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Steven Seagal's TV Show

Suspended By Cops

4/14/2010 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Seagal's A&E reality show has been suspended indefinitely -- and the person pulling the plug is the real life sheriff from "Steven Seagal Lawman."


The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has announced that they have booted the production crews from their offices, in light of the sexual trafficking lawsuit filed against Seagal in Los Angeles. The reality show follows Seagal on the job as a reserve deputy sheriff.

During a news conference moments ago in Louisiana, Sheriff Newell Normand also announced that he will not be launching an investigation into Seagal -- unless Kayden Nguyen files a criminal complaint in Jefferson Parish.

As TMZ first reported, Nguyen is suing the actor because he allegedly treated her like a "sex toy" during her brief stint as Steven's executive assistant. Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, calls the suit a "complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth."


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Yikes! Oh no! What show?

1650 days ago


She's such a hottie. Yummy. I would lick her up one side and down another.

1650 days ago


Ha! Seagal just got owned by that bitch! And it's only the beginning of the hurt she's going to put on him, WTF does he think he is!? LOL


1650 days ago


i don't think that he would do something that stupid.he just ain't that kind of and my wife watch all his movies.everyone knows that he has some money and that girl just want alittle cause times rite now are hard and she is looking for a easy way to make a buck.she must have came from a poor family cause she is trying to find a easy way to make some money for alittle while.steven you need to keep doing what you are doing wheither it is making great movies or on the police force in jefferson parish.

1650 days ago

Kate Oliver    

There are always two sides to every story, and as much as I like Mr. Seagal, I'm quite sure he is no saint. However, by the sounds of it, neither is his accuser. I've always thought, and always will, older celebrity men who "go for" much younger women to try and recreate their youth, or just plain don't want to admit to becoming older, are just plain fools, and make themselves look like fools. It's time to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, Mr. Seagal, realize you are almost 60, and start acting like it. Think of you children and grandchildren, and find a woman closer to your own age to grow old with. You'd stay out of trouble, and live happier.

1650 days ago


Bummer I love his movies and reality show. But no I don't believe her story she's just looking to be in the limelight and get money. She saw what's been going on with Tiger Woods and Jesse James and it was time for her to get attention. He may have had sex with her but I don't believe her claims.

1650 days ago


All of you are "sick", with your comments. There are always two sides to every story, and the young woman shouldn't be throwing stones at glass houses! Do you really think she has an "unblemished" past? It'll all come out, and the shame will be that Mr. Seagal's children and grandchildren will be the most affected by such vindictiveness. No one is perfect! Not even Mr. Seagal. And, I do believe to a certain extent he got himself into this mess by wanting to surround himself with women young enough to be his daughters. It IS time he realized he is almost 60 years old, and cannot capture back his youth with young women. I hope this will really be a "wake up" call for him, wish him the best, and hope he tries associating himself with women much closer to his own age. He might also try American women too! :)

1650 days ago


Kate (#7),

Men don't go after young women because they are trying to recreate their youth... they go after them because they posses the magic 'thing'... figure it out. Probably the same reason women go after young men.

Excusing it as a aberration or misbehavior is misleading yourself - just except it for what it is.

Being a predatory pervert - is not being a good member of society. That kinda went out of style in the 30's or was it the 50's... so hard to remember & then I just see J. Edgar in a dress trying to imprison people for opinions. sigh.

1650 days ago

me not you    

I believe the story's 100% true - I've heard this about him for years now, Sandy Korn and Jamie Pressley said he does this stuff. She loses credibility though for not going to cops first.

1650 days ago


I saw a video of her on the news today where she said she was a lipstick lesbian that can get any woman she wants and trick any man ..I don't believe her story ...

1650 days ago


They should be investigating how anyone ever put this guy in a movie. As far as her story. Please. She shoule have been out of there at the first sign of any impropriety.

1650 days ago


Yo, TEAM NYGUYEN. I think your team just lost. TMZ released a video of your hero wherein she bragged about her ability to manipulate men and women to get what she wants by using her sex appeal. I don't think there's a jury in the world that will believe her claims once they see that video - her credibility just plummeted to ZERO.

I hope A&E and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Dept. come to that realization soon and allow the show to resume production.

1650 days ago


I for one am disappointed. Steven Seagal has produced so much unintended comedy over the years that we viewers feel cheated that the world's most out-of-shape martial arts hero has been canned by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Dept. We will never see the 6' 4" homo sapien Hippo attempt to do his sissified run after evil doers or impart ancient Asian wisdom to the underclass of Jefferson Parish.

In truth Steven Seagal's talent peaked at some indefinite timeline after Buena Park High School, the Burger King and the Japanese Deer Park where he looked liked a cross between Ichabod Crane and a Geisha girl. Hey, that was years before the hair transplants and the coal black hair dye. Give credit where credit is due. Steven Seagal has been attempting to revise that faux resume of his for lo these many years.

At least this was a legitimate reality series acting gig.

1650 days ago

passing by    

Even though i think she's a lying manipulative whore, i would like to give her the benefit of the doubt that there is any truth to her allegation and urge her to file a criminal complaint to bring some substance to her allegations. Right now it looks like all she wants is the attention and the money and not justice (just like the recent whores on the news) .
Then again if Steven Seagal is infact innocent from the allegations, come on Steven Seagal counter sue her ass she got nothing left but what ever good is left of her.

1650 days ago


#15 lol yeah you got that right! And besides, who would go to a lawyer for money and NOT to the authorities to press charges?? Seems awfully fishy to me.....

1650 days ago
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