-standing beauty, or a great talent, but she was fine as she was (despite her ridiculous antics with her totally moronic husband).

Seeing her in this picture really gives me pause. She does look much older than her actual age; if I didn't know who she was, I'd guess her to be in at least her mid-thirties. Or perhaps older, but having resorted to "work" to reduce the appearance of age. Her face looks waxen, and completely immobile, and her lips are actually deformed by surgery and "plumping". Her eyes appear to be sunken, and her re-formed jaw and cheekbones are stony and unnatural. I realize that to a lot of men, a breast is a breast, and the bigger the better (I'm not saying that ALL men think this way), but her implants are unnatural in their shape (even the finest and firmest of the real thing have a bit of sway and slope to them), and they are far too large for her narrow chest and shoulders, short rib cage, and skinny arms. Even her unscrupulous doctor admitted that the implants were inappropriate to her size and shape, but that she "insisted".

She is in her early twenties, and she has already set herself up for a lifetime of fix-up surgeries and procedures to maintain and repair what she's done to herself. She looks like an expensive, but unattractive, lifeless, sex-mannequin. How very sad.

1663 days ago


It's nice to see she can now achieve THREE facial expressions; 'the open mouth', 'the closed mouth' and 'the toothy grin'. Although she probably can only achieve 'the toothy grin' in shots like this where she has been outside long enough for the sun to heat her face to a temperature that makes the plastic a lil more flexible. Way to go Heidi! A few more months and maybe the left boob will settle in and become the same distance from your chin as the right...and by your 25th birthday, you might even regain the ability to BLINK!!!

1663 days ago


Okay, her boobs are a bit much, but her face needs to immediately halt all future plans of surgery. Its not looking great.

1663 days ago

why is she there ?    

who cares .?

1663 days ago
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