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Cuba Gooding Jr. -- The Drunken Bar Toast

4/22/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cuba Gooding Jr. gave an intoxicating speech to some bar patrons while partying it up in Spokane, Washington -- and if you like watching drunk people ramble incoherently, you're gonna love this ...

Cuba Gooding Jr. -- The Drunken Bar Toast


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Immediately following this taping, Cuba was accused of rape by an intoxicated 20 year old, and was banned by NFL commisioner Roger Goodell, from the first 1/4 of the scenes, in the soon to be released, Jerry McGwire 2:Electric Bogaloo.

1647 days ago


Thanks for all sharing great information

1647 days ago


He's as good a drinker as he is an actor. Where were his peeps? Someone should have done him a favor, and cut him off.

1647 days ago



1647 days ago


All the other comments now seem superfluous.

1647 days ago


"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." Dean Wormer.

1647 days ago


I'm going to assume that Cuba is in the Spokane area filming something, . . . because, to be honest, there isn't a spectacular variety of things to do there. There is a military base, however, so I suppose that he could be filming something related to that location. Cuba Gooding Jr. has extremely strong acting talent, and I hope that he can break his string of recent "B-minus" movies. Would love to see him involved with quality material again. Seems like an all around "good guy" . . .

1647 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Another actor being an ass. BFD.

1647 days ago


All I can say to that is....'have another beer'.

1647 days ago


Ya he's in Spokane filming Hit List. That's at the Blue Spark Bar.

1647 days ago

Enuff Said    

Whats the problem - He's a patriot - GOD bless the USA

1647 days ago


Cuba actual loves coming to Spokane. He usually stays at The Davenport hotel. People in Spokane have actually made a FB page "Keep Cuba Gooding Jr. Out Spokane." I have seen him in town several times. I have only talked to him once. Seemed nice but flirtatious. I don't know why people seem to have such an issue with him. No one should complain he is helping out our economy here in Spokane.

1647 days ago


Thank you, Ali. Wow, Blue Spark Bar. New since I've last been in Spokane. And to the previous poster who said not much to do in have to like the outdoors to appreciate the Northwest in general. There is a boatload to do if you snow ski, water ski, whitewater raft, hike, sail, swim...get the picture? I guess if you are looking for notoriety, then, no you won't find it there.

I remember the producers of "Benny and Joon" raving about Spokane as a great place to film (esp. in spring and summer) since the daylight hung around so long and they got great use of it. Glad to see more films are going there...hey, they could have gone with Vancouver, BC like everyone else. Hopefully Hollywood will start filming more things locally (in the States) and help out our own economy first!

1647 days ago

Ms. X    

Cuba changed that line...It really says, "If you don't like us, may god make you black so we know you when we see you." But oh well, I guess he wanted to be accepted that night by white folks.

1647 days ago


I lived in Spokane for five years and loved it. I was there when Cuba came the first time...he was a little out of control then, too. He told my friend that he "didn't have enough D**K for Spokane" as he was texting his wife. Nice. I can totally understand why some people don't want him to come back.

Spokane is big enough that it has a decent nightlife but is small enough that "has-been" celebs will still be treated like rock stars. I've seen huge crowds of young girls following some rejects from the Real World (like six seasons ago) like they were Justin Timberlake or something.

1643 days ago

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