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'Big Bro' Star

Arrested for

Beating Pregnant GF

4/23/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former "Big Brother" houseguest was arrested this weekend after allegedly unleashing a ferocious attack on his pregnant girlfriend.

According to the Boston PD, cops responded to the home of Matt McDonald -- who appeared on BB Season 9 -- after his girlfriend showed up at a local police station to file a complaint.

Cops say Matt's GF -- who's currently 8 weeks pregnant with Matt's baby -- told them the two began arguing after the reality star accused her of cheating on him ... and that's when things got violent.

According to the police report, Matt's GF told cops he began strangling her and yelling, "I hope the baby dies and hope u [sic] have a miscarriage."

The GF claims the next day, Matt accused her of pouring water in his plasma TV -- and then proceeded to kick her in the collarbone, put her in a headlock ... and began punching her in the arms.

During the alleged confrontation, Matt called the victim's father on the phone and she allegedly screamed for help. Matt then screamed, "Shut the f*ck up or I'll punch you in the face." She also claims Matt threatened to kill her father if he called cops.

According to the police report, officers observed visible bruising on the GF's arms, neck and collarbone -- and proceeded to arrest McDonald. According to the police report, McDonald told cops that she attacked him -- and he was simply defending himself.

McDonald was charged with assault and battery -- and assault and battery upon a pregnant person. He's due back in court next month.

As for the baby, we're told the GF is still pregnant.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned the two were engaged to be married at the time of the incident.


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To the mama. The mans crazy...take your baby and run. dont even bother with child support, its not worth dying for,....cut all ties and hide before he kills you.

1643 days ago


I hope he gets exactly what he deserves, in prison...right WHERE he deserves it...when he's the new "girl" on the cell block. He was a s.o.b. on BB, this is no surprise. I hope BB reviews their selection process after this !!!!

1643 days ago


Another reality show douchebag.
As long as people keep watching reality TV, they will continue to put morons like this on their shows.
Remember when we had had ENOUGH of disco and threw all of our "Funkytown's" in a pile in the middle of the street...and that was the end of disco.
Well, it's time to end reality TV.
I hope someone beats the crap out of him.

1643 days ago

lori you HONESTLY think she deserved what he did? If you do, I hope you meet him and he beats your stupid ass too !!
and RALPH....what the HELL is wrong with you? ARE YOU MATT'S GIRLFRIEND?
Sorry for the outburst, I hate stupid people !!!

1643 days ago


Too bad she couldn't have whacked him with a baseball bat to within 3 seconds of his jury on earth would convict her.

1643 days ago


To Ralph comment 15: You have the mentality to do the same thing. 23 years ago I was in this girls place. My exhusband tried to choke me, hit my stomach hard enough to leave a full handprint, and threatened to get the wet dry vac*** out and suck the baby out of me. It took me until my son was 7 and asked me to just say sorry to daddy so he won't hit you even though he says things that you have not done. I left at that time with my son. He later tried to run me down with his car during the day with witnesses and threatened to burn me up in the house if the judge let me have it. Someone heard him and the cops showed up. I did not press charges because I thought that would be worse for my son to have a father who was in jail. Life went on and now my 21 year old son "hates" his father for it. I mentioned my experience so maybe you will understand that these things do happen. I hope that Matt's girlfriend does not stay with him. I wish that I could have turned back the clock.

1643 days ago


Garysabadaski?? I quess you dont know your frienf Matt to well!He must have you corned too.

1643 days ago


Nah-This All Went Down Cuz They Couldn't SEE EYE2EYE....

1643 days ago


First off,, this has been a long time comin, Matty you **** eyed weasel, maybe if u were doing her good enough she wouldnt be cheatin on you. But because your a pin head who has the face of an iguana it was hard for you to see that.You never even been in a fight,iD WHIPE the floor with you.Never raise your hand to any girl.. unless your me pushing your boo'S HEAD into my lap.You a ****-riding f@$$t, you love the attention You a fan, a phony, a fake....all them little muscles you got popcorn muscles kid..always trying to be someone you aint.Grow up. Dont get MADD AT HER when your kid comes out to look like me...we all know you aint half the man your mother was...holla at your boy!

1643 days ago

pj class of 02    

ive known matt for years, & i also dated him while we were in high school. he is one of the BIGGEST liars i have ever met. he doesnt care who his lies hurt, or of the reprocussions.

to the girls blogging defending him, then i feel bad for you. i feel bad that you think hes cool for being on BB9 or survivor, bc last time i checked, matt was no celebrity. i also feel bad that you think hes cool for abusing his fiance. its apparent that you dont give a sh*t if you get treated like a piece of crap by a man.

as far as his fiance is concerned, im sure she blew this ordeal out of context too. if he thinks she was cheating on him while pregnant, then he obv has issues. he shouldnt have proposed to her in the first place, most of the girls hes dated were not winners, they were actually just psycho jealous bitc**s. she should know that matty cheats on his gf's anyways, he thinks hes the man. in fact i ran into him in the theater district one night after he, marino & 2 other dudes attended a sox game. they were all drunk, and trying to get my friend & i to meet up with him at a hotel. then he would send me emails over myspace trying to get me to meet up with him for drinks, or to go to his house in prattville for a few hours one afternoon to hook-up. but really im all set with his lame as****!! he speard so many rumors about so many of the girls in our class.

this kid just doesnt give a **** about anybody but himself. dont trust him, dont date him. hes pathetic & if i were him id be ashamed of my actions. & to mattys mom, you used to be a cool mom back in the day, but dont defend his actions. you raised him, you should be embarrassed that your son would put his hands on a woman.

i guess all those years of catholic schooling did him good didnt it?

1643 days ago


Comment 116. It is sad that you would say those things. It took my ex husband 8 years after we divorced to ever admit that he hit me the 7 years of our marriage. His friends kept up the front believing him though. I realize it is hard to believe that you are friend's with a mean immature insecure person. Matty needs to get some help and a different avenue to vent over is short comings. I hope this is a wake up call to Matty and the pregnant girlfriend.

1643 days ago


The real problem is that the men don't call 911 when they are physically assaulted and the women do. Studies show that the women, when interviewed later, admit that they were the first to resort to physical assault in 86% of the domestic dispute calls. Men need to call 911 immediately after the first assault rather than trying to calm the woman down because the woman knows she can get away with almost anything she does and the man will be arrested. You can't fix your wife or gf during a fight. Get away from them ASAP and take legal action and then maybe they'll get help.

1643 days ago


GarySabadaski is MATT'S MOTHER LAURA. Matt always talks about how mentally ill she is & that she acts like "shes his girlfriend". If that's not true then shame on Matty for telling friends and girlfriends that. This fiance' dated my brother for YEARS & everything Mattys family & friends are saying are LIES. I lost touch with her once she started dating Matty because he was insanely jealous of her even being friends with my family. Matt's family were told to get Matt help for MONTHS & they refused to do it. He had a drug problem for MONTHS and it wasnt until he landed in detox that his mother even admitted to it. But when his fiance' & others tried to reach out to them for help they called her nuts & said he didnt have a problem. Yet he was in detox shortly after. Just so you know LAURA, its YOUR IP address and Matt's phone internet IP. You people are all TRASH and always have been. Laura, you should know how it feels to be a single mom & I've heard voice messages YOU left this family saying that Matt is NUTS. He was diagnosed with a mental disease & you didnt even get him help! What kind of family is that? It's sad that there are several reports about his violence and WITNESSES for it. Are accusing STRANGERS of lying too? You are mentally sick & you did so terrible with raising him that I hope you never step foot near this poor baby. You had the chance to show your true colors & make good of your parenting & you failed again. You are disgusting people who do nothing but blame everybody else for your unstable family and LIE about every one of your son's ex-girlfriends. Dont you recall bashing Mattys last ex-girlfriend too? Claiming she was crazy & all this terrible stuff about her family? NEWS FLASH>> if more than ONE person says that he's a loser & a headcase then HE IS. It isn't normal to search apartments for people hiding in cabinets & fridges. It isn't normal to lie about every little thing significant & not. It isn't normal to lie to family & friends & everybody in your life to the point where you have no true relationships because people only know your lies. MATTY HAS TO LIE OR ELSE HE KNOWS PEOPLE WON'T BE WITH HIM IF THEY KNOW WHO HE REALLY IS. It isn't normal to get evicted for complaints of witnessed violence. You are out of control to try to say the poor girl isnt pregnant when you have had many conversations about it & your son has a nice little sonogram picture of it. Your big mouths have given enough proof for that. I will be smiling the day he is put in prison & you should be ashamed of yourself. You were begging them to help get him out of jail after accusing her of lying! Then when they didnt respond to you, you change your attitude & start this crap? F.Y.I the real reason Matty got released without bail is because he has no prior records because his other two cases are pending! State the real facts. Knowing this girl & her family, I bet she was going to make it mandatory that he got HELP & not even insisted on prison but after she sees all this trash you have caused, after they were the only ones to try to get him help & took him back into their family so many times, I hope she thinks better of it. He shouldn't have called her home from jail with his apologies & "I need help's". Either your own son lies to you or you are a horrible parent to deny it. You should be thankful that this girl loved him enough to stick around through all his crap & everytime he hit rock bottom, tried to get him help. She lived with him so she knew more than he would ever tell anybody else. Matty while you were too busy trying to save your name & thinking that bashing her was the way to do it, you should have sat down & thought about the mother of your BABY & YOUR BABY. You should have used your head to know that nobody from her side of this was even commenting to people when asked. The refused to even talk about you & yet you turn around & start lies? You know the truth .Arent you paying for Matty's lawyer for his investigation for drug selling with his buddy there? So are those witnesses & evidence lies too? And to his friends: I can tell EACH of you at least 5 rumors he has started about you all & most of you know better. He has even stopped to the level of pretending you guys have STDs to make sure his girls arent attracted to you. The friends he actually did have around her to spend time with her are totally nice to her & even back her up that he is immature because they got to know her. This girl has not ONE ex-boyfriend with a thing bad to say about her. And several of them wanted to write in on this but her and her family are asking people to not do so as they want to keep themselves as the classy ones. Matty cannot say the same, his exs hate him, their families hate him, his own friends make fun of him. Everyone needs to stop pretending that Matty isn't Boston's biggest story teller and has been since he got off Big Brother and claims he is famous & can sleep with any girl ihe picks. Matty, if I was low like you & yours I would post WHY girls should use DOUBLE protection with you but I don't want all your ex's & this baby being dragged into dirt like that but lets just say, that both you & I know VERY well that you dropping your pants to any girl thats willing caught up to you 2 years ago before you met your fiance'. And sadly you aren't even honest to girls about it & blame your other ex for it. Before you have your family try to make up stories about people to try to save your image because youve been trying to get on tv again, make sure that there's not SO MUCH dirt on you with all the proof to back it up. Trash comes from trash & it's a shame that people your age act like you havent hit adulthood.

1643 days ago


Not only should Matt have had enough class to put out a statement on his sites asking fans/friends/family to not comment on the case at all because it involves a CHILD, he shouldn't be asking fans and friends on his behalf to make negative comments about the mother of his CHILD.

1642 days ago

Finae Brock    

no excuses. but his gf is crazy bird too. and ps she broke off the engagement a week earlier. so.

1640 days ago
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