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Lindsay Lohan -- Lose a Rolex, Take a Rolex?

4/23/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is both a Rolex victim and a suspected Rolex thief ... and the pictures below could prove both.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is a suspect in the disappearance of a $35,000 Rolex.  Law enforcement sources tell us they have a photo of the Rolex Lindsay is accused of stealing.  We did some digging and came up with the photo on the left, taken April 14, showing Lindsay sporting a Rolex ... very possibly the same one a friend accidentally left at her house and is now at the center of the investigation.

Now take a look at the Rolex on the right.  That Rolex was stolen from Lindsay last year -- allegedly by The Burglar Bunch.

The two Rolexes are similar but not identical.

As for the current investigation, Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, denies the allegation against her client.


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Too bad....she's all washed up...her career/fortune. Her dad now needs to save the young sister. Dina just parties w/ them. JMO

1647 days ago


Choo Choo...... Chooo Choooooooo...... Train Wreck, coming through.

1647 days ago


@pie - She my not be filming Hollywood blockbusters but she is working. Machete (2010) is in post production and last year she played the lead role in the romantic comedy Labor Pains (2009). I'm not saying they're great films BUT SHE IS WORKING AS AN ACTRESS.

That said, I fail to see the point of TMZ hyping these two Rolex watches. They're not worth anything near $35K and never were. So she had a blue dial Rolex stolen from her and bought another one with a blue dial to replace it. OMG she likes blue dial Rolexes! Hot exclusive TMZ!

1647 days ago


"TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is a suspect in the disappearance of a $35,000 Rolex." Law enforcement sources tell us they have a photo of the Rolex Lindsay is accused of stealing." - The photo that Law enforcement is showing is not the Rolex that was stolen. It's just a photo similar to the one that was stolen. If law enforcement has the actual watch, then the stolen Rolex Lindsay is wearing would be in law enforcement hands, and returned to its rightful owner. I suspect that TMZ caught Lindsay cold, and she should go to prison for grand theft.

1647 days ago

Comment Ads Suck    

Check the watch's serial number = CASE SOLVED

($35k for that? I don't think so)

1647 days ago


The one on the left looks like a counterfeit. Oh! the status symbols of the stars! $35,000 watches...and etc...yet their lives are so dysfunctional that their is barely any soul present and they actually dwell in poverty even as they look down upon us "common folks." I am completely grateful and glad that I am not a star or an empty celebrity....clueless about life.

1647 days ago


Hey I just looked closer at my Rolex and it says Rolax
Is that a problem?

1647 days ago


Brittany Murphy (clueless star)is already dead, and after viewing Lindsay's father on tmz, I am convinced he is right about Lindsay is going to be found dead of an overdose on drugs. Lindsay's younger sister Ali Lohan at age 16 is probably having sex with a bunch of 20, and 30 year old men, and lindsay pimping her sister out for more drug money.

1647 days ago


As I sat back and read all the negative remarks toward a Lovely young woman. That has caught all of our hearts in her films. I cant believe how peeps talk down a woman in need of help. If anyone cares about Lindsay. Then get her the help she really needs. I'm a Lesbian.And yes I have been talked down myself for being a LESBIAN!. It isnt easy w/ todays peeps that dont accept Gays and Lesbians.And judge us differently.Have you all ever took the time to walk in our shoes, for just one figgin day. Then maybe then you all just maybe could understand. I dont judge peeps. I support them. Thats the difference I give! I Love Lindsay.. Always hold her head up. And never let jerks tell you how to run your life. I wish I had 1 min. to reach out to ya.I'm not rich. Dont let peeps pull you down. If you ever read the trash that peeps say about you, and try to trash your spirits. Just know you have a friend. I live in Frankfort, Kentucky. My email is lilchacha71@yahoo. I will listen, I'll always be your friend. Take care Lindsay. XOXOX

1647 days ago


@ pie - Funny you should mention "Clueless", because that's just what i was thinking about you!

1647 days ago


READ THE FREAKING STORY! NO ONE HERE SEEMS TO HAVE DONE THIS! The picture of her is one of her recently wearing a Rolex watch. The small square picture in the corner of this is the watch that was stolen (these two DO look identical). The large picture on the right is a Rolex Lindsay had previously that was stolen from her. THE COMPARISON IS BETWEEN THE TWO WATCHES ON THE LEFT! The one on the right is basically there for no reason except to note that she used to own one that was similar.

LEARN TO FREAKING READ BEFORE YOU GO AND POST THINGS LIKE "Omg lyke I can totes tell those aren't the same!!!!1"

1647 days ago


Lindsay I know it's you posting on tmz. thanks for your warm thoughts, and give back that stolen Rolex.

1647 days ago


LOL at the morons who didn't bother to read the story and are making fools of themselves telling everyone that the two watches are different.... :>)

1647 days ago


they look like they cost a little bit more than $200 if that leave drunk ass Lindsay alone so she can get her skanky self together

1647 days ago


They are not even similar!!! Different band, different dial, different markers, different bezel not even freakin close!!!! I am not standing up for Lindsey but you guys are WAY off!!!!!

1647 days ago
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