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Michael to Lindsay:

I'll Stop at Nothing

4/22/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he will now stop at nothing until Lindsay Lohan goes into rehab for substance abuse treatment.

Michael says he will not leave L.A. "until Ali is removed from Lindsay's home and has a normal life of a 16-year-old." 

Michael warns, "Anywhere Lindsay goes, I'm bringing cops."


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Just Sayin    

Michael Lohan BUGS

1645 days ago

Big Ed    

About time!!! Someone had to do something...

1645 days ago


Lindsay better wake up now. The party if over, and no hollywood producter wants to touch her because of her out of control drug use.

1645 days ago


So... basically he's all "look at me I'm doing the right thing. But more importantly - LOOK AT ME!"

Yeah. Good luck kids. Time to get your own heads on straight and let your parents grow up.

1645 days ago


Its about damn time...thank you Michael for not giving up on trying to save Lindsay...
Dina you can deny all you want but your daughter (Lindsay) is sick. Why would you even let your 16 year old daughter (who should be in school) stay with her ?
Dina should be turned over to DCFS.
Get help Lindsay!

1645 days ago

Michael Knight    

How come nobody mentions that Ali shouldn't have been at the concert in the 1st place since it's widely known for alcohol and drug abuse? Oh yeah and how about the fact that Ali was just hanging out at Lindsay's apt today AND NOT IN SCHOOL???

1645 days ago

Just Sayin    

Gotta save the bread maker!

1645 days ago


Good for him. People may think he is a smuck for being so vocal in public but that's how you do it. Make it public so that the girls get the help they need. A 16 year old needs to be in school and not living a party life style with her sister. Lindsey is a lost hope and she and her mother shouldn't be letting her sister follow in the same steps. Let's be real, Ali does not have talent top make it in the industry. She needs an education not following the train wreck Lohan.

1645 days ago


WoW he almost sounded like a dad! wonder what his concern REALLY is?

1645 days ago


Micheal isn't father of the year by any means, but he is right about a few things. Ali should be in a normal home and in a normal school. Why is she is LA with no school, no parents and living with a trainwreck druggy? You would think Dina would see how LA is affecting Lindsay and not subject her younger daughter to the same thing.

1645 days ago


Michael Lohan is doing a great job at helping his daughter Lindsay stay alive.Lindsay is talented and beautiful and it would be sad to see her die from a drug overdose at such a young age when she could go to rehab right now and save herself. Shame on Dina Lohan for enabling her own daughter.

1645 days ago


Thank God he is at least trying not like her unfit mother. This lil BRAT need someone to step in smack reality back nto her life. How sad! She used to be so pretty and a good actress and now she is ugly and a nobody because of poor decision making. Her parents should have raised her better. i used to love her but now I dont like her. I think she needs HELP!!!!!

1645 days ago


No matter what his own issues are, Lindsay is his daughter and she clearly needs help, so whatever his deal is if it ends up saving his daughter's life more power to him.

1645 days ago


Michael Lohan is a shady character with suspect motives. He could do this stuff quietly and he's chosing to be public and vocal about it, which is heinous. But....HE'S RIGHT. This girl needs to be involuntarily committed. Lindsay is a danger to herself and others. And where is the mother? Apparently, Dina Lohan decided she doesn't need to be a mother to her children anymore. Why would she allow the younger daughter to be under Lindsay's care at ANY point?

1645 days ago


She should just go ahead and OD already and free up some article space on here!

1645 days ago
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