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Kate Gosselin -- Have Kids, Will Travel

4/22/2010 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her primetime dance interpretations of "Weekend at Bernie's" now over, Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids landed in Maryland today.

Contrary to popular belief, Kate doesn't really have any baggage.


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crabby says: kate looks like MR. ED IN DRAG

1542 days ago


even the nanny looks sad

1542 days ago


seriously? they are obviously TIRED! I always look like this at airports... You guys are heartless

1541 days ago

M. Davey    

I think people are not used to seeing kids that know how to act in public. Instead of jumping around like chimpanzees, they're actually walking together as they've been told.
Can you imagine the danger these kids could be in if they were allowed to just rum amok like most children in the malls do?

Kate is doing an excellent job and I will look forward to seeing them on tv again. The kids are a little bratty at home, but that's the place to be bratty. In public, they are very good kids.

1541 days ago


Those kids look SO thrilled that their mom is back home...

1540 days ago


Why is Kate carrying a small handbag, while one of the twins is obviously struggling with luggage almost half her size?

1540 days ago

a REALsinglemom    

This is pathetic. Kate looks absolutely ridiculous, the children look miserable and should be IN SCHOOL instead of globe trotting with their self absorbed mother. And also if I hear Kate Gosselin refer to herself as a "Single Mother" one more time.... Like seriously! This woman wouldn't know what struggling to make ends meet as a single mother is if it hit her in the face (which hopefully it will in 5years when her 15 minutes is up)

1538 days ago

Rick Schiller    

What's the sense in sharing
This one and only life
Endin' up just another lost and lonely wife
You'll count up the years
And they will be filled with tears
Love only breaks up, to start over again
You'll get the babies, but you won't have your man
While he is busy loving every woman that he can, uh-huh
Say I'm gonna leave a hundred times a day
It's easier said than done
When you just can't break away
Oh, young hearts run free
Never be hung up
Hung up like my man and me
Ooooh, young hearts, to yourself be true
Don't be no fool when love really don't love you
It's high time now just one crack at life
Who wants to live in, in trouble and strife
My mind must be free
To learn all I can about me,
I'm gonna love me, for the rest of my days
Encourage the babies every time they say
Self preservation is what's really going on today
Say I'm gonna turn loose a thousand times a day
But how can I turn loose
When I just can't break away
Oh, young hearts run free
They'll never be hung up
Hung up like my man and me
You and me
Ooooh, young hearts, to yourself be true
Don't be no fool when love really don't love you

1537 days ago


It's funny to me how people blame everything that is wrong in this family on Kate. The children do look sad but don't you think Jon has anything at all to do with it???? Lay off!

1516 days ago

Amanda Johnson    

Who the hell are all these people to complain? How do they know what kind of mother Kate really is all we know is what the paparazzi put out their. Besides unless you live with that person you can never tell what kind of person they really are. And those cute kids don't deserve anybody saying anything negative about them. Kate kinda looks like to me your making a few people jealous! But hey don't worry keep up the good work. You have someone in Alabama cheering for you.

1513 days ago

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1397 days ago
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