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Accuser: Big Ben Exposed Penis in Hallway

4/15/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415_ben_BN_TMZ_04Ben Roethlisberger's accuser told friends that the QB took his penis out of his pants in a Georgia nightclub before following her into a bathroom -- this according to newly released witness statements.

Milledgeville Police spoke with multiple  witnesses who claim the accuser told people she was raped -- moments after her encounter with Ben. 

According to one witness, the accuser claimed that it all started while she was in a secluded hallway in the Capital City nightclub, when Ben walked over to her "with his penis already out of his pants."

According to the witness, the accuser claimed she tried to walk out of the area -- but instead of opening an exit door, she mistakenly opened the door to a bathroom ... and walked inside.

According to the witness, the accuser claimed Ben followed her inside the bathroom, shut the door, and then raped her.

As the accuser and her friends left the club, they reported the incident to a police officer.  According to the newly released police report -- the accuser told the officer her "recollection" of her encounter with Ben was "foggy" due to her "intoxication level." This statement seems to contradict the statements given by the witnesses.

The cop claims he also spoke with Ben that night -- and according to the document, Ben told the officer that he remembered hanging around the accuser earlier in the night ... but told her "she was too drunk after observing her fall." Ben said he then walked away from her.

Last week, after a lengthy investigation, cops announced they would not be pursuing charges against Ben.

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She accidentally went into the bathroom instead of the exit? Sounds pretty doubtful to me. The little placard with the stick figure with the skirt should have been a tipoff... I suspect that this is another Kobe-esque case of a victim who is used to being a victim and seeking a victimizer, in this case Benny boy. She unintentionally put herself into a bad situation, but I'm willing to bet that this is in her past as well. If you asked Ben that night if he thought that he had raped her, I think he would express a heartfelt "Hell no, she went into the bathroom with me"

1654 days ago


Wow...why didn't these witnesses speak with police? If these statements are accurate, then this should have been pursued.

1654 days ago


When you marry some one that wealthy and that much older than you are love does not seems to play as big a part as MONEY.

1654 days ago


Simon-have you been to the bar? Sources say it was not a women's restroom. It was a unisex bathroom, single stall, that was just there for the private room, not typically visited by the rest of the bar patrons. If drunk, I could totally see a girl just trying to get herself out of the situation. My only question is...where were these witnesses when the cops were investigating?

1654 days ago



1654 days ago


I simply cannot stand this POS pig. If a woman says size doesn't matter, SHE IS LYING!!! And I am willing to bet this lousy excuse for a "man" does NOT have much to offer in the "manhood" department...

In addition, I actually enjoyed the drastic change in facial expression, composure & his body language when he entered the NFL headquarters (laughing, smiling, etc) to when he finally emerged looking like his mommy yelled at him & took away his favorite dolly & said "No" for dessert. The two pix, side by side, are priceless. No doubt, we have not seen or heard the last of accusers. He will strike again...


1654 days ago


Aren't the "witness accounts" of this type considered hearsay???? I'm not judging whether what happened or didn't happened, just a question.

1654 days ago

Jason Chambers    



1654 days ago

Moe Greene    

Was she cited for underage drinking? Is that bar still in business? Sad that she had to learn the hard way that when you embarass yourself in front of your friends you might as well fess up and not lie.

1654 days ago


But the question is, was his DNA material found in her love canal?

1654 days ago

kelli gray    

she,s probably lying just to get money,she just happened to go into the wrong bathroom...........doubtful

1654 days ago


Yikes! She has penis envy!

1654 days ago


what a $$$$$$$$$$$$$ WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1654 days ago


Um, Simon, and you know this because you were there?

One accuser, yea, maybe I'd agree with your position. But TWO? C'mon...NO question, there will be more to come. He will do it over and again. Guys like that cannot help themselves & feel incredibly entitled, invincible, indestructible...All their dirty little messes are swept away & nobody is the wiser...

ESPECIALLY in the Pro Sports arena, let alone Hollywood. With their egos inflated, they can get away with murder...Well, Gee, WHO could I possibly be referring to in order to reinforce my point?

With that said, I rest my case...for now anyway.

1654 days ago


Cheryl-hearsay is a 3 person process. In other words...Person 1 telling what person 2 told them that person 3 said. Person 1 can tell what they heard person 2 say because it is direct testimony and therefore not hearsay. Of course, we are talking about the legal definition of hearsay, as opposed to the gossip definition.

1654 days ago
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