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'American Idol' Front-Runner Almost Quit

4/16/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "American Idol" contestant Crystal Bowersox threw in the towel a little more than two weeks ago and was walking off the show, when Ryan Seacrest did some fast-talking and changed her mind.

cystal bowersox and ryan seacrest
It went down in a parking lot after an "A.I." show.  In front of several people, Crystal told Ryan she couldn't handle the competition.... she said she hated the attention and said to Seacrest, "What's the point?"

Crystal said she was going back to Ohio to be with her family, whom she missed terribly.

Ryan told Crystal that being on "Idol" was like starting a business, and if she won she'd get a recording contract and become a millionaire.

Seacrest sealed the deal by telling her, "The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house.  You can buy your mom a house." 

Seacrest out ... Crystal, not out.


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I can understand her wanting to get out of the pressure cooker.

1616 days ago


It's understandable that she is feeling the pressure, but if she doesn't like the attention and misses her family so much, then she would be fair to everyone and go ahead and leave the show. She is a clear front-runner and will be taking an opportunity away from someone who wants it more if she stays, wins, and then does nothing because she doesn't want the attention. What was she thinking? That she could perform on A.I., win, and then go back to life as usual? I won't be voting for her anymore. Sounds like she doesn't really want it. I think whether or not she wins, someone will approach her with a recording contract and she will need to decide how badly she wants it.

1616 days ago


SEND her home - There is another big Idol Conspiracy going on check it out Totally kept a fav out of the bottom 3

1616 days ago


they should learn from Britain's Got Talent and Susan Boyle

Simon Cowell is having psychologist available around the clock for the contestants now sonce Susan Boyle showed that that being thrust in the limelight is hard to ahndle and they owe it to the contestants to help hem handle everything

no matter how we may imagine fame may be- nothing prepares you for the instant catapult that shows like this bring

1616 days ago

Harvey's Momma    

Great story TMZ. Big Michael loves and obsesses over all this Jersey Shores nonsense, but this is a real story. Good job.

1616 days ago

Rob J    

Crystal Bowersox: Yellow toothed, and yellow bellied.

1616 days ago


Aww... Who knew Ryan was so nice?

1616 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Ok anyone that didn't know.Crystal has Diabetes and had gone during one of the Idol's taping to the Hospital a while back because of her illness. Yes it is strain.But afforded the money eventually would be able to keep more on top of her Diabetes like Nick Jonas dos his Diabetes. It is hard,and she is not trying to be ungreatful. Her illness is kinda put on the back burner because she seems to be very devoted to getting her singing just right.People should just route for her to hold up,and make it. With more help,and money she can hire people to help monitor her Diabetes because she is trying to focus on Idol right now. Money helps..So those that have been pullin for her. Don't give up. She's a classic. Ryan and Simon sure see it already.

1616 days ago


Crystal has diabetes and has to be very careful of her health. I have heard stories of past Idols that had a hard time dealing with all the media attention. Unless her health is a risk I think she will be glad she finished. Win or lose. I'll be pulling for her even more so now. I'm glad Ryan talked her out of quitting.

1616 days ago


Why would Crystal even bothering auditioning if she has a problem about attention? She knew she would get it being on Idol, I'm a little confused with her thinking, so many contestants get homesick being on the show, if you want to be a big time singer, staying in Ohio is not going to get you there Crystal!

1616 days ago


FAME Ant it a bitch, we wont even Remember her in 5 year's or Ryan Seacrest for that matter, Adam Lambert is done click over and I cant even remember who won last year, so Fame is fleeting.

1616 days ago



for some reason there have been about a dozen comments by different individuals sent to my email address in error?????

comments from HUFFYONE, longshowerz, Lynn just to name the last few

so if your comment isn't showing here yet-try doing it again

1616 days ago

go home!    

What a stupid bitch. I wish she would take her dirty hair and missing teeth AND leave. This is a chance thousands of kids would appreciate & die for and she sh*ts on it. I really hope she does not win idol.

1616 days ago


ryan, we love you!

1616 days ago


Of this history it's fish, and probably not true. This girl came back after being hospitalized. And now she is gonna quit. Please this is probably just to get more atention for the show.

Go mamasox!

1616 days ago
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