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Beyonce Gets Buried Alive, Emerges in One-Piece

4/24/2010 4:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Proving even divas can be playful, Beyonce got buried up to her head while at the beach in Hawaii on Thursday.

All the single ladies, put your sand up.


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Come on TMZ - you can put a show on at a major network but can't stop "Kooky" aka crazy kid in his mom's basement or "Balls" from posting idiotic long rambling posts that have nothing to do with the articles you post? Rather read X17 than thier long stupid babblings and see real comments instead of the garbage they spew``` 99 bottles of beer of on the wall....over & over??? Who has time for that! Oh and all the ad's for knock off "Junk" you have some flunky intern monitering your site?? As stated, I'll read X17, MSNBC & E before I bother looking at UR site again...grow a pair & the rest of us might read you again....might....we'll see~~

1609 days ago


Damn, I thought the caption we going to read that is Beyonce's mother on the beach with them on vacation. Someone so young should be in a lot better shape.

1609 days ago


Ahaha my girl Bey. You looking sexy in your bathing suit girl. Thought you was preggo but not by the looks of that flat tummy. Cute bathing suit, wish I could escape this mild weather for some fun in the sun. Yall ladies should take a lesson from Beyonce on how to have it all including an amazing film/music career and keep your man!! Holla

1609 days ago


Man!! Sooooo many haters on this site!! So what if she's put on a few pounds? It's not like she can't lose it. And I bet most of you yourselves are a bit on the chunky and ugly side. You bravely hide behind your computers and think it's okay to judge the rest of the world. The girl is rich and respected, more then you will ever be.

1609 days ago


Today's White men love unhealthy looking anorexic whores with no ass and no thighs and woman who's body's feel rock hard, They love woman who have a flat iron board ass and a woman shaped as an undeveloped 11 yr old. No wonder white teenagers are anorexic and suffer from boulimia in masses. When you look @ white models from back in the days they look way more curvy and woman like. I'm sorry but if you wanna holla at me you better have a round ass you can back into something, I mean i dont like fat woman but i dont like anorexics either. If you have a flat stomach and you are a little curvey with a nice round soft butt,(A woman's body) holla at me. Blacks, Latina's, Brazillian Exotics are the best, if i date a white girl she better have some shape in those jeans and not look like she has a long back with just a split in it.

1609 days ago


Fatso emerges from sand!! Terrorizes beach community!!

1609 days ago


IT doesn't look like her, are you guys sure you got the right person?????? the suit is not a fashion she would pick... ugly and off the rack,,, hmm tmz, did you get this one correct?

1609 days ago


Spook before you use that word, look at yourself in the mirror. There's more than one meaning to it besides someones coloring. You proved yourself to be one with your comment. As far as her weight, she has always been kind of big, she just doesn't look like it with body tighteners. Yes she's been pictured in bikinis, but she has to struggle just to keep that little bit of weight off for a few months. As far as her looking pale she's not dark, her mother is mixed. I still think she's overrated, it's like she's some singing goddess and she's really not.

1609 days ago


wow that beer perosn needs to get a new anyways, that is a very unflattering picture of her...i bet it will show up all over the interent like tyra banks bad swimsuit photo and they willl blame it on the rich and famous: your human , people gain a few punds too..your not perfect..i guess thats what they rely airbrushing for, and in this case there was none...

1609 days ago


She's a fat ass.

1609 days ago

kooky sperm    

it looks like shes preggers... she looked kinda pudgy around the waist @ coachella ...

1609 days ago

dan the man    

i think the angle of the pic is making her look bigger than what she is.. she is still hot and is a cool person.

1609 days ago


Are those her thighs or the trunks of two giant redwoods?

1609 days ago


she is getting ready for when they do the remake of Precious.She doesnt care which part she gets...

1609 days ago


Put her back under the sand

1609 days ago
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