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Michael Jackson -- The Cirque Comes to Town

4/20/2010 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0420_michael_jackson_cirque_EX_GettyTMZ has learned the executors for Michael Jackson's estate have signed a huge deal with Cirque du Soleil.

Co-executor John Branca tells TMZ, the first show will open in fall of 2011 -- and will travel throughout North America including the Staples Center in L.A. ... the same venue where MJ's memorial was held. 

The show will be heavily focused on dancing -- honoring the legendary moves of MJ.  It will also feature Jackson's songs and have the trademark Cirque du Soleil acrobatics.

In 2012, a second show -- in partnership with MGM MIRAGE -- will open in Las Vegas which will be far more theatrical with emphasis on technology and 3D. "It will be a theme-park-like show," says Branca.

Sources say the shows will be worth a fortune to the estate.  Cirque and the estate will split costs and profits 50-50.



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I'm super excited. I'm a huge Michael fan. I will definitely be attending.

1611 days ago


1. Michael Jackson was a fraud

Posted at 9:10 AM on Apr 20, 2010 by jadakiss

ummm, lets see, 31 million albums sold since 06/2009. $250 million record deal, largest in history. and now this, sure wish I was a fraud like Mike. I'm just saying...

1611 days ago


I am a Michael Jackson fan and I don't care who makes what money from the shows. Michael loved his fans and if these shows make us happy that will be alright with him. As a fan I hope we see something new concerning Michael music every year for along time. I would like to urge MGM Mirage to bring the show to England it would be a sell out.

1611 days ago


Wonder if the children of Michael is really getting anything out of this or is the executors getting the big cut out of the deal. Sounds like they are making all the profits. Wonder if the children and Katherine had a say in this deal and other deals.

1611 days ago


TO: Alice (from Romania).....could you simply that creation of an activated link in 2 or 3 baby steps? The directions in Blogging for Dummies is too complicated for me!! (though I've always sworn by the Dummies series in countless topics!)
btw Alice...are you a Gypsy (Romani) by any chance? I love Gypsies....always wanted to be one.

1611 days ago


@ beLIEver...
Shut up!!!

1611 days ago



Love the sneak peak video!!! I can't wait. Wish this could have been done while he was living.

TMZ, don't listen to the MJ haters, some of us come to your site "just" for the the MJ info.

1611 days ago


I hope it comes to my town. I will definitely be there!

1611 days ago


Is this Michael's come back date? Hope he comes back sooner but this will be great too. LOVE YOU MICHAEL! Your army is ready!

P.S: If you guys don't want to hear any news about Michael, why do you keep on reading and writing your stupid comments to these news? Leave him and his true fans alone!

1611 days ago


GO MICHAEL, GO MICHAEL, GO!!!!! A few fans on here is completely missing the point. the executors are there to make as much money for the estate as they can and that's exactly what they are doing; much like Pricilla Presley did when Elvis died. of course Michael is 1000x bigger than Elvis so when everything is said and done his great great grand children will not have to ever worry about anything related to money. I'm not mad about that. DON'T HATE, CONGRADULATE!!! IT'S REALLY A GOOD THING- and I'm sure there is sooo much more to come. LOVE YOU MICHAEL, I'LL SUPPORT ANYTHING THAT HAS YOUR NAME ON IT (almost anything)

1611 days ago


Honestly, after Cirque du Soleil has given tribute to Elvis and the Beatles – wouldn’t it have been an insult if they had ignored Michael? Michael has loved Las Vegas, he has loved Cirque du Soleil, and I’m sure he'd have been very proud to be honoured with a show like that. CdS isn’t any third class amateur company, I’m sure they’ll stage Michael’s work with the class it has deserved. Just so sad that he isn’t here anymore to experience that success.
And to all those who complain about the show: Would you really prefer to see Michael and his music slowly disappear out of the public’s conscience, just played on the radio from time to time, or on his fans’ ipods? It's shows like that, with expectedly hundreds and thousands of visitors and big publicity, what keep him alive.

1611 days ago

anne bont    

MICHAEL,If only you were here .All this change sides, all these people that suddenly love you and had something to say about you.You were treated like an outcast in your own country, you should have moved and come to Europe or Africa as you wanted to do ;I can tell that you would have been welcome warmly with respect.I know It's something irrational I can't explain to myself, but since you're gone I'm sad:Tu me manques . Those who were in charge with your finances didn't make their job when I see the estate now growing it's good for them(family...) But I would have loved they find a solution to absorb your debts and put the money in your pocket instead.You were so bad surrounded.I know you admired and knew le Cirque du Soleil(what a beautiful name) I hope they will come in France, perhaps I will come and make the trip to Paris.(Unfortunately for most of people Paris is France but France is not only Paris;..;) )JE T'♥ MICHAEL, TU AS TOUCHÉ MON COEUR.
Anne Bont, Bordeaux ♫♫♪♪, France

1611 days ago


Are all of Michael Jackson fans programmable? Just wondering...

1611 days ago

Lee lee    

I think it's a wonderful idea. At the end of the day it's the executors job to help make money for the estate ( among other things). Michael has people trying to rape his estate of money left and right. I'm sure there are many that have valid claims against the estate, but for every valid one, there are probably 5 that aren't.
I think this is just another way to honor the legacy he has left us with. I'm sure the executors have many ideas brought to them, and it is there job to decide which ones honor him and will make money for the estate. At the end of the day , Michael Jackson is a business and he has a family who will now be provided for, for the rest of there lives.

1611 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Posted at 1:19 PM on Apr 20, 2010 by Tellit

I am not Gypsy(Romani)...but we have planty here,i am 1/4 german(after my oma)

3. link

link..the same one
put all together in line
hope that will help

And sorry for my not so good

1611 days ago
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