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Lindsay Lohan

Dumped from Film

4/24/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422-lindsay-lohan-ex-tmz-01Lindsay Lohan was axed from a movie because she's not "bankable" -- this according a source connected with the production of the flick.

Lindsay was slated to star in "The Other Side," a movie about a grad student working on a deserted island.

David Michaels, the writer/director, tells TMZ, "Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we'll soon be announcing a replacement."

But sources connected with the film tell us the people financing the film were skittish about relying on Lindsay.

The movie also stars Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette.

And there's this twist ... at one point Brittany Murphy was attached to the movie.

Lindsay's rep had no comment.

BTW -- Lindsay was out at Chateau Marmont and Trousdale last night. Photo of her leaving below. Not too difficult to understand where Mr. Michaels was coming from.


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I love you Lindsay. I watch your movies on dvds.
800 Pound Gorilla

1587 days ago


Fame is addicting people don't know how to move on once they get a taste of it....KOOKY please listen, your 15 minutes are up!

1587 days ago


@AnnieSH - hehe I missed the part about my being a fan of hers. She wasn't even on my radar until TMZ went on a mean streak against her. But yeah if checking her IMDB page, reading a few pages of her twits and googling "lindsay lohan tarantino" makes me a fan i guess i am. She may be an underdog but i see her being on the rebound and going onto better things. Poor girl has father issues but I have faith she'll overcome it all. I choose to believe in her! (As long as i'm not putting my money on the line anyway *cough* *cough*.)

1587 days ago


That was the best decision any director could have made. The money they would save with 'no shows' when filming that day, would more than make up for her loss. Sadly, Lindsey's only roll in the future will be holding the bottle or giving a performance on why her DUI charges should be dropped. There are a lot more up and coming actresses that would be more than willing to take on that roll and become a star. Fortunately, she never got to be part of that elite class.....since she doesn't have any anyway!

1587 days ago


I can't say I blame the people associated with the film for giving her the heave-ho. She's become too unreliable, and a perpetual flake.

1587 days ago


Lindsay will unfortunately blame her father for this - like she does everything else. While he doesn't help matters, the core of her unstable reputation is her partying and substance abuse problems. If Lindsay were a reputable actress, no one would care what her father told the media. And yet this girl doesn't see that, and refuses to take rehab seriously and STOP partying altogether to save her career. Talk about ego and messed up priorities. But Lindsay seems to love the drama in her life and feeds off of it, and she loves it even more when people are talking about her, for better or worse. If she ends up broke because no one will hire her, it'll be her own fault.

1587 days ago


Sadly this talented girl has so many issues and her family is the main one. She has never been in a happy family relationship so she has no idea how to have one now. Her family leeches off her publicity and her funds from what we hear.

I wish her well but her funds are depeleting quickly as is her film career.
Once you are not bankable by a film company no one will hire you. And if they do take a chance on you, you had better be willing and able to give 100% of yourself to that project.

This girl had a promising career...maybe she will be back...maybe she will find what makes her happiest.

1587 days ago


Lindsay should grab a hold of the forthcoming autobigraphy "Lick Me" by former Warhol/Bowie punk star Cherry Vanilla;
if ever a chance to redeem herself appears,it will be be Lohan stepping into Vanilla's shoes; it's a role where she'd be in a comfortable element

1587 days ago


I think KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN has a bowel obstruction.

1587 days ago




1587 days ago


I'm sure Linds will figure out a way to blame her daddy and twitter endlessly about this.

Lindsey needs to OD already as she is as boring as Tila Tequila now.

1587 days ago


can SOMEBODY at TMZ stop these ads for whoever it is that's posting them? i am sick & tired of reading comments and the BOOM!, another freakin' ad!! this is not a board for advertising within the context of a posted comment!!

1587 days ago


This self- absorbed twit has made herself into garbage. Why would anyone risk money on this piece?

1587 days ago


She is old news...She can't act anymore....

1587 days ago


her replacement was snooki

1587 days ago
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