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'American Chopper' Son -- Out to Destroy Dad

4/15/2010 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The oldest son from "American Chopper" has escalated the war against his father by opening up a rival motorcycle business -- and he's making the whole thing incredibly personal.


TMZ has learned Paul Teutul Jr. is starting a competing shop to go head-to-head with his dad's Orange County Choppers shop.

But here's the catch -- Junior has recruited a bunch of disgruntled employees who left his dad's place ... including his brother Mikey Teutul and friends Vinnie DiMartino, Robert "Nub" Collard and Joe Puliafico.

We're told Senior has no idea about the mutiny ... that is, until now.


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I hope they make a show on the premise of competition between shops.

1623 days ago

richard martin    

have we forgotten who had the money and smarts to start the buisness in the first place? all big paul wanted was his son to do things the way he was told. isnt that the way with all boss's? his buisness,his money,and in the beginning his know how.the kid was givin a chance to develupe his talent. he let it go to his head and thought he was irreplaceable,it was dads knowledge and talent that started it and his knowlidge is all he needs to keep it you can see i dont spell very good,but i get my point across. kids today feel they know it all and that the world owes them a living. please bring it back.

1621 days ago


jnr did all the work and the new designs now he,s back working with vinny there will be some serious bikes made rick should work with them to and leave all the snr lovers back at occ

1618 days ago

graciela acevedo     

sos Argentina y nos gusta mucho ver american chopper.a mi esposo es fanatico de sus motos como podemos a acceder una no contamos con mucho capital.pero mi esposo es maravilloso como esposo, padre, hijo y me gustaria que se comunique con nosotros casi no sabemos hablar en ingles. espero su respuesta desde ya muchas gracias.

1606 days ago


I just watched the Alaska Bike episode where Jr. decides to call it quits. It was so obvious that Sr. was just looking to find something to complain about (Handelbars). When Sr. was in Finland he only had negative things to say about Jr. and what he thought was going on at OCC. When Sr. got back to OCC and saw that the bike was done on time, he could not find one thing nice say about Jr.'s contribution or acknowledge the fact that he was wrong in saying that nothing was getting done while he was away. I think that Sr. is jealous of Jr.'s talent and creativity. Sr. depends on others like Rick to keep the company going. It seemed to me that Rick was real quick to agree with Jr. when he contemplated leaving OCC, mabe he thinks he should be the heir apparent.

1590 days ago


Jr. made this show - All Sr. did was complain & put down his sons- this was never more apparrent than when Jr. left and Paul Sr. was nothing but sweet and always complimenting to the rag tag outfit that was left - the only real chopper person left worth watching was Rick. I think Sr. was envious of the work and TLC audience praise that Jr. was getting.

1585 days ago


Bout time Jr...takes responsibility and move on don't need to work WITH their parents...but make it on their own, what they were taught from the business and do just what Jr is doing...!

1570 days ago


A-Men! Jr. needed to leave Sr. in the dust years ago. Jr. is the talent. All Paul Sr. did was yell and scream and be a complete pr*ck to his sons. I wish Jr. (and Mikey and Vinnie) all the best. Paul Sr. should retire and go away quietly... which I doubt he's able to do.

1568 days ago


I'm a rabid fan of the show. If you noticed it was NEVER the kids saying ANYTHING bad about the dad. They were still hoping for a reconciliation. BUT THE DAD was constanting running his mouth and running Jr down. ESPECIALLY in the end shows. It was unnecessary and juvinile. Also Jr had a part of the business and his dad was screwing him over and being a dink about it.
If you notice dads health isn't good either. He's heart attack material so Jr can keep th name and business going when dad implodes. If you notice, NOW NONE of the kids has anything to do with him. He is a dry drunk and drug addict. If you don't do AA or NA, you are just a drunk and drug addict without your drugs or alcohol. Therefore you are STILL an ass. DAD, go to meetings and change, it isn't working!!!

1568 days ago


Paul Sr is in trouble. Paul JR built all the cool bikes. His POPS was an ******* and now he is gonna be a lonesom *******.
No reason to treat employees like that especially YOUR SON!

1568 days ago


You had to figure this was a set up. Check out this link and read about the new show.

1568 days ago


Where is the respect? There would have never been a show if Paul Sr didn't have the business to begin with!!! The problem with the world today is everyone thinks everything is owed to them. They need to work for nothing and build there way up. Hard work without handouts make you honest. Pauly and Mikey are acting like spoiled brats.

1568 days ago


its just a stunt to get more viewers and publicity

1568 days ago

little big man    

all that goes on at occ .do we know what is going on.a farther and son did not see eye to eye.we all saw that now paul jnr as is own bike shop.then things like son out to destroy is anyone thought that jnr would like to get back to he as worked with them most of is life.if we look at occ as it was all paul snr did was complanin .so now jnr can be the boss in his own bike shop so when things getgoing we shall see who will do what they do.good luck to them.l.b.m.17 june 2010.from manchester england.hoka hey.

1566 days ago


What the hell is Mikie going to do beside drink and pick his nose. The whole family should go broke. They don't even realize how lucky they all are. Bunch of egotistical A**holes.

1565 days ago
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