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Deputies Arrive at Lindsay Lohan's House

4/22/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department just showed up at Lindsay Lohan's apartment accompanied by Michael Lohan to check on Lindsay's sister's welfare.

Sources tell TMZ Michael went to the Sheriff's Department and said 16-year-old Ali Lohan was staying with Lindsay and he was concerned for her safety.
Lindsay just tweeted she is angry at building management for letting the cops and Michael in.

Michael, we're told, convinced deputies to go to Lindsay's pad to do a "welfare check" on Ali.

We're told Ali was in the apartment and deputies spoke with her.  Deputies left and Ali was allowed to stay with Lindsay.

We're told Michael is now going to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, per the advice of the Sheriff's Department.

Sources say Michael made a "compelling case" to Sheriff's deputies -- we're told Michael told deputies Ali was in Lindsay's car on the way back from Coachella and the car was going over 100 mph.

We're told Dina Lohan wants Lindsay to get a restraining order.  Problem is ... Michael had the legitimacy of the Sheriff's Dept. behind him, so it's unlikely a judge will see it Dina's way.

We just shot video of Michael leaving the Sheriff's Department in West Hollywood.

Dina Lohan just told us, "I was told by my attorneys not to speak because it is very serious and my ex could be in big trouble.  He's dangerous.... If he can't get to them he is going to try to hurt them -- it's not good."


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Wow, nothing like TWO dysfunctional parents. They bring nothing positive to their children.

1581 days ago


i cannot stand Michael Lohan, but man oh man, kudo's to him for doing this. Why is Ali, who is BARELY 16 allowed to not be in school. the whole situation is a joke.

1581 days ago


Would you let your 16 year old daughter hang out with Lindsey Lohan? This entire family should be locked up, stripped of all their money and forced to take manual labor jobs. Then they wouldn't have time to ruin each others lives.

1581 days ago


Can you blame Michael?!! His daughter L.L is already a train wreck and 4 him to have a 16 year old daughter n the care of Lindsay is sad 4 the mother to even side with L.L. going 100 miles an hour all the way back from the concert is nuts 4 anyone let alone a screw up like L.L. who can't handle going 10 m.p.h.

1581 days ago


The article said that Ali was at the apartment. Shouldn't a 16 year old be in school on a Thursday at 11am? What's up with that?

1581 days ago


I ALWAYS said that Dina was worse than her father, no matter how crazy he is. And now maybe people see it? They are both both bad yes but she is way worse and hides it well! Some are so fooled by that biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1581 days ago


what a loser. She's mad because the cops woke her up

what mother would leave a minor daughter with another daughter who had obvious drug dependency issues?

tweeting is pathetic

1581 days ago


It seems to me her dad has tried to help Lindsay and now he is looking out for the sister.

Seems the mom is the one in denial. I always read about her saying Lindsay is just fine and now she's letting the sister hang out with her.

Anybody can see Lindsay needs help big time. That girl is going to bite the dust way before her time.

1581 days ago


WHY is a 16 year old allowed to get into a club? Where is the mother? OMG-what a mess. I kinda feel sorry for all of them-they all need serious help pronto...

1581 days ago


Lohan's is not working in Hollywood because she keeps failing her drug test. No money coming in, and the cops at your door mean one thing. The manson ladies at chino prison for women are going to have a new celebrity prison mate for their lesbian affairs.

1581 days ago


Im a mom if my kid was at lindseys house i would call the cops too. trying to keep his teen daughter out of lindseys influance while lindsey spirals in front of the whole world...and telling her to get help doesnt make him makes him a dad.

and theres no way my 16 year old would be allowed to leave the house in that dress.

1581 days ago


Michael Lohan is a publicity whore and a piece of **** that is no doubt responsible for most of his daughters problems.

That being said, Lindsey needs help. She is on a path to death. Mom makes excuses. Michael's motives may not be pure but if what he says is true and Ali was in the car which was doing 100 mph then she should certainly be removed (can't figure out why she's there to begin with).

Lindsey Lohan is going to be dead soon if someone does not intervene.

1581 days ago


Mikie just wants to be a hero. Looks like he got it.

1581 days ago

Lynn T    

So Dina Lohan is more concerned about Michael's intrusion in a safety matter concerning his daughter than the possibility Ali was in a car going 100 mph on the freeway back from Cochella. Hummmm...and Michael should be worried? Even if it was 85 or 90, one blowout and its over.

Face it...Lindsay is an adult and Dina has no control over her. Lindsay hasn't been making good choices for herself and Dina thinks Ali should join her at Cochella? My daughter went her twenties! No way would my 16 yr old be at that concert with her alcoholic sister.

1581 days ago


doesnt ali have a restraining order against her father? if she does then he just broke the restraining order!!!!

1581 days ago
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