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Anna Nicole Doc: No Grassy Knoll Here

4/22/2010 4:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the doctors charged in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case claims prosecutors have no evidence he conspired to pump Smith full of unwarranted prescriptions -- so he's asking the judge to throw out some of the charges.

anna nicole smith

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor's lawyer, Ellyn Garofalo, filed legal papers asking the judge to reject -- once and for all -- the prosecution's claim that Kapoor teamed with Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich to fuel Anna Nicole with scripts.

In the docs, Kapoor claims he prescribed drugs for Anna before he even met Eroshevich. Kapoor also claims he actually refused to fill a prescription wish list Eroshevich faxed him.

Kapoor also challenges the allegation he obtained Anna's prescriptions by "fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation," according to the filing.

In the court papers, Kapoor acknowledges filling a prescription for Anna under a pseudonym, but he claims he only did so to protect her privacy -- and not to "divert drugs for illegal sale or use."

Even if the judge grants the motion, Kapoor would still face 4 other counts.


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Shady's Lady    

Someone gave her a very bad tooth bonding job for real.A real shame. BTY , calling all law enforcement idiots. Anna and poor poor Danny were murdered and their blood is on your hands. I hope you can sleep at night

1644 days ago


It seems that you've put a great amount of time into your article and I want a lot more of these on the internet these days. Well, anyways... it certainly was very informative for me.

1644 days ago


How can not one but two people Anna and son Daniel die in under the watch of her slimey "lawyer"aka gay gold digging boyfriend whatever he was how can they both die from over doses under his watch and under his control? He controlled Anna in a big way!

1644 days ago


Anna Nicole abused her friends and doctors to get painkillers. She always complained she had extreme back pain.

According to LARRY BIRKHEAD's testimony at the Bahamian Inquest, Anna Nicole gave Daniel methadone and ecstasy. Birkhead said: "Anna Nicole would prefer that Daniel do drugs in her presence instead of running around experimenting with his friends."

Daniel Smith was young homosexual and recreational drug abuser. When his mother learned he was gay they had a big fight and finally she kicked him out of her house and sent him to live with her ex lover, R.Martino. Anna Nicole even wanted to hire a call girl to have intercourse with Daniel. Daniel often slept in his mother's bed though he was 18.

1644 days ago


No. 1 poster-
It's not bonding hahahaha. It's veneers - I have them as to most celebs. Bonding is small jobs and old technology. It doesn't last. Veneers are porcelain and last much longer looking better as well.

1644 days ago


They should dismiss all the charges against this man and Howard as well. There is no evidence. A good game of legal smoke and mirrors but with absolutely NO merit.

1644 days ago


Anna's bodyguard Big Moe said in the court that Larry Birkhead gave ecstasy and cocaine to Anna Nicole. Big Moe also said on Access Hollywood/Tony Potts that Larry Birkhead was GAY and was used as a sperm donor. Anna didn't think about him as a boyfriend. She knew he had a boyfriend in Burbank where he lived.

Larry Birkhead gave cocaine and ecstasy to Dannielynn's mom, is he a fit father?

1644 days ago

EMG smack those hags    

Anna Nicole abused her friends and doctors to get Rx. drugs. She faked that she had extreme back pain in order to get medication.

She is directly responsible for her own demise, personal responsibility. She was almost 40. She had a adult she could have been a grandmother.

According to LARRY BIRKHEAD's testimony at the Bahamian Inquest, Anna Nicole "would prefer that Daniel Smith do drugs in her presence instead of running around experimenting with his friends." He also said Anna gave him methadone for his "back pain" and exstasy.

Daniel Smith was young homosexual and recreational drug abuser. He had very big fights with his mother when she learned he was gay and when she tried to hire a call girl to have an intercourse with him.

1644 days ago


Anna was a addict, and she was PART at fault for her own death. But the doctors, and Howard k Stern enabed her and gave her MORE drugs then one person ever needed for a months supply.
TO the doctors - you wrote the scripts, you gave her drugs that did not mix or in the same family.
Howard - You enabled her ,if you would of said NO that would of been love.
You all did the crime now accept the time.

1644 days ago


put this doctor in jail.

1643 days ago

save something    

Dr, Kapoor have nothing to do with Anna Nicole 's dead .He will be find not guilty for sure.

1643 days ago


How can anyone support this witchhunt? No one forced Anna Nicole to put these drugs in her body...she did it to herself. She was a bad role model for her son, and enough of this "Poor Anna - she was murdered"...she took the drugs and if she didn't know the consequences that could happen...that is her fault. If she bought a gun and shot herself, would you blame the gun dealer? Seriously?

Leave the doctors alone..clearly she didn't keep them in the loop about all the medications she was taking. They can only work with what they know. They're healers, not mindreaders or psychics.

1643 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

After the preliminary Hearing:

Being sent to trial was a foregone conclusion of the preliminary hearing. The level of evidence required is next to nothing. The prosecution simply had to show up and stamp its little feet.

However, we did see the prosecution attempt unsuccessfully to connect their preposterous charges to murder (which never happened) and false (and entirely irrelevant) innuendo and hysteria based on images and videos. JB in Press conferences media-whored himself (and his boy Santiago echoed it at the prelim.) with statements and conclusions straight out of Cosby’s book. JB and Santiago were led to the same false and biased ‘sources’ by the same people as Cosby was.

What we did not see was any evidence from first-hand witnesses or eyewitnesses that supported any element of the charges. The alleged ‘overt acts’ are only rhetoric unless there is an underlying crime involved and proven.

The discovery dragged out of the prosecution through repeated requests and Judge’s orders lays the foundation for dismissing most of the charges before trial even begins. Hiding or obscuring ‘witnesses’ or ridiculously trying to have the defense pay to transport the prosecution’s ‘people’ to the Court also plays into dismissal of charges.

• A key here is that ANS’s stolen hard drives did not yield any evidence of criminal behavior. The prosecution told an elaborate and unbelievable story of how it came into possession of the hard drives to hide the fact that stolen images/videos from those hard drives were provided to it (as well as to high paying media) by the TX cabal in its unrelenting malicious attempts to have HKS removed from the picture. The proof of the TX cabal’s wide ranging conspiracy was previously discussed as it exists in Court docs/depos/orders/opinions.

1643 days ago


Look at that picture of Anna Nicole very carefully and you will see a retarded trailer park floozy who hired a SLEAZY homosexual paparazzo Birkhead to impregnate her via sperm donor contract because nobody decent wanted to touch her herpes infested *****. People treated her like dirt because she was dirt. She starved her newborn daughter in order to have a "sexy" baby, future model ( meaning: future cash cow ). Can anyone condone such behavior?

1643 days ago


Hey, is the doc's lawyer related to the sicko comedian, Jeanine? If so, fire 'em and get one from a sane gene-pool!

1643 days ago
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