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Heather Locklear -- Surveillance Video

4/21/2010 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421_heather_locklear_EX_2_GettyLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Heather Locklear's swanky neighborhood security system is what led deputies to her doorstep last Saturday ... which then led to her arrest for hit-and-run ... but there may be a big problem fingering Heather as the driver.

Sources say police checked the surveillance footage from the guard shack at her Westlake Village neighborhood sometime after her alleged crash ... and saw footage of Heather driving her black BMW into the complex ... and the BMW had damage in the right wheel well area consistent with the accident scene.

But here's the hole in the case.  The video was recorded many hours after the accident ... so even if there's clear proof Heather's car was in the accident at 4 AM Saturday, there is no smoking gun placing her behind the wheel at that time.

Cops also collected debris from the crash scene -- which matched up with Locklear's damaged ride ... but still, there's no clear proof Heather was the driver.

As we first reported, Locklear was arrested Saturday night for misdemeanor hit-and-run.


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She probably couldn't do the right thing and stick around, since she was probably drunk.

1653 days ago


Clearly, 'facing fifty' is no day at the beach.

1653 days ago


Drunk again and will again get away scott free. How unfair, the fact that she could have hurt somone and raising a daughter with her drinking problem, she needs to call Dr. Drew. She looks like a drunk in recent photos, puffy face, swollen eyes and old. She needs to own up to her behavior in breaking the law and do the time.

1653 days ago


I bet it was her daughter!

1653 days ago

Johnny Rotten    

"but there may be a big problem fingering Heather" Not from what I hear. Great choice of words TMZ!

1653 days ago


Instead of venting your hate at a fellow American that has done nothing against you. Why not aim that hate at the 9/11 *******s and their followers.

1653 days ago


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1653 days ago


Well. . . . .what's new??? Seems like most all of Hollywood Celebs get preferential treatment unlike the rest of the common people in the world. And they seem to expect it too. Look at the message the judicial system sends to them. IF it's drugs or alcohol related, they just go and spend a few thousand at a rehab and get a slap on the wrist. There is something very wrong with this picture. . . .and the people in it.

1653 days ago



1653 days ago

Blue Craze    

I never thought that Heather Locklear would end up looking like one of those blowsy bloated Pacific Northwest blondes when they turn 50. comes Tara Reid!

1653 days ago


I don't get it. Who cares if she hit a sign and left? What law was broken? Move on.

1653 days ago


All this over a damaged street sign! It was so close to the road on a curve, anyone would have hit it in the dark of night. I think the police need to look at the other Beemer in her vicinity with the same damage her's has. There is nothing to say it couldn't have been that vehicle that did the damage to the sign. This entire mess makes the police look petty and like they have nothing better to do.

1653 days ago


Who would hang around a damaged street sign to report the damage? Not me. I probably wouldn't even call the city on it. I'd repair my car and move on. This is just friggin' ridiculous! To the city: maintain your street signs, period. If one ends up damaged then replace it! Blah blah blah-and they want to jail her for this? Oh. My. God!

1653 days ago


Unless she had reported her car stolen and then recovered it that night, she's in deep doodoo. Only other option is for her to find someone who will say that they were driving her car and committed the hit-and-run. And that ain't very likely...

1653 days ago


I am sick of these celebs getting a slap on the wrist for anything bad (or really bad) that they do! They get community service (reading to kids -- how backbreaking)!
Of course she was driving - it is her car. She could have gone anywhere in the time not accounted for. Geez. I think they have the $$$ to hire people to protect their image.
I like Heather, but if she gets away for a hit and run (especially if intoxicated) I'll have to re-think what she has become.
ps - the blonde guy on TMZ is hot. Hi blonde guy!

1653 days ago
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