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Michael Lohan's Lawyer

We Mean Business

4/26/2010 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's lawyer has just sent TMZ a statement, saying unless Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer sit down and talk to her dad about the obvious problems, they will go to court to force the issue.

Attorney Lisa Bloom says it's clear Lindsay has a problem ... with photos surfacing nightly of Lindsay clubbing and appearing "under the influence of alcohol or substances."

Bloom says Michael will take "any and all appropriate legal action to save and protect his daughter."

As for what legal options ... Bloom says she's not foreclosing anything.

Bloom adds ... if Lindsay doesn't meet with Michael in the next few days, "Michael is prepared to pursue other legal action towards his one and only goal: to save and protect his daughter."


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This guy is a s***bag. If he really wanted to help his daughter, he wouldn't be publicizing his every move to TMZ.

1619 days ago


I think he is hoping for a paycheck from Lindsay's money like Britney Spears dad's gets. Which this family would go a way for good. So sick of them.

1619 days ago


he is just trying to get his hands on what is left of her money and look good doing it.

1619 days ago


Lisa Bloom IS certainly a chip off of Mrs. Allred's block!! Hoooray 4 their pressing the "elephant that IS in the room"!!

1619 days ago


She is an adult and can go out and party all she wants. There is NO legal action this moron can take. Hes just trying to get in the spot light as always. If he ever cared as a father he would start back paying that child support he owes and would have been around when she was a kid. This ******* needs to be punched right in his mouth along with his leach lawyer!

1619 days ago

Christina G.    

What kangaroo court would give that loser a conservatorship?

1619 days ago


In some states, a kid can drop out of school at 16. So Ali isnt breaking the law, if that is the case. Also, signs of abuse will require DFS to intervene.

1619 days ago


Cissy Houston got a court order to get Whitney in rehab.

1619 days ago


LL and sis need to get a restraining order pronto,this dude is a real danger.He is out of control,if someone doesn't stop him,this will end very badly.

1619 days ago


Well U know guys he may not be the best daddy around, but hey man atleast he is trying to get Lindsay some help!! WE all bee sayin that some one needs to step in and get her the help she needs! What is sad is the Lindsay is in such deniel about her problem....I think what needs to happen is an intervention, with her parents, her managnet and evertone who cares and Loves her...and give her an ulimatium....I also believe what Dr. Drew said about her (except plant drugs in her car) cuz Im sure if girlfriend got pulled over they would find drugs in her car all over the car prob! I herd she is doing OXYS, Imy self have a problem with them, but mine are prescribed to me from a bad car accident...anyway I give him props for trying to step in n help mher....but she blew off meeting with him to eat lunch!!!! girl needs help a 3-6 month program minimum!!! oh and as far as her missing those court dates if she was a normal U,S citizen her ass would be in jail. I missed a court date and when I finally went to court they slapped me with a FELONY for missing it!!! Hollywood police and judges should treat these celebrity junkies the same as everyone else!!! anyway good luck to her, addiction SUCKS!!! I hope her dad can help her before she becomes yet another hollywood starlett who ODs too soon...(ps Im not even a real big fan of Lindsay) LOVE YA

1619 days ago


You know, I thought that Jaime Spears was a no-good deadbeat dad because of all the things that were said about him. But that conservatorship turned out great for Britney. Maybe Michael will prove himself as well. There is a tackiness factor in him going to the paparazzi with his every move, but I'm even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that because it could be that he really thinks it will make Lindsay hit bottom even faster. I just wish them all the best, because she's in a tail spin.

1618 days ago


Michael, stay strong! No matter what a parent has done in their past, a parent is a parent and you are stepping up to the plate! I personally have spent the past two years down the road to hell with my son who is 30, an alcoholic/addict, and I have done it ALONE! His father is too occupied with his career??? So, I applaud you for being a father who cares!

1618 days ago


If he does take it to court, I'll pity Lindsay if he gets legal control of her life...he would be doing daily press conferences. The man is a huge media whore, there was no need for his lawyer to release a statement to TMZ.

He could learn from Britney Spears father who took action to save his daughter while protecting her privacy.

JLS, a person doesn't need to have kids or have an addiction to know that Michael idea of help is not going to be successful. Use tatics like publicy embarrassing a self destrutive addict and see what happens.

1614 days ago


ok daddy lindsey is an adult now get over it....Iam sure there is money to be getting out of this some how

1523 days ago
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