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'Wanted' Deadliest Catch Star -- Oops, My Bad

4/22/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'Wanted' Deadliest Catch Star He's a hell of a fisherman, but it seems "Deadliest Catch" star Jake Harris is a fish out of water when it comes to organizing his calendar -- and that's why he's a wanted man.

After a judge in King County, Washington issued a bench warrant for Jake's arrest yesterday -- for no-showing at his reckless driving pre-trial -- Harris' lawyer told TMZ that his client simply screwed up the date.

Attorney Ed Ritter tells us Jake was actually looking forward to court, but accidentally marked it down on his calendar on the wrong day. Ritter claims Jake plans on attending court later today to "squash the warrant and apologize profusely to the judge."

As we previously reported, Harris was arrested back in February over an allegedly dangerous late night joy ride.

UPDATE 3:18 PM PT: Ritter tells TMZ Jake showed up to court today and apologized to the judge. We're told the warrant was released and a new pretrial date was set.


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Good excuse. Marked it wrong on his calander. I guess he can blame that on his dad's death as well. GROW UP JAKE. More worrie's your family don't need. You are a jerk no matter which way you look at it.

1607 days ago


Hey, things do happen... I bet he freaked when he found out about his mistake!!

1607 days ago


I once missed a court date because I was serving on a jury and forgot, the judge did not care. I hope Jake's judge is a fan of the show. He should say he was run over by Heather Locklear.

1607 days ago


This kid is greatly dishonoring his Fathers' memory. Straighten up and fly right already!!

1607 days ago


Sheesh. Cut him some slack here. His dad died suddenly not too long ago. Compassion-remember it?

1607 days ago


This "boy" is a man. This "boy" has grown up before us on a reality TV show. This man lost his father abruptly, but then death does not schedule its date in a calendar pad. This young man was driving recklessly and arrested for it. HOW MANY OTHER YOUNG MEN ARE ARRESTED FOR LEAD FOOTING IT ?
Get over it it happens. It was not vehicular homicide for christs sake! And 24 year old men do drink, it is not against the law in any state I know of at present.
Jake's attny will handle this with ease. I would go so far as to bet this is not his first client that missed a court appearance.
Common sense will prevail.

1607 days ago


The day he was arrested was the day of his fathers funeral I believe. Maybe it was the day before, but I remember reading that. So sure he was probably drunk and wreckless, but thats not excuse to be driving.

1607 days ago


give the kid a break for gods sake...everyone intends to forget things.dont they?

1607 days ago


Please TMZ......PLEASE!

Take the phrase, "My Bad" out of your vocabulary....

Overused, outdated.

1607 days ago


Unless his lawyer finished last in his class, HE should have had it on HIS calendar and reminded his client, who would be Jake. Doesn't mean Jake isn't responsible for getting himself there. He is. But I would have fired the lawyer by now.

1607 days ago


He is the star of the deadliest crotch show now. Bend over and grab the soap time.

1607 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Sure he did.

1607 days ago


A court date is not something that you want to forget!!!

1607 days ago


Come on Jake, pull it together. We're pulling for ya.

1607 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Ah, I see. He's using the "I'm a dumba$$" defense. I'm sure the judge has never heard THAT ONE before!

1607 days ago
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