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Michael Lohan's Weird Ultimatum to Lindsay

4/25/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan tells TMZ tomorrow is D-day for Lindsay Lohan -- either meet with him or he's going to court.  But the meeting now has a curious string attached.

Michael says he's been communicating with Lindsay since he went on TMZ Live last Thursday -- telling her he will not take legal action to protect Ali from Lindsay nor will he go to court for a Britney-like conservatorship IF she sits down with him face-to-face and hashes things out. 

Here's the catch.  On TMZ Live, Michael said he wanted to sit with Lindsay and Ali -- just the three of them ... no one else.  Now he's telling us he wants to sit with Lindsay and his lawyer.  BUZZKILL.

Last Michael told us, he was hiring attorney Lisa Bloom -- a very good, very smart lawyer, and daughter of Gloria Allred.  Lisa also just happens to work for an entertainment TV show.

So why suddenly throw a high-profile lawyer in the middle of a father/daughter heart-to-heart?  And where's Ali Lohan in all of this?

Will Lindsay meet with Michael?  Will Michael go to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services to get Ali out of Lindsay's clutches?  Will Michael try and become the 2010 version of Jamie Spears by becoming conservator/father of the year?  Will Michael leave town?  Will Michael go to Hyde tonight?

Stay tuned ...


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He need's to be horse whipped for even calling himself a father.bad excuse for a father.

1641 days ago


He's the root cause of many of her problems. He should be back in jail where he belongs.

1641 days ago


Why does Michael Lohan get any attention? Hes the criminal estranged father of a celebrity and hes making a living off of it. He is a nobody. The person he fathered is a borderline celebrity these days. SHame on TMZ for even giving him a forum. People say that without Lindsay, no one would know who he is. I disagree, without TMZ no one would know who he is because you dont see any other news outlets covering this guy.

1641 days ago


A parent's concern would be taken more seriously without the involvement of the media discussing family problems. What is this guy trying to do create a drama and bring media attention to everything he does? What a creep no wonder his family does not want much to do with him.

1641 days ago


I want to know why Mike was eating like a pig on the air the other day.

1641 days ago

Your Mother    

Okay, this fidgety bastard is just as bad as Dinah. Good grief, what a mess. I sure do like to watch it though.

1641 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Damn! For a moment on Thursday I actually believed he wanted to help Ali. Now I realized I was fooled into believing him.

1641 days ago


I guess he never got the memo? As a convicted felon he has 0% chance of get appointed to a conservatorship. Somebody just punch this douchebag already, hard!

1641 days ago

King of TMZ    

come on TMZ
leave this never-been Kardashian-Hilton camp girl alone.
MJ and MJ alone... you are not alone... I am here with youuuu :)

1641 days ago


maybe if he'd been an actual support-paying father instead of a coke addicted-brawling-jailbird-fame-whore douche his kids wouldn't be in this position in the first place. this schmuck needs to take a long in the mirror. HE IS THE PROBLEM. lindsay's problems are simply fall-out. i know she's a hot mess, but what chance did she have with this hot-mess family..

1641 days ago


Michael Lohan may be creating problems to cause Lindsay to be "unbankable" for films and make things worse. Lindsay needs a restraining order issued on her parent then go away long enough to get healthy. It would be hard to address personal issues with a media wh*** for a parent following your every move.

1641 days ago


I don't care if crazy intervenes crazy but somebody do it already. Maybe Dr. Drew can stand by and fill her car up while they meet.

1641 days ago


Mr. Lohan take a time out or better yet GO SIT IN A CORNER!!!!!

1641 days ago


Her dad is a psycho.. talk about lousiest father in the world. A shame really.

1641 days ago


Guy is the lowest of s*** but I don't see anyone else doing anything so let him go public and create as much attention as possible.

1641 days ago
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