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Tito Ortiz in Cuffs -- The Video

4/26/2010 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 4:33 PM PT: Tito just posted $50,000 bail -- we're told he paid in full with a cashier's check.

UFC fighter Tito Ortiz was placed in handcuffs -- and then in a jacket -- when he was arrested this morning for domestic violence at the home he shares with Jenna Jameson.

In the above photo, Tito's hands are locked behind his back -- underneath the jacket. Apparently, it was a little chilly by the beach this morning.

As we previously reported, Ortiz was taken to a Huntington Beach jail in Orange County, CA this morning after somebody called 911 and reported a "disturbance" in the home.



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#5 - does not matter age, race or gender DO NOT HIT FEMALES!!! Most likely Tito Ortiz started domestic violence at the tender age of 19, just like Chris Brown who I am sure has learned his lesson. Jail time would have instilled it even better. Remember DO NOT HIT, KICK, PUNCH, SLAP FEMALES. Or anyone for that matter!!!!!

1605 days ago

Derek Thompson    

Tito you got back to winnig a fight, your such a pu$$ i mean really why hit a women, just a sorry excuse for a man, just walk away you fool walk away!

1605 days ago


he is cohabiting with the largest loosest porn queen on the planet-why do men think you can have a normal trusting relationship with anyone who stars in porn, plays mind games for a living and has sex with other men and women on a regular basis-I am sure Mr. Ortiz has since seen the life long trap he has got himself into by having kids with Jenna Jameson-OMG-what kid would ever want the biggest whore on the planet as a mother?-and before all you idiot men say-I do I do-think about it REALLY-little boys with slutty mothers grow up angry and dysfunctional-having a "new daddy" every time their mother sleeps with someone new? this is how we get serial killers-sluts are not good mothers and the horrible way they use and abuse their children only creates monsters to be let loose on the world-whether it is Jenna Jameson or your neighborhood no-class stripper-none are mother material-every stripper ho mother I ever seen uses their kids for sympathy and to manipulate people for more money just like they use their ***** flaps in men's faces to manipulate them-everything is a tool to get what THEY want-if the were unselfish and motherly they would take the respectable job that pays less-the excuse that they HAVE to be strippers is such crap-they want to play dress up and have a glammy lifestyle that is all about fun and addiction or they would get out of it-it's not about making more money for the kid-it's about THEIR GOOD TIME and all the shrieking and denial they exhibit when anyone points that simply fact out just proves it-chances are when a ho uses her kid to get money out of someone-she is using that money to go party anyway-so if Jenna got her butt beat because she is putting the screws to the man that was stupid enough to have kids with her-WTF? Besides chances are that he didn't even touch her-ho's scream rape and assault as a manipulation tool all the time-chances are he defied her on something so screamed battery and called the cops-see as soon as a ho knows she is not going to manipulate a man with her sex-they start showing their true colors-like the ho bee-yotch that accused the LaCrosse players of gang rape-the real trouble was she tried to play them sexually and they thought she was gross so she brought in the law and screamed gang rape-that's the way sluts roll-Tony your best bet is to run away as fast as possible and get the restraining order on her so she can't get you on the wife beater treadmill where she can control your every move by using the cops against you-cause that is what's coming next-she may be nice and act like she will take you back but a the drop of the hat whenever she wants to control you she will use the wife beater card from now on to do it-RUN

1605 days ago


The coat was put over him so the photogs wouldn't get a picture of the cuffs. It's obviously not too cold, he's wearing shorts and everyone has short sleeve shirts. Are the cops that nice to everyone or is this a celebrity perk?

1605 days ago


The cops are probably being nice because they didn't see any evidence of him hitting her but she is insisting he go to jail for it-if they cops are being nice to a guy on a domestic violence call you can be sure they know the woman is just tooling the cops to get her way-they see it all the time and from far more dignified people-this is just typically behaviour for some bimbo in the sex industry-she knows that has a fighter she really can screw him with assault charges

1605 days ago


I heard that he beat her up because he wanted to do anal and she wasn't in the mood.

1605 days ago


Hey Tito, Guess what kind of bird can't fly!

1605 days ago


he even had on his mma shorts to beat her up in.what a puss.he cant win in the UFC so he has to beat up a woman

1605 days ago

me not you    

So wait, this guy is a UFC fighter? Well, duh! What did she expect from a guy who makes a living beating the **** out of people for money?

1605 days ago


Dana Has to kick this WIFEBEATER out of UFC.. Hey TITO come to Canada I will jump in the ring we you washed up bum.

1605 days ago


@TZ Your an idiot ..
Tito your an ass hole.

1605 days ago


Damn not only did he get busted he went to jail in a army P.T. Jacket (Uniform) pricless

1605 days ago


thats what that skank gets lol! hoes get no respect ;) and ya be arite in jail whoop them panzies too lol

1605 days ago


I feel sorry for Jenna and her kids, but worse of all is that Tito had to wear an Army Phsyical Training jacket while he is getting arrested.. geez thank you Tito. Not only are you a roid craving idiot but you just s**t on the Army as well...

1605 days ago

Sad Times    

Tito Ortiz wants to sell his pornstar Jenna Jameson to Tiger Woods.
He had to squeeze her arms and slap her in the face like UFC hell .

1605 days ago
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