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Kate Gosselin -- Have Kids, Will Travel

4/22/2010 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her primetime dance interpretations of "Weekend at Bernie's" now over, Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids landed in Maryland today.

Contrary to popular belief, Kate doesn't really have any baggage.


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#14: Are you for real?? These kids are going to have psychological problems for the rest of their lives. I hope she's socking away money for extensive psycho therapy and meds. They have their heads down because they just don't want to be there. This kind of life is not normal for children and everyone involved will endure a lifetime (actually, 8 lifetimes) of fallout from it.

#15: MILF? I don't think so. No amount of hot ass could ever cover up all of the baggage & BS that follows her around. More importantly though, judging from her complete inability to dance or demonstrate ANY sense of rhythm, I'd bet my house that she's HORRIBLE in bed!

I'll pass...

1623 days ago


This woman is a NOBODY... She is a breeder that had too many kids and now she's a celebrity??? Are you kidding me??? These people have changed throughout their show, as you can totally see if you actually watched their show. At first they were all about the kids and living an average life, while now days they live in a over a million dollar home, spending money left in right ,that they only got by shoving their children's life into the spot light. Very soon these people will be yesterday's news, which I hope is VERY SOON. How will they provide for their million dollar home and million dollar lifestyle, that they never deserved in the first place?!?!?!?!

1623 days ago


Isn't Kate the woman that played the "big bi**h" in Deuce Bigelow?

1623 days ago


OK everyone stop saying the kids are sad when I was there age I use to do the same thing looking down at my feet as i walked or at the cool design on the floor and then i would end up running into something or someone LOL and also they just look sleepy to me come on we all know how airports are now a days you have to be there two hours early then sit around till you planes ready to leave so by the time you walk up to the place where your plane is you are tired.

1623 days ago


(Photo Caption) 2012 Predictions: Counseling. Counseling. Counseling. Counseling. Counseling. Counseling. Counseling Counseling. Counseling. And a nanny who will be suing for back wages in the near future. Let's just hope she doesn't sleep with loser Jon in the interim.

To have all these kids and then expect to use the media as a means of income to take care of them = PATHETIC!!! Kate, Jon, and The Octomom = FLUSH!!!

1623 days ago


those kids have had cameras i their face their entire lives, so it's not that they don't want their faces on camera. Yes, kids look down playing games, don't step on the crack, etc. but these kids do not have a happy look, so no, I am not a perfect parent, but anyone who has kids can see that these kids are not happy.

1623 days ago


Maybe the children are tired & hungry is why they look sad.KatieIrene texting TONY and smiling..Katie watch your children,OH! that what the nanny is for..

1623 days ago


Poor Kate and her nannies. Remember, she's a SINGLE Mom! These kids would be better off with caring adoptive parents.

1623 days ago


KatieIrene is not noticing the paps she so happy texting TONY & trying to find out what room he going to be in b/c they are going to be on REGIS & Kelly show,which I want be seeing I will be watching The View..Remember, katieIrene said" She dreams about Tony & she loved him."

1623 days ago


What kind of parent lets their children make them a living. These precious children have so much stress in their lives, a parent is suppose to protect their children, not expose them. Kate and Jon need to get each get a job, and stop living off their children.

1623 days ago


Why did she drag her sad kids to her boyfriend's hometown of MD? Is his wife away??

1623 days ago


Judy (N0. 2) WHAT Blackberry?!?!? She's carrying a tote on that arm and the strap of a black bag (you can see part of it behind her). Some of you people are living in your own fantasy worlds. No. 8: They were with her in California the entire week (remember the Disneyland photos?) They aren't greeting her at the airport. They just got off a transcontinental flight. I haven't seen very many adults, much less kids, who are all that perky after a long flight. In addition, I agree with # 12 and #14. I've seen enough video of paps trying to get reactions from people in airports. It's hard enough for adults. It's abusive to do for the paps to be able do it to children.

1623 days ago


This is so sad to see - the kids look miserable to finally be around their mom again. She and the octo-whack don't deserve kids - they are both self centered attention whores.

1623 days ago


# 28-What parent lets their children run ahead of them in an airport or anywhere else that is busy? Kate is taking the lead and the nanny is at the back of the group. It makes sense.

1623 days ago


the kids look sooooooooooooooo unhappy and why does she dress them a like (strange,freaky) ,but the older girls get to wear what they want,what a nut job!!

1623 days ago
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