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Steven Seagal

Sued for Sexual Assault,


4/12/2010 10:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, responded to the lawsuit this way: "The lawsuit filed by Kayden Nguyen against Steven Seagal is a ridiculous and absurd claim by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for using illegal narcotics."  Singer says the suit is a "complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth" and he's confident it will be dismissed.

Steven Seagal
is accused of trafficking women for sex, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

A 23-year-old former model claims she interviewed with Seagal last February for the position of executive assistant.  Kayden Nguyen says she got the job, but when she showed up for work, she learned, "Mr. Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian 'Attendants' on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Nguyen alleges in her suit, one of the 'Attendants' had recently quit and it was this job -- not executive assistant -- Seagal intended her to fill.

Nguyen claims the very first night on the job, Seagal treated her "as his sex toy."  Nguyen says in the lawsuit Seagal, pushed his hands under her skirt, tried fondling her breasts and forced his hand down her pants.

Nguyen says she complained the next morning -- unclear to whom -- but nothing was done.

Nguyen says the next day Seagal did it again, sexually assaulting her and forcing her to consume illegal pills.  And she says there were other sexual assaults that followed.

According to the suit, Seagal said, "My wife wouldn't mind if you and I had a sexual relationship."

Nguyen is suing for more than a million bucks.

So far, no comment from Seagal.


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Bobby the K    


No, he could not 'have any woman he wants' in hollywood or anywhere else.
When the Ramones were on the Tonight Show he would not even stand up and shake Joey's hand. Among other things he has no class.

Does he have any fans?


1623 days ago

Stephen Siegel    

Can't believe it? Believe WHAT? It's one viet spinner versus me...I mean Mr. Seagal. I'd like to see you say that Mr. Seagal's face, he'd pick you up and break you over his knee.

1623 days ago


She’s 23, he’s 58. Why hire this young girl as his assistant in the first place? I don’t doubt it at all. Will he get away with it, probably?

1623 days ago


She’s 23, he’s 58. Why hire this young girl as his assistant in the first place? I don’t doubt it at all. Will he get away with it, probably?

1623 days ago


I am shocked shocked shocked, round up the usual suspects.

1623 days ago


She’s 23, he’s 58. Why hire this young girl as his assistant in the first place? I don’t doubt it at all. Will he get away with it, probably?

1623 days ago


Polygraph them both.

1623 days ago

Pound Sand    

Yeah whatever! TMZ you report this as though it is fact. Give me a break! The woman went back after being for "traumatized"! I am sorry this just does not happen this way. Before convicting him, get the facts!

1623 days ago


That's horrible! Action star or not, Seagal has no right to treat women as sexual objects, especially if they are supposed to be his employees. Employees have the right to be protected against gender discrimination and this includes sexual harassment and abuse. Some of the comments here are horrible -- regardless of a woman's race, no one deserves to be abused, least of all by their employers.

1623 days ago


Not one of you apparently read all of this. So many said how/why could she continue to go back after being attacked, etc. IF you had read the whole thing, you'd realize she said she was made to live there, in his house, in a room with no door, out in the middle of nowhere Louisiana! There was no going back! She was stuck there, she only managed to escape by lying about family from out of state coming to visit, and no cabs wanted to come out there when she did call. She had to leave everything she brought when she left, which was kept because she refused to sign a release promising she wouldn't sue for what happened. If true, and it happened to you, your sister or a friend, you'd damn well sue too!

1623 days ago


She was wearing pants and a skirt because they were during different occasions. Seagal's agents allegedly flew her to new Orleans in a remote rural area after she was hired as an executive assistant. She was at his New Orleans house for approx. a week. After days of calling his agents and complaining about the job, no one helped her. Also, in the complaint, his agents repeatedly contacted her to get her sign a contract not to sue and said they wouldn't return her stuff that she left at his house until she does. She may have substantial proof of some facts she alleges. i don't know why she didn't call the police but I'm not her and I'm not going to judge her. Let's just hope our justice system works.

1623 days ago


Doesn't he have several different kids from several different women? Maids, assistants, etc. I thought the maid was the latest one but apparently not.

1623 days ago


I say BS. He may be a pervert BUT she kept coming back to work so she gets nothing if I'm on the jury.

1623 days ago


please see links below:


1623 days ago


A girl from TAGGED pages to TMZ.

1623 days ago
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