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'Survivor' Star May Go After Cops -- Legally

4/24/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_russell_hantz_EX_Getty_02The "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" star who was arrested for battery in Louisiana yesterday claims the whole thing is a "misunderstanding" -- and is considering taking legal action against the cops who busted him.

A source close to Russell Hantz tells TMZ the reality star was partying near a bar he owns in Lafayette, LA Friday morning when some random partygoer told cops they saw Hantz push a woman.

We're told the alleged victim was a member of Hantz's party crew and she told cops that Hantz never touched her. But according to our source, cops told Hantz that because they had a witness statement, they were going to arrest him anyway.

We're told Hantz believes the cops mistreated him during the incident -- and now he's considering taking legal action against the arresting officers.


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I dont mind you posting on here KOOKY but cant you shorten it up a little,,I believe in free speech but your wearing out my scroller here..
And who care about russell...two days is enough of this loser...NEXT

1642 days ago


Ok now he owns a bar. It was first an million dollar oil company and a bar. Please how much more is he going to lie. I mean after all he is no longer on survivor. He can be real here. Unless he still thinks he is on the show.

Anything to keep his name in the lime light here. Are we looking at another Kate Gosselin?

1642 days ago


If he feels he's been wronged then by all means he has every right to fight it. He seems like a nice guy but not someone who would take crap from anyone.

1642 days ago


WOW. i never knew it was a sin to own a oil company, and also own a bar.
he has millions so i do not see why someone on this board would accuse him of being a liar about owning a oil co, and a bar.

I hope Justice is done.

1642 days ago


I hope TMZ can do something to keep these morons who post images and ridiculously long say-nothing messages off these boards. Hey, Harvey, just have a clerk keep an eye on things and zap them as they're put up, then block their emails, it will end soon enough then.

Re Russell, the cops should watch out... this is a great strategic thinker, he's gonna own their police station before he's finished.

1642 days ago


I live in Lafayette and would love to know which bar he owns! Do tell TMZ!!

1642 days ago


Krazy Klown, your a #$@%# idiot and time waster, maybe you should get a JOB instead of playing on the computer. These must have taken you hours, you could have spent that time working or doing something constructive. Clearly you need some help, we all see it, why can't you? Rake in millions? Your delusional. Get a JOB. Stop wasting peoples time and website space. Hey TMZ block this idiot loser.

1642 days ago


What the hell is with this Krazy A?? Klown.......

1642 days ago

what a beautiful day     




1642 days ago


I'm wondering why SURVIVOR even let RUSSELL on the show in the beginning SAMOA he was on, b/c he a MILLIONAIRE and own a oil company..That the way a celeb thinks b/c RUSSELL thinks he way better than any of the other players on SURVIVOR .I hope he voted off,plus if he not I don't think the judge panel will give him the money....

1642 days ago


Russell has the little man complex.
What a ****

1642 days ago

shocked and surprised    

****7. I live in Lafayette and would love to know which bar he owns! Do tell TMZ!!****

He and Boo (also from a past season of Survivor) own Bootleggers.

And to whoever said that he is lying about owning an oil company and bar. First off, if you have any doubt why not look up the Secretary of State's website for Texas and Louisiana and see for yourself! Any company in business has to register with the SOS, both businesses are there - so rest your little mind he isn't lying. Also, his company in Texas is a TANKERING company, not and oil company.

Now please, shut your piehole!

1642 days ago


Often victims in cases like this will declare "nothing happened". A statement from an eyewitness (and a stranger to the situation, at that) carries weight. There was more to the on-site investigation than this; hence the arrest. Sure...go ahead..take "legal action" against the police and waste taxpayer money. What do you care; you're filthy rich anyway..and probably just plain filthy.

1642 days ago


So tired of little man complex post . . . get freakin real. Like any time a short person sticks up for himself he's got a complex? Are you really that prejudicial? Probably. I guess if your tall and your push for your own best interest it's okay? Or is that a bully? People are so freaking stupid it never ceases's to amaze me. He's tall, he must be smart let's pay him more money. Such freaking stone age thought processes.

You know who really bother me? FAT PEOPLE! They are disgusting, they smell, take up too much space, embarrass the U.S. and cost us too much money in healthcare. IF your gonna hate, hate on those people! HA _itches!

1642 days ago


Hey shocked and surprised. I checked and found nothing. Also, Russell was the one who said he owned an oil company, not a tankering company. Time to shut YOUR piehole.

1642 days ago
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