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Lindsay Lohan -- Like Nothing Happened

4/23/2010 10:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan couldn't have seemed happier this afternoon when she was spotted walking around Los Angeles.

media_removed_tmzProblems? What problems?

UPDATE: Lindsay also took Ali out today for some serious shopping therapy in Venice.



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Typical addict behavior. Denial. Projection -- problems are not mine. It was the way I was raised. It my father's fault. But... not mine. Therefore, I can raise two fingers in victory like nothing in the world is wrong with me. Who me? Got a problem? No way. Everything is just fine!! And my sister is fine too. And my mother says we are both fine. Everyone can see this terrible pattern of behavior but the guilty parties ... which .. by the way.. is typical. Everyone else says she is a mess. But not LL, Ali or Dina. Nope. Keep going for it, Michael. Even though you messed things up real good way back when... you still have come through your addictions and are finally the man you always wanted to be. No one said saving your children would be easy. Now if you can just get your ex-wife on board things would be better for everyone. What is your problem, Dina??? Really. Why don't you see this mess? Snap out of it for a moment. My god.. you are not suppose to be your daughters friend ... but mother. Lindsay... the first commandment of hope is to honor you mother and father. You can not change that. Your father is only trying to get you on the right path. DINA .... DINA .... DINA ... my god ... help for a change and get your freaking head out of the sand. Your children's lives depends on you getting this. WAKE UP!!

1613 days ago


I used to be fan of her, The drugs has kill the original person and turn her from Freaky Friday to a freaky Monster, Seek Help you're still young,before its too late.

1613 days ago


I know! that's exactly how I feel after I take a Vicodin!

1613 days ago


Check out those toned thighs and sexy legs. You got it going on, girl!!!

1613 days ago

Allen Ridak    

What's up with the disparaging comments? She looks friggin hot!!!

1613 days ago


This girl loves publicity!

1613 days ago


I guess that is all that matters... that she looks hot and "has it goin on"... Yes .. that is what life is all about: looking good and have it "goin on" .... Whew!!! You folks are just not listening. The girl is 22 years old. I mean, how bad can she look right now especially after primping an hour or so before she walks out the door? Her father saw he looking pretty bad ... blood shot eyes .. .makeup all over her face ... hair a mess. Anyone can look good at age 22 with a bit of makeup, and a few pills. Mid-day is not the time to judge.

1613 days ago


looking good

1613 days ago

Good riddance!    

Of course she is smiling. It's not like she has morals or a conscience. The loads of uppers she's on probably aren't hurting either.

1613 days ago


Nof ... you don't need to love Lindsay to "death" ... her mother is doing that for all of us. You can't love someone once they are dead. Love someone to life. This girl needs to live. She needs us to love her now while she is still alive.

1613 days ago


She looks great! What's the problem? Don't you get it people the paps run around trying to get the worst possible photos imaginable of her to feed this bogus crap that she's on deaths door. The reality is she's fine, and yes she's doing movies. She's in "Machete" which comes out Sept. 3. It US distribution is though 20th Century Fox. All reports are she wrapped filming her parts in 3 days and was very professional and timely with no drama at all! Quentin Tarantino is impressed enough with her he's looking to cast he in something because he thinks she's doing great and wants to help reboot her career like he has so many other actors. She also played the starring role in 2009's "Labor Pains". Stop believing all the stupid hype from TMZ and the other tabloids that she's in freefall and on death door! It's BS.

1613 days ago


She's just acting like that so people think wrongly of her dad thinking she's a nutcase.

She's just trying to prove that she's okay and not on the wrong path like everyone says.

1613 days ago

Rolex sucks    

29. I guess that is all that matters... that she looks hot and "has it goin on"... Yes .. that is what life is all about: looking good and have it "goin on" .... Whew!!! You folks are just not listening.

I'm listening

The fact is LL has been done for a while, how's her father going to help her?! The guy is an ex-con and her mother is F*d beyond all recognition! This chic needs to go to a rehab center in Utah where corporal punishment is permitted and not be able to check herself out voluntarily! Otherwise she ends up on a morgue slab just like Britney Murphy sure'r n sh*t. In the meantime she is helping fuel the underground illicit drug-trade and boosting that economy= every little bit helps!

1613 days ago


Right .... gimmeabreak. Ok Dina... or is that Lindsay. Everything is fine. Don't believe the tabloids. Right. Ok... wink... wink... How about her dad? Doesn't he count??? What about the phone calls from her "concerned" friends? Don't they count? Just because she can act a few lines in a terrible sounding movie does not make her right. So what if Quentin Tarantino is going to "reboot" her career? Why does it need "rebooting" in the first place? Just look at the actor Tarantino has "rebooted". Please. That guy is a user ... write terrible parts for the rebooted actors he uses they no one hears another word about them. The same will happen with LL. He will use her ... then what? Rebooted career? PLEASE.

1613 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Geez gimmeabreak,
how dare you say something nice! That sort of talk doesn't help sell advertising

1613 days ago
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