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Jon and Kate Gosselin -- Back to School

4/27/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin better stock up on their #2 pencils -- TMZ has learned the reality parents have each been required to go to a court-mandated parenting class.

The judge in their bitter custody dispute has ordered both Jon and Kate to complete a 3-hour parenting class titled "Children in the Middle" -- a requirement for all parents involved in a custody war in Berks County, PA.

We're told Jon and Kate will NOT be required to take the class together -- in fact, parents are often encouraged to take separate classes ... for obvious reasons.  They have until June 8 to complete the class.

As for the course material -- the parents will learn about the dangers of exposing their children to loyalty conflicts ... like when one parent talks smack about the other parent's financial situation. 

Hopefully, Ed Hardy makes backpacks.


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Will Kate be bringing her bodyguard and the paps with her to school?

1584 days ago


Can she send a not-a-nanny, since she is not raising these kids anyway, the nannies are there more then she is. So she has to go to a class, big deal, how many of us sat in a class that we did not like, but had to be there and actually listened?

1584 days ago


I say let Kate take both classes. Jon already has a natural, fatherly way with his children. I saw it for years on their program. He enjoyed his kids whether they were clean or dirty from playing. Kate had a hissy fit if they got even a little dirty. I think they need a class on getting along after the divorce more than parenting.

1584 days ago


It is about time that someone is starting to worry about the kids. They should have been sent to do this a LONG time ago. I bet that Khate HATES this whole idea. I mean with her narcissism she thinks she is perfect. I hope the court extends it a lot longer then just 3 hours.

1584 days ago


Parenting classes? How about mandatory therapy for both of them? They're troubled that's for sure.

1584 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

This class won't do s**t to help them. Both will do what people who attend driver's education class after getting a traffic ticket.....get the class over with and go back to business as usual.

1584 days ago


I don't understand why this wasn't mandated last Summer--after they filed for divorce.

Have to agree with those that say these two need much more than a 3 hour course. Actually, at least 3 hours of therapy per week...especially for Kate... should be mandated.

I pity the poor instructor that ends up with Kate in his/her class.

1584 days ago

dirty diana    

i promised myself after she got kicked off dancing i will stop commenting on the lying ass b%^ch in hopes they'll all go away..... but i have to just once more. is kate sure she can fit this in her schedule? and wwatch the greedy b%^ch try to put THIS on tv!!! i hope the is only the beginning. ok i am going to boycott this b%^ch until she goes away,have fun !!

1584 days ago


What a joke. Kate will probably sit there putting on her nail polish and smacking chewing gum. Oh, wait others put on her nail polish for this Diva.

She will be on her high horse as usual, acting like the mother of the year.

1584 days ago

scume dat not my baby    

I aint tryin to be mean or whatever, but the truth of the matter is that Jon and Kate both are ugly ....and so are their kids. Big heads, long neanderthal faces, heavy eyelids and oversized foreheads... they are just plain hard to look at, but I can't turn away!!!!

(This is just between us adults. I'd never say this to a child.)

Y'all know it's true!

1584 days ago

Fredi Pradipto Cornelis    

I need my book now and have the confirms note and i am single here need for see the wet feet.

1584 days ago


For all you stupid people who talk about Kate being a media or fame whore and making her children "work" think of this....They had their reality show FOR YEARS before the paps even knew who they were. The only reason they started paying attention to them was because Jon was caught with another woman. She did this for years for money to support their kids-not for the fame. If you truly watched the show you would see that most of the shows were taped in one day! ONE DAY! The cameras were not there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. AT THE MOST the cameras were there part time. And the kids were not "Working" they were playing. PLAYING ON CAMERA! Get off your judmental stools. She is a good MOM. I DARE YOU TO LET A CAMERA FOLLOW U AROUND FRO WEEK and then we can see if your really better than her. You guys are disgusting cyber bullies.

1584 days ago


Keep hating on Kate for "exploiting" her kids.

But do realize that if you want whats best for your children, allow them all kinds of opportunities, and support them through college, you're looking at a large sum of money.

Jon's stupid a** doesn't feel like he needs to get a job and pay child support (since he could just leech off of Kate), so Kate is a single mother of 8, who has to support the kids by herself.

Yes she could work as a nurse and barely support her 8 kids. Or she could utilize her 10 minutes of fame as much as possible to save up some money so her children have a comfortable life, which is what she is doing.

But then again, the people who are critizing Kate are all "men" who would also run away and whore themselves out instead of helping raise 8 kids like a decent father.

1584 days ago


Here in Utah divorcing parents HAVE to take the parenting class and are actually encouraged to take it together. My husband told me his ex wife sat thru the class rolling her eyes and making smart ass comments until she was actually told to leave! She had to take the class all over again-

1584 days ago


Hi TMZ, do you think the class will teach about consequences of one parent going on national TV, declaring that he hates the children mother and now he has found 20 something soul mate of his life.

1584 days ago
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