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Big Ben Drops Back ... On The Field

4/14/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is finally doing something that will make Pittsburgh Steelers fans happy -- playing football.

One day after meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss possible disciplinary action, Big Ben was back in Pittsburgh today  -- sporting the black and gold and running drills with teammates.

The QB dropped back and threw passes during the voluntary off-season workout. The commish is still deciding whether to cut into Ben's regular season with a suspension.

NOTE: **This footage is embargoed to Pittsburgh TV stations**

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You seriously saying suspend him? He didnt do anything. He was accused. It seems like ACCUSED and GUILTY are the samething in america now. HE DIDNT DO ****!!!!!!

1650 days ago


I'm calling Nike to let them know I support Ben! So there! He was CLEARED of all charges you tools!!

1650 days ago


@ terri

There's a world of difference between being cleared and not enough evidence to prove without a reasonable doubt to a jury.

But hey, you want to support that slimebag, then go for it. Character shows, as does class.

1650 days ago



I bet you weren't saying that when he was winning you 2 Super Bowls.

1650 days ago


I have been a Steelers fan all my life, and I just keep wondering how Ben keeps putting himself in these situations. I do hope they suspend him to send a message. And if they decided to cut him, I probably won't be mad, either. I predict the Steelers will have a so-so season anyway, so why not cut him in a rebuilding year?

Ben needs to get his head out of his ass and grow up. All these shena****ns off-field affect the team negatively, no matter how you spin it. He needs to know that he can't just do what he wants and get away with it. The Rooneys are a classy family, and Ben's actions not only reflect on him poorly, but the organization as a whole.

1650 days ago


Maybe all you Ben haters forgot the fact that "the accuser" sent a letter to investigators to "drop the charges" since she couldnt handle what suffering the media would bring to her. Oh pleasssee...you file charges and accuse the man of "rape" when the rape test concluded intercourse had not taken place! Then so little male DNA found that there wasnt enough to subpeona a DNA sample from Ben. She willingly went to the bathroom with the man drunk as a skunk and probably wanted more that he wouldnt give her then cried rape. What a slut.

trinity 911, you mean to tell me that you are cutting off Nike because a man was "accused of rape" which found to be untrue do to NO DNA yet Tiger Woods admittedly slept with numerous women, committed adultry, and tore his family that Nike took back? Hypocrite. What message is that sending to men and future men of America?
"Dear Mr. Roethlisberger, Please stop wearing our apparel because you were accused of rape by a 20 year old drunk."
"Dear Mr. Woods, you can't keep it in your pants and humiliated your wife and children. Bravo! Hear is a new wardrobe for you!"


1650 days ago


bewildered, it was not due to the fact that there was no DNA. It was due to the amount present being to minute for testing. Perhaps your hero can get it up, but not get off?

The rape kit did not conclude that intercourse had not taken place. The attending physician was not able to determine whether or not a rape had taken place.

I don't recall any of the numerous women that Tiger Woods slept with accusing him of anything of an illegal nature. So whatever happened is between Tiger and his wife.

I honestly cannot believe that some of you listened to the same conference with the DA that I did. But you all seemed to have listened to it and heard that not only did the DA think he was totally innocent, he was having Ben over for Sunday dinner and introducing him to his niece because he seems like such a swell guy.

He's innocent? Really? I suppose it's just a conspiracy that none of the other QB's in the league have their name in the same headlines as the word "rape". We all know that Rapistburger is so good looking, and intelligent that he makes every woman's heart go pitty patter and he is just the target of every gold digger from sea to shining sea.

You guys are right. Rapistburger did nothing wrong, up to, and including violating the league's Personal Conduct policy that is part of his contract. I don't know why the media and the universe keeps picking on him. Poor guy.

Someone needs to clue in all those posters on today's Pitts Post Gazette who want him traded about how he has done nothing wrong.

1650 days ago


I want to know if anyone thought maybe possibly Ben told the chic to head to the bathroom and she obliged. Hell maybe she told him to follow her. Maybe the dude was watching the door because neither of them wanted to be interrupted. They were both drunk. Maybe neither of them said anything and just got to it.

I hope he stays with the Steelers and stays away from all drunk women. I don't give two poops what anyone has to say...I still like him.

1650 days ago


Funny, Bobby Joe.

If Worthlessberger is around, us women need to pair up when going to the restroom.

1650 days ago


Wow, he's handsome.

1650 days ago


I love all these buffoons whining about Ben. The guy was CLEARED of all charges, so get over yourselves!

1650 days ago


Ben is a disgrace....suspend him. Also, buddy system should be used when going to the bathroom at a bar where Ben is drinking.

1650 days ago


trinity 911, do you know how much "material" there needs to be to collect a DNA sample? Literally a "drop" a "hair sample" a "swab of saliva". Umm, thats not a lot. So for there to not be enough material to sample means "there was nothing there". How can a man rape a woman and no DNA evidence be available?

Also note that he was accused of sexual assault, not rape. While neither is legal, there is clearly a difference in terms. You may want to jump on dictionary.com and look it up.

Ben needs to grow up and suspension should definitely occur as his actions are not the standards and morales we want to set for our children. What bothers me about you trinity911 is you are saying that Tiger Woods committed a "legal" act. If you think using women for sex and "paying to keep them quiet" is legal you need to think again. That's call Prostitution. He didn't have relationships with these women. They were not affairs. He paid women to "keep quiet" to get his rocks off. Thats classy. I want my children to grow up to be just like him!

Is his business "our business"? It shouldn't be, but its been forced on us as he is a well known celebrity whose face has appeared in the media for years by "his choice".

Hey, by any chance are you a Philedelphia Eagles fan? Just wondering. Michael Vick plays for them and he killed dogs for a living. The Eagles are sponsored by companies such as Pepsi and Rebook. You might want to start going through your closet. I hear Wrangler is safe to wear these days ;).

1650 days ago


looking good ben! its nice to see him get to throw the ball with his teammates, he obviously didnt do anything wrong so there really is no need to suspend him or keep judging him for something he didnt do. everyone needs to just move on and get over it. GO STEELERS!!

1650 days ago


just go ahead and get rid of him now. losing a franchise quarterback (w/o a replacement) doesn't sound so bad after some white-matter between the skull lacking reps/officials for the steelers could not get rid of a superbowl tried-and-true WR fast enough, for disgracing the team, & were in such a hurry and were so upset with the disgrace this WR caused their team/organization that they were willing to take the 1st awfully bad trade that came up, no matter it being possibly the worst/thoughtless/careless/brainless/unequal/crap trade in nfl history. if smoking a little weed here and there, going a little careless and silly (last time i checked it is a right and it is legal to be able to engage in free speech. and this falls into practice of freedom of speech. as a public person/role model, you DO have some restrictions that you SHOULD abide by & this means one can practice this right publicly, as long as the posts don't become too liberal, and imo, they generally were not) with your 140-some character posts on twitter here and there, and having a shady allegation made against you all of a sudden makes you so intolerable -morally- to a team and what it stands for, that someone is willing to trade you for the first offer that comes their way, that being a FIFTH round draft pick, then i can only shudder at what these steelers reps/officials -who are making such unwise decisions- are willing to take to replace/get rid of ben... but as a (yet another) lifelong steelers fan, i would prefer that they do it now and get it over with, while i am still in shock and already expecting a crap-season ahead (with the decisions that have been made currently and given the complete mess that ben put the whole team in). blah.

1650 days ago
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