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Mattress King: I Took Care of the Jackson Family

4/19/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family had a lot to deal with in the wake of his passing -- but one thing they didn't have to worry about ... beds.

Neil Leeds, owner of the popular mattress chain Leeds Mattress Stores, tells TMZ he "took care of" the Jackson family when it came to their mattress needs.

Never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep.


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mark my words, Neil Leeds, the Mattress King, Is in fact, the brain child behind this Death Hoax. I mean look at the load of cash in his fists. This guy is pure money. Neil Leeds, your flat out busted. You and I both know, you invented this hoax. Look it up. I did. Neil Leeds, supplied mattress to Michael Jackson back in 2002. It was at this time, Neil and Michael, sat on MJ's bed, eating cookies, where the master plan started. In fact it was Neils Idea for Michael to dress up like hatman, blonde lady, and dave dave for larry king.
God this man is pure talent, You go Neil !!!

1613 days ago


This man single handedly supplied the mattress for all the VIP's in La La land. He is in tight, thats a fact. So its obvious, that this is a video that out and out says, that MJ is in fact still alive. I mean lets look at the clue, he says the word, BED. we all know bed means rest. Meaning Michael Jackson is simply resting. Waiting for a comeback at the right moment. Another clue: Dead. Dead rhymes with bed. Coincidence? I think not. TMZ, yet again gives us beLIEvers some ammo. You dont become the Mattress King by pure luck. You become the mattress KING, by the King of pop. And there is another clue. King of Pop, King Of Mattress. Come on guys, the clues are all over this story and video.

1613 days ago


More Ammo.
King Of Pop. KOP
King Of Mattress. KOM.
M is 3 letters before P.
The number 3 is a well known number that comes after 2 and before 4.
KOP KOM. Holy Mother Of Pearl. Its so obvious guys. TMZ come on, quit playing with us beLIEvers, MJ is alive and the Mattress King is feeding you with these stories.

1613 days ago


It looks like someone here got kicked out of the MJ hoax site. Don't be bitter, fool.

1613 days ago


Slow news day tmz? You guys will really reach for anything about the Jackson family won't you?! Anything for hits,anything for money..right harvey! Leave them alone!

1613 days ago


Come you honestly need to know who took care of the Jackson Mattress needs...? is this all there is to write about anymore...

1613 days ago

Brigha from UK    

23. Posted at 8:21 AM on Apr 19, 2010 by REALUSION
Rearrange the letters of MATRESS and you get S-Master! The 'S' is a well known symbol for 'Superman'.

Also, I remember MJ saying in the Oprah interview that he 'slept in a bed like anyone else.

And he called his son Blanket - so he was obviously into bedding!

OMG - Hallelujia, I've seen the light.

I'm off to join the beLIEvers - just as soon as I can get out of this spaceship.

1613 days ago


IT COMES AS A SURPRISE TO ME, but I love when he said he could smell the sea on her.

1613 days ago


OMFG! REALUSION you made my day LMFAO! You tell it like it is, great! Thanx so much for that.

1613 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

I think Leeds has a big sexual harassment suit against him by a female employee of his mattress stores and he needs all the good press he can get.

1613 days ago


LOL Brigha, very good.

I was wondering though. Think about it. Neil Leeds. If you Neil, and Leed. Perhaps, Neil or Kneel in front of Jesus. Jesus being Michael Jackson. Leeds, perhaps, Kneel in front of Jesus (michael) and he (michael) will LEAD you. Neil Leeds. OMG this is sooooo TMZ leaking important information regarding the Hoax. Michael is SO directing all of these important articles through TMZ. Thanks TMZ !
All you non beLIEvers are crazy in the head to think MJ isnt alive. The clues are friggen everywheres. All you gotta do is... like, mmmm add 2 plus 2, add 4, draw a circle, stand on your head, look in a mirror, set yourself on fire, and any fool can plainly see the writting on the wall. Silly non beLIEvers.
Only the stupid nonbeLIEvers, believe in stuff like, cops. judges. doctors, lawyers. law itself. the national death list, family, kids of deceased, that he had a drug problem. that he was underweight and sickly looking. friends. emts, funeral directories. Only crazy people believe in all that stuff.

1613 days ago


@Realusion: AAAHHH STOOOP! That is sooo friggin funny! Love it!

1613 days ago


Michael Jackson was kick ass, but he couldn't handle those Cops, look how they broke his arm.

I hope his children never see this video.

1613 days ago


REALUSION sounds like she's having a really difficult time today dealing with the probability/likelihood that Michael Jackson's alive.

1613 days ago


I wasn't a fan of Michael Jackson, because he was too old for me, but I have a crush on his son Prince, I think he's way cuter than Justin Beaver, Paris is beautiful like me and Blanket is adorable. I like Michael Jackson now, and I'm having a hard time understanding why so many people were out to get him. Somebody posted this link on here, it made me cry and I don't know what to believe.


1613 days ago
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