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Tito Ortiz

Jenna is Hooked

on OxyContin

4/27/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Ortiz and his attorney claim Jenna Jameson is addicted to OxyContin -- and they say that's what led to the alleged incident that got the UFC fighter busted for felony domestic violence.

Ortiz dropped that bombshell during a news conference moments ago at a restaurant in North Hollywood.

Tito's attorney Chip Matthews said that Jenna's been battling addiction to the painkiller for more than a year now, and that Tito and family members have been protecting her.

As for what happened in Tito and Jenna's home Monday morning -- Matthews repeatedly said, "Tito never touched Jenna."   He claims that Jenna had a relapse and that Tito confronted her about the drugs he claims to have found.  Matthews suggested Jenna was high and just lost her balance.

Tito was very choked up when he said he hopes "Jenna will be okay."  Tito also said, "My parents have gone through addiction and I'm not going to let my family go through that." 

Matthews claimed Jenna has been to rehab, and that her addiction has led to multiple suicide calls to 911.

So what's Jenna's side of this?  During the news conference the former porn star was packing up to leave for Las Vegas.  When told about Tito's allegations, she said "he's trying to save his career" -- and then hit the road for Vegas with two friends.

We're told Jenna's dad is taking care of Tito and Jenna's twin sons.


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Perfect! Another druggie!

1640 days ago


Classy Tito...

1640 days ago


A porn star hooked on drugs? Forget it, not buying that one.

1640 days ago


Tito's still the man

1640 days ago


So Ortiz logic is that if your wife is on drugs you can beat her. That should earn him a space in any trailer park in the country!

1640 days ago


A porn slut hooked on illicit drugs ? So what else is new ? Could be that Tito is the mor enormal one of the pair - poor kids though.

1640 days ago


Tito is such a tool

1640 days ago


Tito and the Smacksome Five... This latest tune will be on his Greatest Hits Album.

1640 days ago


Oh brother. Talk about hitting below the belt. Tito, you still hit a woman, regardless of who it is. This oxycontin crap is nothing more than trying to put the blame on someone else for his behavior and an excuse for violence.

1640 days ago

Just Sayin    



DING!!! DING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1640 days ago


What an *******! even if she is on drugs that doesn't mean you can hit her! and any time tito wants to make himself look good in the press he says that the other person has a problem he did the same thing with chuck lidell!

1640 days ago


And? Where is his drug test? What's his excuse for being out of control? He knew she was on drugs when he met her. It's a little late to try to make her look like the bad person.

1640 days ago


I love how so many people jump to he hit her. Did he **** up? yes he did. did he hit her? I don't have a clue and neither does anyone outside of the people involved and the police. It very well could be that they had an arguement, he stupidly grabbed her arm, her dad being an ex cop sees things going badly, calls the cops. and since tito grabbed her he's cuffed and takin away. People need to think before they speak, or at least wait until they come out with what actually happened.

1640 days ago


WTF at people saying he hit her...If Tito hit her or even remotely tried to hurt her YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IT. She wouldn't be doing anything with her arm. He's famous for "ground and pounding" his way through tough as nails, professional cage fighters. Dude knows how to put some serious hurt on a person...

This website (and the internet) it full of so many judgemental NITWITS. For's a sad world we live in.

1640 days ago


So what are drugs are you taking, Tit oh

1640 days ago
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