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Steven Seagal's Accuser

Liked to Jacket

4/13/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413-kayden-nguyen-reg3Kayden Nguyen -- the girl who accused Steven Seagal of treating her like his sex toy -- looked extremely professional when she applied to work for the action star ... at least on paper.

Kayden's lawyer tells TMZ this photo of the 23-year-old former model was submitted with her application to fill Seagal's "executive assistant" position back in February.

According to the lawsuit Kayden filed yesterday, she got the job ... and on her first day, Seagal allegedly put his hands under her skirt, tried to fondle her breasts, and forced his hand down her pants.

Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ Kayden's lawsuit is an absurd pack of lies and she was fired for using illegal narcotics.


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I cant believe the comments I am seeing. This woman was assaulted by this man. I hardly think she would make this up for embarrassing to tell people someone tried to assault you!!!! Plus I know this is true living in Hollywood..I have heard majot rumors about Steven Seagal through the grapevine for years, he is an extemely creepy character.

1651 days ago


No offense meant, Harv.

1650 days ago


Well, there goes my trio of world savers. It was Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, and Steven Seagal. With Naomi Watts to lull the aliens into complacency, until the moment we lowered the boom. Anybody have a replacement for Mr. Zen? Now that he'll be embroiled in that slimy net lawyers throw down on society. Like bloodsucking leeches.

1650 days ago

Van Damme    

finally got ya ya bastid!

1648 days ago


Thank you! A bunch of idiots, womanizers, and racists. Now Jenny McCarthy & others coming forward. This guy is clearly a s***bag!

1646 days ago


He's a bloated piece of crap.

1646 days ago


slash: I think they meant shirt not skirt, why would he try to fondle her breasts by going up her skirt, is he used to women his own age or something?? I guess that would explain the breasts being under the skirt???? Typo!!! First year blogger could blow your argument right out of the water.

1645 days ago


Go back to the rice fields?????, people are just plain idiots!!!!

1645 days ago


How long did she remain his employee after the first day? That's what I want to know!

1628 days ago


Has anyone seen the film of this girl bragging about taking a rich man down? I have. It was before the alledged assault. If your assaulted, you go to the police. It doesn't matter that he was a cop in the same city. Police stations are full of cameras. What were the cops going to do if she filed a complaint, kill her? Give me a break! They would be forced to arrest and book him. Only a judge would have the power to release him on bail.
He was accused of harassment before and WON his case but it still didn't clear his name. His 2 "attendants" were not sex SLAVES. Slavery only comes with imprisonment. They were probably just his willing and well paid sex TOYS. Boys will be boys! If you have the money what man wouldn't.
If you read the complaint she never said he raped her. He obviously could have over powered her.
The man was very generous to underpriveleged and seriously ill children 20 years before anyone knew about it. That spirit of giving just doesn't jive with the kind of mental illness it takes to prey on another human being weaker and smaller than himself for the lust and excitement of it. The kind of person she's discribing in her complaint would never give of himself like that unless the cameras were rolling.
It doesn't make sense. I hope he wins his case but it won't be enough to erase the permanent damage done to his name. If he is guilty, I will be so let down and disappointed, I won't be able to hold anyone in high esteem again. I think the whole thing is sad! I can't imagine him as a truely dangerous predator.

1517 days ago
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